Wind chimes are not only ornamental objects, but they are magical and carry immense significance in the world of Vastu and Feng Shui. For ages, wind chimes Vastu has been believed to bring positive energy and suppress and eliminate negative energy, curing misfortune and bad luck in the house. Also, the pleasant and gentle tinkling sound of a wind chime helps the good vibe to linger in your space and also enhances the home décor.

metal wind chimes direction as per vastu

However, a few considerations need to be taken before selecting the right wind chime for your home, including the material, placement direction, and the number of rods it has to properly purify the surrounding. According to Feng Shui and wind chimes Vastu, it is believed that the correct choice and positioning of wind chimes can harmonise the five elements of nature: wind, fire, earth, metal, and water for a well-synergised environment. It denotes ‘Chi’ to refer to the positive energy emerging from the wind chimes.

Let us look at the guide to eliminate Vastu dosha and bad feng shui and cost-effectively reap the most advantages through the help of simple wind chimes Vastu.

1. The Right Direction to Hang Wind Chimes Inside the House as Per Wind Chimes Vastu wind chimes hanging direction

Wind chimes are typically placed near a window or on a balcony with a natural breeze to create a chiming vibration for good fortune to enter the house. They can also be placed at the centre of the house to spread the chiming sound in all directions and to circulate positive energy throughout the interior.

Installing a wind chime at the entrance on either side of the front door is a great idea, but it should not be placed above or on the front door. Wind chimes Vastu says that placing wind chimes at doors or near walls can disrupt the balance of positive energy if they hit the doors, walls, or furniture.

It is also advised not to hang a wind chime above the spot where one sits, sleeps, or eats. One should never place a wind chime at the bottom of a staircase as it prevents positive energy of fortune and wealth from going down the stairs and fleeing the house. 

2. Placing Wind Chimes Outside as Per Wind Chimes Vastu

wind chimes outside

An outside zone is another ideal place to hang a wind chime where a gentle breeze blows, producing the chiming sound all day. They can be installed outside the front door or in the garden area to help the positive energy circulate and distribute more effectively as per wind chimes Vastu.

Avoid hanging wind chimes made of metal on trees as per wind chimes Vastu shastra, as the metal element can clash with the wooden element of trees when the wind blows. Instead, go for a wooden or bamboo wind chime to generate a more balanced positive vibe.

3. Placement and Direction of Wind Chimes in the Bedroom

wind chimes in bedroom

Wind chimes offer the most benefit if they are placed where the energy is stagnant, and placing them near a window from where a natural gentle breeze flows in will add an impulse to it. Inside the bedroom, place it near a window or balcony entrance to create an enchanting tinkling sound to spread positive energy and peace all around.

Also, the soothing and comforting chiming sound will help one to sleep and relax better. Never hang one from the ceiling above the bed where one sits or works, as stated earlier. Wind chimes Vastu stresses that ceramic wind chimes Vastu in the north-west, and south-west direction is an ideal choice for newly-wed couples as they attract love and romance.

4. Hanging Bells for Pooja Room

hanging bells for pooja room

The use of hanging bells or ‘ghanti’ inside pooja rooms is an ancient Indian tradition and is considered auspicious. Ringing the bells while pooja or worshipping is an essential ritual as it is believed that the bell sound eradicates negative energy and purifies the place with positive energy. Bells are usually placed on the left side of the pooja room.

Wind chimes Vastu suggests keeping a decorative brass or metal bell embossed with the design or pattern symbolising Ganesha, or elephants and peacocks on the left side of the pooja room can be very impactful and can easily activate optimistic vim and vigour all around.

5. Metal Wind Chimes for Vastu

metal wind chimes

Metal wind chimes’ direction, as per Vastu, should be in the west, north, and northwest direction as they bring good fortune, luck, and joy to the house and the lives of those residing there. Those made from silver, brass, aluminium, bronze, or copper are primarily known for suppressing ill luck.

They are widely and commonly used in houses and offices to ward off evil energy and welcome prosperity, creativity, fortune, and wealth. Consider the number of rods or bells of the metal wind chime to get fruitful results. According to wind chimes Vastu, long metal rods create the most powerful sound and vibration, whereas shorter ones carry high-pitch tones. Let us look deeper into what the number of rods signifies in metal wind chimes Vastu :

  • For family arguments and differences, go for a wind chime with two-three rods to attract peace, harmony, and calmness. 
  • Three rods or multiples of three, that is, six and nine, attract wealth and success and eliminate bad luck.
  • Wind chimes with four rods are best placed at the entrance to bring good luck and fortune and invite positive energy.
  • Five rods symbolise all five elements – wind, fire, earth, metal, and water. It should ideally be placed in living rooms in the southeast direction to attract harmony.
  • Six rods are the most common metal wind chime option, and it attracts career and business opportunities and also establishes healthy relationships.
  • Seven rods bring good fortune and enhance creativity and knowledge. When placed in the west, it attracts fame, goodwill, and good fortune. 
  • Eight rods attract prosperity, success, and abundance. Position it in the southeast for the best results.
  • Nine-rod metal wind chimes attract good energy and fortune. If multiple doors are facing each other, hang the nine-rod wind chime between them to get rid of Vastu dosha.

