Want to embrace your boho side while setting up your home? These are the best bohemian color combinations:

  1. Neutral and Earthy Colour Combination
  2. Terracotta and Green Colour Combination
  3. Green and Warm Brown Colour Combination
  4. Blue and Ivory Colour Combination
  5. Mustard Yellow and Orange Bohemian Colour Combination
  6. Neutral and Wooden Bohemian Colour Combination
  7. Grey and Pink Colour Combination
  8. Mint Green and Black Colour Combination
  9. Blue and Gold Colour Combination

Have you ever visited a home that’s uber-cool, eclectic and radiates a laid-back vibe (perhaps much like the owner of the home)? You may have just been in a home designed based on Bohemian themes.

People who choose to go down the bohemian route tend to reflect their own love for arts and travel in their homes with memorabilia, art, fun colours, textures and more. Global-inspired Boho style often bends traditional design rules to create a layered, personalised look.

Want to embrace your boho side while setting up your home? Our talented home decor experts are here to help you understand what bohemian colour you should be choosing to create a lovely home with a bohemian theme.

What Are Bohemian Colours?

The best thing about bohemian colours is that they are quite fluid. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to boho decor – as long as it looks breezy and earthy, you are good to go.

Brown, Blue, Red, Maroon, and Green are the preferred base colours, though some like to go for neutral shades as well. The base colours are then accessorised with deep purple and orange coupled with different patterns, textures etc.

Imagination and creativity have a free run here, and for boho design ideas, the sky’s the limit.

bohemian colours

What Are the Trending Bohemian Colour Combinations?

The bohemian theme is defined by its free-spiritedness or lack of structure and seeks to replicate the nomadic lifestyle. 2022’s trending bohemian colour schemes are more nature-oriented, with more plants and flowers. They go with most of the colours in the house.

Floors are leaning more towards the wood, lending a warm, earth-friendly vibe.

What Are Bohemian Colour Palettes?

The bohemian colour palette is an eclectic mix of myriad colours, rich textures, and varied influences. Since there are no set rules, you can use your creativity to set the tone for your bohemian home decor.

Earthy hues paired with neutrals or warm colours combined with cool colours make for an interesting boho colour palette. Yellow, browns, white, green, blue, grey, and red are some of the most popular bohemian colours.

Neutral and Earthy Colour Combination

Neutrals paired with earth tones are very easy on the eye. This boho colour scheme is easy to put together.

Think ivory, light grey, and cream combined with warm browns and slate grey. Just like an artist’s canvas, light colour walls will enhance the paintings, plants, memorabilia, and rugs in your bohemian interior.

Light, neutral colours bounce off natural light beautifully and provide the perfect canvas to show your creative personality.

earthy colors for home interior

Terracotta and Green Colour Combination

Why do rural village homes look so beautiful? It is because they’re the closest to nature and their homes are the colour of the earth.

Terracotta is an amazing earth tone that gives a sense of calm, warmth and peace, perfect for a minimalist bohemian living room. It’s a colour that can be paired with different shades of greens beautifully.

terracotta and green colour combination

Green and Warm Brown Colour Combination

The green colour stands out in most bohemian room decor and is popularly paired with warm browns. Accents of green can be found either through plants, nature-inspired art, a living green wall, or just a nice tropical green room.

The green colour gives a hint of coolness and blends beautifully with vintage furniture, an easy chair with floral upholstery, and rugs with warm accents.

green and warm brown colour combination

Blue and Ivory Colour Combination

Get inspired by the hues of the ocean and bring some blue into your home. Paired with the neutral Ivory Colour, it brings out a cool, Greek seaside vibe into your home decor.

This easy bohemian theme is simply irresistible!

blue and ivory colour combination

Mustard Yellow and Orange Bohemian Colour Combination

Yellow, associated with sunshine and happiness, doesn’t falter when introduced subtly as a part of the bohemian theme in your home. If you feel bold, experiment with mustard yellow paired with a lighter shade of orange on your bedroom wall.

