Moroccan tiles have a rich history to them and date back to the 10th century. These beautiful and intricate geometric shapes and patterns created with vibrant colours have immortalized themselves in home decor books. They ooze a mystical vibe and are most often selected to add this hypnotic style to the room.


Moroccan tiles generally use geometric shapes like squares, circles, polygons, and so on to create beautiful, symmetric patterns. The symmetry of these patterns has a mathematical precision to it, which makes it all the more incredible. These patterns are often designed using different colours, so the tiles don’t just have incredible patterns; they are also lively to look at.

Initially, Moroccan tiles only came in white and brown, but today, you can select from a wide range of colours and patterns. The colours chosen are often white, green, brown, saffron, black, and blue because they are synonymous with the elements of the Earth.

In this article, we look into different ways how you can style your kitchen using Morrocan tiles. We have some designs that are subtle and minimal and others that are adventurous and bold. Without further ado, here are 5 different design ideas for using Moroccan tiles on your kitchen.

1. Subtle Designs

The first idea we have is one that is perfect for people who like minimal and subtle designs. Traditionally, Moroccan tiles incorporate many different shapes, patterns and colours, and for someone who likes minimal designs, this could be a tad bit too much.

If you’re one of these people, don’t worry, you can still make Moroccan tiles work for your kitchen. Choose a simple tile design, and stick with that single design for the entire space. You can introduce Moroccan tile designs into your kitchen without sacrificing subtlety.

Subtle Designs

2. Meszmerising Geometry

That one’s a classic Moroccan tile design that you can use for your kitchen. Moroccan designs love geometrical shapes. This style uses squares and circles to mimic the sun and stars, and the design oozes an almost celestial aura.

The idea here is to use this Moroccan tile design in limited amounts, maybe just for a single row. You can use complementing tiles for the rest of the space or just paint over it. This creates quite an interesting effect, and the minimal use of the designed tiles actually makes it more attractive.

Meszmerising Geometry

3. Eclectic Mix

This idea is quite different from the first two. While the first two ideas we had for you infused minimalism into Moroccan designs by using a single design and repeating it, this one does the opposite – it incorporates a mixture of different Moroccan-styled tiles on a single wall.

The result is a mesmerizing wall that you will find hard to take your eyes off. You have to be careful with this idea, though, because a mixture of different Moroccan tiles could quickly become a mess and lead to a gaudy wall. To avoid clashing designs, select a colour and pattern theme and then select Moroccan tiles from within this theme. This way, you get a good mixture of designs that complement each other.

For example, the colour scheme in the below kitchen is brown and blue. While the tiles have different patterns, they all follow this colour theme, creating a pleasant result.

Eclectic Mix

4. Complete Wall

Moroccan tiles have a mystical and spiritual vibe to them, which can be magnified by layering an entire wall with Moroccan tiles. A single wall with Moroccan tiles will look especially good when the other walls are painted in a subtle and neutral colour. As in the previous design, you must be careful when selecting the different patterns and colours. The designs should complement each other rather than compete.

This concept fits in really well in kitchens that otherwise have a mellow feel. The Moroccan tiles add a splash of colour and an element of intrigue to the kitchen’s decor. It’s a good idea to choose the wall with the base cabinets and other wall cabinets installed, because this limits the space available for adding tiles and that in turn ensures the wall doesn’t look gaudy and saves you money.

Complete Wall

5. Pure Symmetry

The last idea we have for you circles back around minimalism. This design, however, is more focused on the symmetry created when all the tiles are placed together rather than on the patterns and designs of each individual tile.

In this design concept, the wall appears to have a single coherent design rather than look like a wall with different single tiles placed on it. You can use this idea if you like subtle decor but also want to incorporate colourful Moroccan tiles in the kitchen.

Pure Symmetry

Designing Your Kitchen to Suit Your Style

As we said before, Moroccan tiles are quite mesmerizing and hypnotic. They are traditionally Islamic and carry the mysticism of spirituality in them. They were, in fact, used to design mosques and Mughul palaces.

Moroccan tiles have made a comeback in recent years and are quite popular among people today. If you’re revamping your home interiors or decorating a new house, you should consider using Moroccan tiles, even if it is sparingly. You will love the supernatural energy it will bring to your room.

Kitchen to Suit Your Style

For more home decor ideas, check out our design journal and find DIY and other interior design ideas and concepts.

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