6. Benefits of Wooden or Bamboo Wind Chimes

wooden or bamboo wind chimes

Wood or bamboo wind chimes are one of the best wind chimes, as per Vastu, and are known to attract wealth and resources when in the east and attract fame when positioned in the south. Due to the natural formation of bamboo, it helps to eliminate negative vibrations and restore a positive and secure environment.

Also, its soft, soothing sound helps to fight stress and anxiety. Therefore, bamboo or wood wind chimes Vastu is an ideal choice for bedrooms too. Directions of east and south-east are related to trees, and the natural formation of bamboo in that direction emits double positive wood energy, which is great for inviting prosperity in the home.

7. Clay or Ceramic Wind Chimes Vastu

vastu ceramic wind chimes

Ceramic wind chimes Vastu stresses placing it in the house’s west, north-west, south-west, or north-east zones to improve knowledge, wisdom, romance, and health. They are mainly beneficial for maintaining harmony and restoring a healthy and romantic relationship between a couple. Clay or ceramic wind chimes look colourful and decorative and are quite a common and loved choice for many.

8. Hanging Crystal Wind Chimes as Per Wind Chimes Vastu

crystal wind chimes

Crystal wind chimes that both twinkle and tinkle are known to draw and trap positive energies and ward off evil luck and misfortunes. This unique choice for wind chime Vastu adds elegance to the interior where it is hung and strongly attracts the positive ‘Chi’ around the zone. A variety of crystal wind chimes are found in a varied range of colours to accentuate the house.

9. Significance of Wind Chime Colours and Direction According to Wind Chimes Vastu

colour wind chimes

The positioning of the wind chime as per its colour is equally crucial for generating luck and good fortune. 

  • A red wind chime symbolising the fire element is the most auspicious colour in Feng Shui. It ensures success, passion, and reputation. Also, if a red chime is placed in the southwest, it brings love and harmony, as per wind chimes Vastu.
  • According to wind chimes Vastu, a blue wind chime in the north helps with knowledge, career, and better understanding.
  • Green wind chimes Vastu symbolises growth and new beginnings. When placed in the southwest, a green wind chime attracts wealth and prosperity, whereas, in the east, it restores good health.
  • White wind chimes welcome positive ideas, productivity, clarity, and peace when placed in the west or northwest. 
  • Brown and yellow chimes make earthy tones that represent joy, stability, and balance, as per Feng Shui and wind chimes Vastu.
  • Black represents water, as per Feng Shui, and black wind chimes bring wisdom, growth, and career opportunities. 

10. Wind Chimes Vastu and Feng Shui with Symbols

wind chimes with symbols


Wind chimes bearing various symbols and designs carry even more significance. Such as, in feng shui and Vastu, Buddha represents peace, good luck, and prosperity. Lotus symbolises beauty and wisdom. Wind chimes with Chinese coins are auspicious and attract success and wealth. Those with motifs of butterflies, turtles, and fish are also considered popular choices for acquiring prosperity, longevity, protection, and good health.

You can also opt for seashells wind chime for good energy and hang it on a window for maximum benefit from these wind chimes Vastu. Wind chime with symbols of a dragon invites prosperity, power, fortune, and safety. Another appreciated symbol is a tree representing the connection between heaven and earth, and it also emanates beauty, strength, and reward.

Also, wind chimes with endless knots represent infinite good health, fortune, love and peace, and wisdom ushered by Buddha.

wind chimes benefit

As you can see, there are limitless ways in which wind chimes benefit Vastu and Feng Shui. Wind chimes Vastu – their tones and vibrations create a powerful impact trapping the positive energy and expelling negative energy from space. They not only augment the beauty of the décor but also treats and heal those around it spiritually.

For the best use, it is imperative to hang the wind chimes in the right direction. For more ideas on the best wind chimes, wind chimes Vastu, and their proper placements, head over to HomeLane.

Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits

Rod metal wind chimes are more than just decorative additions to your porch — as per feng shui proponents, they’re believed to offer a number of practical and spiritual advantages! Here are just a few of them:

Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits

Soothing sounds and relaxation: The gentle tinkling of metal chimes can be incredibly calming and promote feelings of peace and well-being. This can help reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more tranquil environment. If you’re into meditation, these sounds are lovely background noises that can soothe and calm the mind.

Enhancing positive energy: In the practice of feng shui, rod metal wind chimes are seen as conduits for attracting positive energy (chi) and dispelling negative energy. They’re often placed to improve the flow of chi in a specific area. For instance, a wind chime at your entrance is said to welcome good luck and fortune to your home.

Attracting good fortune: The number of rods on a wind chime is believed to hold specific meanings. Here are a few examples:

  • Four rods: Associated with good luck and fortune.
  • Six rods: Believed to promote harmony and balance.
  • Eight rods: considered particularly potent, bringing help from heaven and warding off misfortune.

Placement for additional benefits:  According to feng shui, the placement of rod metal wind chimes augments their benefits. Rod metal wind chimes are said to be most effective when placed in the appropriate sector of your home, in accordance with the Chinese Flying Stars chart. Do note that these directions change every year and you should accordingly change the position of the wind chimes in your home.

