Narrowing down your options for your kitchen flooring, and need some design inspiration? Functional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms need flooring that is easy to keep clean, but also looks good. And since your kitchen floor is prone to dropped objects and accidental spills, the tile colours and patterns you choose should show up spills easily.

A tall order? Not really! We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you pick the best tile colour combinations for your kitchen floor.

Cloudy White

Tiles in light, neutral shades are your best bet if you have a tiny kitchen. Not only do they open up the space and make it appear lighter and brighter, but they will blend with any colours you pick for the cabinetry and walls. If you aren’t too fond of white, try cloudy white, sand or beige.

Mellow Yellow

There’s nothing to beat the warmth and cheer of golden yellow, and when it’s paired against stark black it makes for a truly arresting combination. Square tiles in a mishmash of shades of yellow, both in the floors and the backsplash, add mellow tones to this bold black kitchen.

Playful Patterns

Let’s face it, plain tiles do get boring after a while! Looking for a quick fix? Swap out your basic floor for these graphic blue and white patterned flooring tiles. You can paint the cabinetry in cool blue for a brand-new look.

Beige and Brown

This rustic, old-fashioned kitchen goes beautifully well with the checkerboard brown and beige floor tiles. Smaller squares of the same colours make up the backsplash, contrasting nicely against the cream cabinetry and neatly tying up the colour palette.

tile colour combinations

Wooden Tiles

Love the look of wood, but wondering if a wooden floor is right for your kitchen? Pick these wood look-alike vitrified tiles, and combine the warm aesthetics of hardwood with the durability and easy maintenance of a tiled floor.

Black and White

Black and white combos are classic, timeless and never fail to make an impact! Tiny black diamonds at the corners of square white tiles make a striking statement in this transitional kitchen.

black and white floor pattern

Earthen Terracotta

Earthy and charming, the gorgeous sun-kissed orange-brown of terracotta tiles go surprisingly well with just about any other colour in the spectrum. Here, black cabinets and grey walls highlight the simple beauty of nature’s favourite flooring.

Gorgeous Grey

No longer considered a boring and dull colour, grey is the perfect neutral that pairs well with soft, muted pastels as well as bold, vibrant hues. As a colour choice for your kitchen floor, grey tiles are easy to keep clean and show up less dust and dirt, while at the same time offering good visibility for liquid spills.

Vibrant Patterns

Tired of plain, boring tiles? Ramp up your kitchen floors and add pizazz with these vibrant Moroccan tiles in shades of brown and blue. Repeat the patterns in the backsplash, and make your kitchen the talk of the town!

Glossy Black

Peppy green walls and cabinets add vibrancy and punch to this modern kitchen, but it is the glossy black floors that quite steal the show! Matte black cabinets bring a sense of continuity, seamlessly melding with the flooring. Note how the flooring is textured rather than polished, which is always safer in a space that is subject to moisture and spills.

Cool Pistachio

This contemporary kitchen matches the pistachio floors to the backsplash and chairs for a stunning, cohesive look. Warm golden wood finishes in the cabinets, wall panelling and tabletop beautifully offset the green palette.

Trending Terrazzo

Terrazzo, a popular flooring trend during the 80s, is now back in the spotlight and is lauded for its eco-friendly properties. This speckled floor finish looks great on walls and countertops too, and can be customised and cast in-situ for a gorgeously seamless look.

Tips to Select Floor Tile Colours for Your Kitchen

  • Always ensure that your floor tiles blend in with your colour palette for the whole room; this includes the wall tiles, cabinets and countertops. For instance, if you are having blue patterned tiles on the backsplash, use plain blue or white tiles with a similar blue patterned border for the floor.
  • Opt for bright colours or patterned floors if you want your flooring to grab attention. Neutral, plain tiles will blend in and shift the focus on your cabinets or wall tiles, allowing them to take centre stage.
  • If your kitchen is on the smaller side, choose light pastels and tiles with a glossy finish. Light colours and reflective surfaces will enhance the illusion of space in the room.
  • Always keep in mind that the kitchen floor is prone to liquid spills and should not stain easily.
  • Spills on a slippery floor are dangerous, especially if the tile surface is highly polished. Opt for colours that will show up any liquid clearly so that it can be mopped up at once—for instance, water is more easily visible on darker tiles with rough surfaces.

Overwhelmed with the plethora of choices, and wondering where to begin? Start with a visit to a HomeLane Experience Centre, and leave the rest to our talented designers. From start to finish, we’re with you all the way!


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