Imagine creating a “chill” corner in your home, where you can sit back and relax on a long weekend. Or perhaps, building a cosy balcony overlooking nature or, if you’re lucky, the sea on rainy days. We all crave and want a personalized nook in our home that instantly transports us to the laidback lanes of Goa or Shimla. We’ve got your back if you are looking for some of the best future interior design trends to give your home that perfect holiday vibe. Keep reading.

Interior Designer Trend #1: Go All Natural for that Goan Vibe!

Nature-inspired interior designs will dominate 2022. Take a look at the image above. The natural cane armchair and wooden grey sofa in this all-natural living room interior with dried flowers are reminiscent of a fall afternoon in New York. You don’t always have to go to the fresh plant’s roots to get close to nature. You can go for natural products and materials to decorate your home. The jute rug and cane baskets are shown above are excellent examples. Interior Designer Trend #2: Get the Outdoors In

Interior Designer Trend #2: Get the Outdoors In

If you do love greenery elements, why not think of ways to add fresh indoor plants to your home? Adding a cushioned sofa, plant paintings, and macramé swing add layers to the Balinese character of this home. Keeping the continuous tones of white and green, you can let your home interiors come alive with indoor plants. You can also play with natural woods and warm browns to give your home that perfect holiday vibe.

Interior Designer Trend #3: Inject A LOT of Color

We bet that the first thing you think of when you see this room is the bylanes of Rajasthan or maybe Morocco. This ethnic-inspired home interior is spacious and colourful. The strategic use of windcatchers at the top of the bed and patterned pillows and blankets make this room heavily holiday-inspired. It has an air of casualness and brings a deep sense of joy each time you step into the room.

Interior Designer Trend #4: Vintage-style Furniture for a Major Retro Kickback!

A gentle touch of retro can instantly spruce up your home and transform it into a house thriving in a time capsule. This type of interior design is enough to teleport any visitor into the gorgeous America of the 1960s–where bold, neon colours were all the rage and furniture pieces were a sight for sore eyes.

You can select items from a wide range of colours. From burnt orange and moss green to warm neutrals or outlandish hot pink – pretty much all out-there hues are permitted. To make the most of this interior decor hack, visit flea market exhibitions and local shops that treasure the best of the interior design world from time to time.

Interior Designer Trend #5: Create Mindful Zen-like Corners

Another interior design hack that’s one for the ages is setting up modern and peaceful spaces within your home. Take a look at this Zen-style bedroom, for instance, that instils a sense of calmness and serenity. Interestingly, it doesn’t take much to achieve this look–all you need to do is invest in a wooden bed and decorate your room with handpicked oriental objects. This kind of set-up will promote deep sleep and healing and add layers of personality and character to your home.

Interior Designer Trend #6: Sustainable Home Decor for the Win!

The era of organic, lasting, and sustainable products is upon us. Consumers are consciously selecting environment-friendly brands. If you too wish to make your home, look for eco alternatives for your home. This could be in the form of furniture pieces, decor accents, or soft furnishings – you name it. Keep the decor natural and organic. Remember the adage “less is more?” This always works well with sustainable spaces.

Interior Designer Trend #7: Cosy Home Decor for that Wintry Holiday Vibe!

If you live in a perpetually cold place, you might want to draw inspiration from Scandinavian designs. Take a look at the image above. Using candles on a white table against a cosy sofa with plaids and pillows instantly creates a holiday vibe! You can use fairy lights to build up the ambience. The idea is to personalise the space with items of comfort. The Danish concept of hygge will do wonders if you want a centralised theme for your home decor. Hygge refers to setting the mood for comfort and cosiness with feelings of well-being and contentment.

Interior Designer Trend #8: Invest in Quirky Seasonal Decor Accents

Finally, look for seasonal (and holiday-specific) decor accents to do up your home. Pick up quirky and fun items and place them in your home. In the image above, the homeowner sets up the perfect vibe for Halloween with a less-obvious decor item choice. Play on the upcoming seasons, and you’re good to go!

When it comes to creating the perfect holiday home, you need to keep a tab on the new interior design trends. And the blogs section on our website provides you with just that. So scoot on over to the HomeLane blog today!

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