In the year leading up to February 3, 2025, metal wind chimes are said to be most effective when placed in the North sector (Star of Prosperity). You can read more about these directions here.

Ceramic Wind Chimes Vastu

While both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui see wind chimes as tools for bringing positive energy, their material preferences differ. In Vastu, ceramic wind chimes take centre stage, believed to be particularly beneficial in specific areas of a home. On the other hand, Feng Shui leans towards metal rod and bamboo wind chimes for attracting positive chi.

Ceramic Wind Chimes Vastu

Ceramic wind chimes, with their tinkling chimes and beautiful designs, add a touch of elegance to any space. But beyond aesthetics, Vastu, the ancient Indian system of architecture and design, attributes several benefits to them.

Balance of energies: Vastu emphasises the importance of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and metal) for creating a harmonious environment. Ceramic wind chimes, made from earth (clay), are believed to help balance these elements, promoting a sense of calmness and well-being in your home.

Dispelling negativity: The gentle sounds of ceramic wind chimes are said to attract positive energy and dispel negative energy. This creates a more peaceful and uplifting atmosphere within your home. 

Protection: Some Vastu practitioners believe that ceramic wind chimes offer a layer of protection from negative influences. Additionally, the melodious sounds are said to uplift spirits and promote feelings of optimism.


The benefits of wind chimes are based on belief and tradition, and there’s no scientific evidence to directly link them to specific improvements in your life! However, if the sound of wind chimes brings you peace and creates a positive atmosphere around you, then regardless of any ancient beliefs, they can be a great addition to your home!

To know more about how wind chimes can add value to your living spaces, connect with HomeLane today.


How to Hang Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes add music, beauty, and appeal to the space. Installing wind chimes is simple, easy, and takes only a few minutes. Find a proper place to hang your wind chime, which could be the front door, window, porch, patio, balcony, or in the bedroom. Mark the particular spot and drill a pilot hole to attach a ceiling hook, a threaded hook, or a decorative bracket as per the desired position, and then hang the wind chime.

Choosing the right direction as per wind chimes Vastu is crucial to drawing the utmost benefits. It is best to hang it in an area where gentle natural wind can blow through it, generating and spreading positive musical vibrations.

What Does a Wind Chime Symbolise?

In feng shui or Vastu shastra, wind chimes represent and symbolise good fortune, growth, wisdom, and prosperity. It helps to suppress bad luck and spread positivity in the house. Also, if a wind chime placed at the entrance makes a tinkling sound during the entry of a guest, then it is considered auspicious.

Also, the harmonious and soothing music of the wind chime generated at certain frequencies is directly connected to healing the mind and body and restoring well-being.

Where Should the Wind Chime Be Placed?

Wind chimes are generally positioned at the entrance of the house, the interior, in gardens, patios, porches, and balconies where the natural air and breeze blow. You can also place it on either side of the entrance, but avoid placing it above the front door, as it can hit the door and obstruct the good energy from spreading. Keep away from placing it near walls, furniture, hanging plants, or any other object that can divert the breeze and block the positive vibe.

Also, you can place it at the centre of the house to allow the positive energy to circulate in the living area. It is not advised to place the wind chime where you work, sit, eat or rest. Also, do not hang a wind chime in the toilet or storeroom to avoid drawing negative energy from those zones.

Do ceramic wind chimes reduce Vastu Dosha?

While not a guaranteed solution, ceramic wind chimes are believed to be helpful in reducing Vastu Dosha. Here’s how:

  • Ceramic, made from earth (clay), helps balance the five elements in Vastu. This can help counteract imbalances caused by excess of other elements.
  • Additionally, the calming sounds are believed to promote the flow of positive energy and dispel negative energy, potentially reducing the impact of Vastu Dosha.

Which direction should ceramic wind chimes be placed in Vastu?

Vastu recommends specific locations for ceramic wind chimes to maximise their positive influence:

  • Northeast Corner: Enhances knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual growth.
  • Southwest Corner: Promotes love, romance, and marital harmony.
  • Centre of the Home: Improves overall luck and well-being.

Are there any precautions or considerations to keep in mind when using ceramic wind chimes for Vastu?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Unlike metal wind chimes, ceramic chimes are more prone to breakage. Choose a sheltered location outdoors or a sturdy hanging spot indoors.
  • Select chimes with a pleasant melody that promotes relaxation. Avoid harsh or discordant sounds.
  • While not a strict rule, even-numbered rods are generally considered more auspicious in Vastu.
  • If your wind chimes break or are damaged, replace them immediately.

Can ceramic wind chimes be placed indoors and outdoors according to Vastu?

Yes indeed, Vastu allows for both indoor and outdoor placement of ceramic wind chimes:

Outdoors: Hang them in the recommended Vastu zones (Northeast, centre or Southwest) of your garden, patio, or balcony. Do make sure that they are protected from wind gusts that could cause breakage.

Indoors: Choose a sturdy hanging spot near windows or doorways, preferably where there is some movement of wind. This allows the gentle chimes to fill the space without being too noisy, which would be counterproductive to a sense of calm.


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