Windows are a crucial component of your home. In addition to allowing fresh air and natural light, they also serve as an excellent design element.

From sills and sash to pane and bars – there are so many underlying elements to decorate and style! Yet, when revamping the same, we generally choose to go bare.

But adding a little creativity never hurt anyone. After all, choosing modish elements, say wooden window grill design elements, doesn’t just elevate the looks of your windows. They make your entire property look more appealing, captivating, and attractive.

So if you’re looking forward to updating your window design, starting with the grill design is the best idea.

With HomeLane’s exclusive blog on grill design for wooden windows, choose from various shapes and styles and make your pick based on what you want.

wooden window grill

Top Wooden Window Grill Designs For Every Modern Home

Here are 11 of the best wooden window grill designs we at HomeLane, have carefully curated to ensure your abode looks stunning – both inside and outside:

1. For a Look That Never Goes Out of Style, Choose the Traditional Window Grill Design

No matter how ordinary your house is, the traditional wooden window design with a grill is promised to make it stand out and feel enticing.

A classic style with incredibly minimal attributes, unadorned window grills can make the entire house look more cheerful.

It features evenly spaced and super elegant vertical and horizontal wooden bars. Best part? This timeless look blends smoothly with any home interior style.

However, if you want to experiment with your wooden window grill design elements, try including sky-blue colour themes or intricate patterns in the arrangement. You’ll love the outcome; trust us.

traditional wooden window design with a grill

2. Window Grill Design with Geometric Patterns Add the Essence of Elaboration

Modern wooden window grill design elements with geometric shapes offer a unique semblance that can add style to your home while providing safety.

One of the sleekest designs, this one is perfect for homes craving a design element with sufficient elaboration.

With geometric motifs and an organic curved pattern, this design is often found in houses following a simplistic decor scheme.

Since this window grill design is generally three to four feet high, it is an excellent choice if your home is on the top floor.

Such wooden window grill design elements can also be customized to look vintage or contemporary! Now that’s versatile, no?

window grill design with geometric patterns

3. Wooden Window + Chocolate Bar Steel Grill Design = Perfection!

The chocolate bar-shaped wooden window grill design has been a cult favourite ever since window grills became a thing.

Sturdy and attractive, this classy grill design is a popular choice for modern decor layouts and is perfect for achieving that “modish-vintage” effect.

Take a look at the picture above.

This grill design is the right addition for houses with perfectly square windows, as it allows sunlight and air to fill the room while ensuring privacy, safety, and effortless elegance.

In a nutshell, this bar-shaped one is one of the best wooden window grill designs for Indian homes.

chocolate bar steel grill design

4. Go For Window Grills in Bold Colours to Make a Statement

Wooden window grill design elements are elements visible from the exterior of an abode.

So if the interior of your home is donned in flashy decor and playful colours, one way to ensure the exterior also resonates with it is by choosing window grill designs in bright colours.

This wonderfully exquisite window grill design with a light blue hue wood frame creates a mystical aura about the house. Not just this. It also adds colour to the home’s exterior to avoid mundanity and blandness.

So if you too want to make a statement about your house inside and outside, choosing to go for window grills in bold colours like this will help you loads.

window grills in bold colours

5. For Full Security, the Gridlock Wooden Window Grill Design Works Best

Are you searching for a completely secure wooden window grill design? The gridlock style is for you!

The best feature of this particular window grill design is that it blocks any intruder access into your home.

But that’s just one side of the coin. A wooden window grill design that used to be exclusively popular in the colonial era, this design should be your pick if your home follows an Anglican decor theme.

If you have large windows in your apartment, as shown in the picture above, pick this grill design and let it radiate calm and lazy English cottage house feels.

the gridlock wooden window grill design

6. Window Grills Design with 2-Panel Wood Frame to Add That Ultra Sophisticated Feel

Every sophisticated home interior has one thing in common – they all play on minimalism. This wooden window grill design with 2-panels on either side defines the same sophisticated minimalism.

Garbed in a premium white colour, this window grill design is a no-brainer for villas, manors, and chateaus.

But fret not. Even if you don’t own any of these, you can still go for this grill design if your house has the benefit of a large window area.

Subtle and elegant, this wooden window grill design style exhibits royalty and makes your house look beautiful like the “no makeup, makeup” look does.

window grills design with 2-panel wood frame

7. Choose a Basic Blind-Style Window Grill for a Simple Bathroom Layout

Window grills for bathrooms are efficient elements that ensure privacy. Since the bathroom also happens to be where people tend to feel suffocated, you need to be careful when picking a grill design.

