The internet is flooded with tips and blogs for your home design, but we take you on a journey across the world with this article to help you select styles from different walks of our geographic and multicultural globe. Trust us: There is no shortage of great style even in the tiniest of the cities somewhere in Africa or South America. We have separated the wheat from the chaff so that you don’t have to do it.


Let’s start with Jamaica and how you can bring the Jamaican charm to your home.

Are you an ocean baby, but live on the mainland? Bring colours and styles from this tiny Caribbean island to your house and never miss the tropics.

jamaican charm

Cook the Jamaican way

The fresh colour palette of nature is all this Caribbean island is about. You can cook in your kitchen just like the Jamaicans do with a freshly brewed beer, letting go of all your stress.

An all-white kitchen, with hues of blue around, can bring a little ocean to your house. You can add touches of some other colours as well – maybe on the breakfast counter/stools for instance.

Don’t shy away from adding more than one colour to your kitchen units. In fact, flood your kitchen with happy colours, and there shall never be a dull cooking day!

all-white kitchen

Tile it up

Glass tiles are available in nearly every colour imaginable. Ones in blues and greens will add the fluidity of the ocean waves to your kitchen. Top it up with shades of the dawning sun and get ready to wake up at the beach every day with your favourite tiles

Let Your Entrance Show Your Love of the Sun, Water and Sand

Just like the eyes are the doors to the soul, the entrance lobby of your home says a lot about you as a person. Design your home to have the front door open into your personal zen zone. One that makes you forget about the city’s hustle, stress and honking cars.

The use of a bold floral wallpaper adds a happy vibe to your entrance lobby. The wallpaper may have more greens or more flowers, depending on your choice. You could also add some indoor plants to liven up the area even more. 

personal zen zone

Living Like You are on the Island

The living room is where most of us spend most of our time at home. The room you design dictates the vibe of the room. If you want the laid-back Jamaican vibe, we have some hot tips for you.

Other than the sea, sun and flora you can bring in, you could also bring in more natural elements like rock and stone. Add tiles made of stone or wallpaper that looks like rock/bricks. You could make Mother Nature a part of your home by getting images of animals for the walls and animal print rugs or cushions.

laid-back jamaican vibe


Neutral Colours

Adding browns to your design will not overwhelm it as it is a neutral colour. This could be in the form of a tan brown leather sofa or a solid wood dining table.

Jamaican furniture sofa

Get Some Decor Accessories

Don’t forget to get yourself some hanging plants, agate coasters or agate paintings (Caribbean Blue Agate) as well. These act as souvenirs, making you feel like you are right on the island.

agate coasters

Elevate your rooms using some of these cool Jamaican interior ideas. HomeLane can help you visualise and create the interiors of your home by incorporating beautiful tropical decor. Get in touch with our team right away!

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