A 1BHK house has only a bedroom, hall, and kitchen, with obviously a bathroom, and if you’re lucky, a balcony. 1BHKs, typically, have smaller rooms and limited space if there’s more than one person living there.

In urban apartments, the space crunch is quite real as you need to add numerous elements in a small space. For instance, no matter how small your home is, you need basic things like living room furniture, a bed, storage space, appliances, and so on. After all, you cannot compromise on functionality and comfort in your home.

10 Ideas to Keep In Mind

Small rooms don’t necessarily have to look cluttered and cramped. Here’s how you can plan your interior decor to get the most out of the limited space you have in a 1BHK.

1. Keep the Decor Minimalistic

Too many elements make a space look smaller and more cluttered. To avoid that, opt for functional, minimalist interiors that look modern and classy. Don’t use bulky furniture or several separate seating elements. Instead, choose central furniture that draws focus and keeps the rest of the area clean.

Minimal elements not only add to the functionality but also make the house look more spacious. Choose sofas with thin legs, sleek bed frames, and smaller accessories to enhance the size illusion of the 1BHK.

2. Stick to an Open Interior Plan

Typical 1BHK homes come with a closed kitchen and a hall that doubles up as the living room and dining area. To make the space look bigger and expand the floor plan, you can turn it into an open kitchen.

Removing doors from the kitchen area lets it blend seamlessly into the living room, thus creating an illusion of a bigger space. But if you’re not fond of open kitchens, try installing glass doors or metal panels that let in light and maintain a connection between two rooms.

3. Get Multi-Functional Furniture

In a 1BHK, you’re always short on floor space. You cannot have all the furniture you would want, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose your favourite and sacrifice the rest. Rather than adding more furniture to a room, get multi-functional furniture.

This includes sofa beds, convertible chairs, folding tables, sofas with storage, floor lamps with shelves, wall-mounted dressers, etc. A bit of smart design can go a long way in saving floor space yet fulfilling all your needs.

4. Paint Your Home in Neutral Shades

Dark, bold shades absorb light and make a space look more compact. Paint your 1BHK in neutral and light colours to make it look bigger and airier. If you’re bored of grey, white, and beige, add pastel shades for a colour break.

Just ensure you use muted colours that reflect the maximum light. Neutral paint schemes are also easy to design around, as they go with any type of decor. If your floors have a dark colour, consider placing large rugs in light shades to match the wall decor.

5. Hide Away Storage Areas

You really cannot afford to have large storage cabinets and bulky wardrobes in a small 1BHK. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need ample storage space! So, what’s the solution? Simple, hide-away storage areas for smart decor.

Get dressers and shelves with ample storage space vertically, so that less floor space is occupied. Get wall-mounted dressers, wardrobes, and study tables. Buy furniture with added storage boxes, like beds and sofas. You can also build storage areas near the ceiling to stow away the extra clutter.

6. Plan the Bathroom Interior Smartly

Small bathrooms are a pain for most people, especially those who like the space dry at all times. Smaller bathrooms also have issues with storage space and a cramped vanity area. Plan the bathroom interiors smartly to avoid these hassles.

Segregate the shower and vanity area smartly to get more free space. Add floating shelves or a wall cabinet with a mirror as the door. Pick warm lights and whitish bulbs for general illumination. Also, get multi-level shelves in the shower zone for better space management.

7. Choose Diagonal Floor Designs

Diagonal patterns naturally make a space look bigger. Use this trick in your flooring to make the rooms look bigger. This works best with hardwood floors. The finished look is unique and can be designed to further create space.

You can use the diagonal layout to create a focus area in the room. Keep the rest of the space minimalistic to avoid the cluttered look.

8. Keep Artwork and Mirrors in the Right Places

Mirrors add depth to a space, so it’s an age-old trick to place mirrors strategically to make a room look bigger. This creates an optical illusion by reflecting colours and lights.

Similarly, you can add artwork on walls to make a room feel less claustrophobic. An art piece can deceive your eyes by drawing attention to its patterns and extending the view of the room.

When two walls are close together, make one wall creative. For instance, the room in the above image would have looked very congested without the picture on the wall to add depth to the space.

9. Pick the Right Lights

The right lighting can make a small room look big and spacious. It can do wonders for your small 1BHK by creating focus areas, segregating spaces, and removing dark corners.

Use upward reflecting lights and diffused lighting schemes to make the room look wider. Also ensure that your windows are big enough to let in natural light. Natural light can create an airy effect that artificial bulbs cannot replicate.

10. Get a No-Nonsense Bed

Bulky beds with large headboards do nothing for a small bedroom. So, you should choose a bed for your 1BHK after careful consideration. Don’t let the bed be so huge that it takes up almost the entire floor space.

Get a simple and sturdy bed with added storage. Plan the rest of your bedroom furniture in a way that there’s enough space to walk around the room. Also, choose bedspreads with neutral shades to make the space look brighter.

How you design a house makes a huge difference in how cosy and spacious it looks. Don’t be disheartened that your 1BHK doesn’t have all the space you dreamt of. Plan around the shortcomings to create your own perfect haven.

Our secret interior design tips can transform any space to make it look bigger and brighter. Consult experts at HomeLane for more elegant and smart design ideas to decorate your home.

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