Bedroom False Ceiling Designs can significantly improve the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your room. When designing the ceiling, you can relocate lighting points, reduce noise levels, hide unsightly beams or conceal wiring. We’ve put together some lovely master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom that you’d love to wake up to in the morning—here you go:

Add Rustic Charm and Warmth with Wooden Rafters in the ceiling

Especially recommended for master bedroom interiors with raw, natural interior designs & styling. To give rustic charm and warmth to your house roof, take wooden rafters of rectangular dimensions of minimum depth and wider length from the bottom. Divide the room ceiling area into equal parts and position the rafters at equal distances.

This design of roof with wooden rafters can add definition and emphasize the master bedroom false ceiling design for your bedroom with polished wooden beams. If you’re working on a budget, it’s easy to circumvent the cost of real wood by using boxed plywood covered with a paper-thin veneer.

wooden rafters in the ceiling

Minimalist French False Ceiling

Minimalistic French false ceilings are another trendy master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom this year. Majorly designed with Gypsum board nowadays, this kind of master bedroom ceiling design is easy to maintain and uncluttered, they are preferred to be painted in shades of grey and light colors. They are also said to be budget-friendly classical deals for master bedroom false ceiling by homeowners.

minimalist french false ceiling

Sloping Skylights

False ceiling works great when worked with existing site conditions and bedroom height. While rooms with high heights are blessed with a variety of drop-down designs, rooms with low heights or sloping roofs are suggested to be kept in a natural state or add a structural element like windows (in this case on slab) for false ceiling decor.

Wouldn’t you love to wake up to the first rays of the sun slanting across your bed every morning? These gorgeous skylights make it possible by master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom. And we must say— the rest of this lovely bedroom is pretty impressive, too!

sloping skylights ceiling design ideas

Suspended Tray Ceiling

If you are looking for a luxury addition to your room without spending much on a master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom, go with this trendy design idea. A suspended tray ceiling is done in the fine layering of the ceiling with clean materials like gypsum or ply giving new life to your master bedroom ceiling design.

Have a look at the above image, this elegant master bedroom, done up in shades of brown and gold, is the last word in luxury; and the ceiling is highlighted by a suspended rectangle with the glow of hidden lights all around.

suspended tray ceiling

Minimalistic Modern Bedroom False Ceiling

Ideal for the de-clutter bud who loves to keep the place clean, contemporary and minimalistic. For a minimalistic master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom, all you need is to have a clean layer of the false ceiling on your rough slab as per the room layout. You can either merge the beam and cover the whole room ceiling as a whole or put a similar paint on the beam as shown in the image above.

This ceiling design works best for modern bedroom design with uneven beam distribution or beams coming just above the bed or for comparative low-height ceilings.

minimalistic modern bedroom false ceiling

False Ceiling Design with Spot lights

For another luxury living within your master bedroom, this master bedroom pop design is designed along with spotlights in warm white and natural white colors.

Here’s a similar design, but designed for a smaller space with only one ceiling fan. Here, spotlights on either side are surface mounted within a black square pedestal. You can also put hidden cove light to add dimmed lighting effect to your master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom.

false ceiling design with spot lights

Waves Beneath your Window

Now, this is what heaven must look like. Sleep under sloping skylights set in the ceiling, with the rolling waves crashing beneath your window.

The modern industrial interior styling of bedrooms increasingly incorporates vaulted ceilings, sloping roofs and windows with plain glass.

These are an ideal selection of ceilings for coastal and snow-climatic areas in India, specially for your simple bedroom design to witness the best of nature with curved building elevations via a master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom.

sloping roofs and windows with plain glass

To the Manor Born

Another trendy master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom is to make a design that gives the illusion of a bigger bedroom.

Have a look at this aristocratic bedroom that spells understated elegance, with the wooden furniture and floor uplifted by the simple false ceiling design that features cove lighting. All the walls and ceiling are pure white, enhancing the richness of the wood underfoot. While the room height and length are small in dimensions, the desire of having a well-planned interior can be done quickly with this master bedroom ceiling design idea.

ceiling ideas

Loft Ceiling

Simple and stylish, this loft bedroom uses raw industrial elements and sustainable recycled pine to create comfort at a low cost. The ceiling and walls are of poured concrete, wooden and cane material neatly outlined using L-shaped metal girders. These designs go well with boho or farm-style master bedroom false ceiling designs for bedroom.

loft ceiling ideas

Sleep Below the Stars

What fits better than a starry galaxy ceiling for your kid’s bedroom? While most of us invest a lot of money in home interiors, yet somehow we forgot to add dramatic addition to our kid’s bedroom ceiling design.

A wooden ceiling panel that folds over the wall behind the bed, is cleverly perforated and backlit to resemble the night sky. Now you can sleep under the stars in the comfort of your master bed room false ceiling designs.

Paint it in starry shapes or paste a wallpaper of a similar design, a well-composed ceiling is what your kid would love and enjoy!

starry galaxy ceiling for your kid's bedroom

Old World Charm

Another awe-inspiring recommendation in the list for your luxury bedroom design is by doing an all-wood master bedroom false ceiling design. Have a look at this pretty country-style wooden ceiling that can be recreated using plywood and veneer, or one-side board, at a fraction of the cost without compromising on the aesthetics.

all-wood master bed room false ceiling design

Go with Industrial False Ceiling

Distressed paint on walls, cement or wooden floors and a vaulted wood & metal ceiling are the highlights of this industrial-styled bedroom, done up in a palette of grey, blue and brown. The antique look is reinforced by adding an old-world radio, a metal clock on the wall and old-style metal droplights in the master bedroom false ceiling design.

industrial false ceiling design

Jazz it up with Mirrors

For those who like it glitzy, this folded reflective ceiling is completely mirrored and adds an unexpected dimension to the master bedroom false ceiling design for your bedroom. Thoughtful positioning of wall lights ensures that the play of light reflects on the ceiling.

mirror ceiling ideas

Conclusion :

The ceiling plays an important part in the décor of your room, and while you should certainly not go over the top with your ceiling designs, these master bedroom false ceiling design ideas are sure to have inspired you to do up your own home.

Speak to the interior designers at HomeLane to work out the best modern master bedroom ceiling design options for your home.

ceiling ideas to try


1. Which is the best bedroom ceiling design?

Gypsum board is the first choice of material that brings the best bedroom ceiling designs of modern Indian homes. The layered bedroom ceiling designs made of gypsum boards are the top recommended for modern master bedroom ceiling design by our interior design experts due to their durability, ease of installation, pocket-friendly designs and maintenance.

2. Which color false ceiling is best?

While it depends on your overall home interior design and material selection for each room, a white color false ceiling is the highly preferred color for any room interior, as it blends with all the other room elements and color shades. A monotonous colored false ceiling also works best for any small bedroom design, kids’ bedroom and even luxury bedroom design.

3. Which false ceiling design is best for a home?

A false ceiling design completely depends on the room size, room height and furniture placement. The best-fit designs of false ceilings for your home are the ones that are made of gypsum board and pop for the master bedroom false ceiling design. They are designers’ favorite due to their flexibility, affordability and maintenance.

4. Which ceiling type is best?

Suspended and layered ceiling designs are the best ceiling types as it hides the overexposed structural beams above the beds, and can incorporate a variety of light fixtures from spotlights to concealed ceiling lights or even drop-down hanging light fixtures. You can also check out our other blog on how to choose false ceiling material for in-depth detail – false ceiling designs.

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