But don’t worry; this classic blind-style window grill design is the ultimate answer to all bathroom window grill-based concerns.

With glass panes that move up and down, this window grill design ensures privacy and airiness. And thanks to the elemental look, this basic grill design is so versatile you won’t have to worry about it marring the rest of your home’s interior.

basic blind-style window grill

8. Bring Back the Vintage Feel with This 2-Panel Design Wooden Window Grill Design

Have you ever been to an ancient cottage? Or perhaps a museum dating back centuries?

Such windows can be easily found in vintage places like these. The formula is easy if you want a similar look for your home windows. Look at the picture above.

The windows are comparatively austere looking, with plain wooden furnishing and simple steel bars for grills. Such a design goes beautifully well with a farmhouse setting. This particular wooden window grill design ensures maximum safety and ventilation in a budget that’s light on the pocket. Ideal, all through!

2-panel wooden window grill design

9. Deck up Your Wooden Windows with a Designer Grill with Gardening Space

Imagine having a cute little gardening area right outside your bedroom window. This grill design makes it feasible to set up that bedroom interior design look!

This window grill design is not enclosed with the wooden frame of the windows. Instead, its angular ends provide the right amount of space to allow you to place pots of flowers and plants outside your windows.

The ornamental patterns and designs on the grill make it look all the more charming and adds a touch of elegance to your home interior. A beautiful addition to homes with a feminine vibe, go for this wooden window grill design if you love everything elaborate and girly.

wooden windows with a designer grill

10. For a Vatican Look, This Bolted Window Grill Is the Perfect Choice

Vatican City is loved and revered for its architecture. This iron grill design for wooden window in the picture above encapsulates the same feel. This one is the best pick for the best wooden window grill design for your home’s central window.

Similar to the design above, this window grill design also comes with a decent gardening area space. However, the thicker iron bolts and minimal design make the grilling look like a photo frame.

For a twist, choose to play with the colour of the window grill – go for pastel shades like pink and yellow and see how it makes your abode look warm and cosy.

bolted window grill

11. Fancy a Room with a View? This Low-Seated Window Grill Design Is for You!

Finally, if you want a breezy window grill design to suit your home’s interior style and make your home feel posh, take inspiration from the picture above.

A beautiful grill design with elaborate and meticulous crafting, this window grill design is best for modern houses wanting to jazz up their exteriors.

The mid-length iron bars provide a sufficient open area not to make one feel jailed up. But it doesn’t compromise your security either.

low-seated window grill design

Tips To Choose The Right Window Grill Design For Your Home

Here are a few quick tips to help you choose the right window grill design for your home:

  • Consider the material: Window grills can be found in cast iron, stainless steel, wood, and even concrete. While steel and iron are the best from the durability point of view, pick wooden window grills if the style is your primary concern.
  • See the pattern: Grills for windows are available in many patterns. For instance, you can choose a basic, fixed window grill or a sliding one if your home interior is mainly modern in style.
  • Check the size: While the size of the window grill design is subjective, it’s safe to go for large window grill designs as they make the room look breezy and spacious.
  • Choose your ideal colour: Galvanized window grills can be painted to fit the buyer’s choice. To ensure you pick the right colour for your home windows, follow this rule – get the grills in a contrasting shade. For dark walls and decor, choose shades like light brown or white. To go with the light theme, window grills in colours like black, gold, or wood go best.
  • Pick the correct placement area: While fitting the grills outside your windows, make sure you install them so that they do not hinder the function of the window.


Selecting a grill design that complements the style of your windows is essential. But how easy is it to land the perfect one? Not quite.

So with a list of the best and most versatile wooden window grill design elements, we at HomeLane aim to ease your task.

Don’t forget to refer to this blog whether you want grill designs that match the aesthetics of your home or boisterously stand out from the crowd.

Check out HomeLane or book a free session with our designer to get more of such home decor ideas.

grill design that complements the style of your windows


1. Which Are the Best Grills for Windows?

Window grills are available in a range of qualities. So before you pick one, verify its material type to understand how durable it is. Some of the best and most highly recommended window grills are cast iron, mild steel, wood, concrete, or stainless steel.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Grill Windows?

The cost of installing window grills depends on a lot of factors. On average, installing a window grill can bill you anywhere between Rs. 250 to Rs. 350 per square foot.

3. Which Colour Is Suitable for a Window Grill?

You should always pick a window grill shade depending on the colour scheme the rest of your home interior follows. As a rule, the colour of your window grills should contrast with the colour of the house’s decor elements.

However, some of the safest and most common colour options for window grills include maroon, black, golden, yellow, white, and sometimes blue.

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