Accentuate the wall with a tall plant and bedspread in patterned earth tones. There you have your modern bohemian bedroom decor!

mustard yellow and orange bohemian colour combination

Deep Red and Off-White Colour Combination

Oxblood red, burgundy, and madder are some of the shades of red that look brilliant in a boho interior when combined with off-white.

Your red statement wall can be in the living room, which is well-paired with curtains in light shades of creamy white.

deep red and off-white colour combination

Neutral and Wooden Bohemian Colour Combination

Textures on neutral colour walls can be introduced through wall hangings and accessories.

Textured walls paired with wooden flooring make for a wonderful bohemian theme that can’t go wrong, ever!

neutral and wooden bohemian colour combination

Grey and Pink Colour Combination

Dark grey paired with a nice cheery pink makes for a wonderful bohemian theme, especially for children’s rooms.

Make the room playful with vintage toys and a bright rug.

grey and pink colour combination

Mint Green and Black Colour Combination

Lend in a hint of playfulness with mint green walls, and dramatise it with stark black accents and furniture for a modern bohemian interior design.

It is an unusual colour combination that needs to be balanced with functional accessories.

mint green and black bohemian

Blue and Gold Colour Combination

Classic blue paired with gold accents creates a touch of boho-luxe look.

Different shades of blue in the room, paired with bold brass accessories, are one of the most desirable colour combinations for a bohemian theme.

blue and gold colour combination


The idea of a bohemian-style interior is to make it personalised and cosy. The bohemian theme is about marching to your own beat, but if you need some rhythm from outside, HomeLane interior designers are here for you to help with home interior designs.


1. What Is a Bohemian Theme?

A bohemian theme is an eclectic and carefree mix of various cultures, styles, and artistic expressions to create an unconventional design.

You’ll often find a mix of various patterns, textures, colours, and materials in a bohemian theme interior with an emphasis on natural materials and organic elements. The style is for individuals who want a lively home full of culture, travel trinkets, and other exciting items for the world to see.

2. What Does the Bohemian Style Consist Of?

A bohemian theme is inspired by artists and allows you to express yourself freely. Hence, there is no end to the list of things you can include in a bohemian-styled room design.

Here are a few elements that bohemian style interior design consists of:

  • Eclectic colour palettes
  • Unconventional patterns and textures
  • Natural items and handicrafts
  • Vintage furniture
  • Lost of greenery
  • Cosy sitting arrangements
  • Colourful pillows
  • Layers of rugs
  • Fancy lightings
  • Décor Influence from across the world

Remember, bohemian decoration is about overturning the standard and breaking the rules. So don’t be afraid to embrace the unconventional.

3. What Is Bohemian Interior Design?

A bohemian or boho interior design is an interior design style that employs a balanced combination of colour, patterns, and texture to create a unique and original interior. Bohemian design is the opposite of minimalism and leans more toward maximalism.

You can include anything and everything in a bohemian interior design, from vintage furniture to original items and your own work of art. The design is unapologetic about mixing several layers and finishes into a compact décor.

If you love to express yourself through interior design, then the bohemian theme is just the thing for you. Believe it or not, it’s a very popular interior design trend of the 21st century.

4. What Defines the Bohemian Style?

When designing your home in a bohemian theme, there are no rules you need to follow. However, here are some character traits that define bohemian-style home designs:

  • A range of colours, from neutral shades to bold, bright, vibrant jewel tones
  • Whimsical patterns, retro prints, and bold accents of your choosing
  • Metallic finishes for your fixtures, such as gold, silver, brass, chrome, or iron finish
  • Original handmade art pieces, ancient artefacts, flee-market items, and travel souvenirs
  • Natural elements like plants, flowers, woods, rattan, macramé, rugs, baskets, etc

5. What Are bohemian colours?

No hard and fast rule defines what boho colours are. You can go for any colour as long as they feel earthy and breezy.

Neutral hues, such as white, brown, blue, red, maroon, peach, and grey as mostly preferred as base colours. You can then accessorise them with a dash of purple, orange, or other bright colours in textures and patterns of your liking.


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