Due to daily busy life, our bathroom often takes a backseat where we just merely perform our daily hygiene routine. Decorating the bathroom space aesthetically can elevate otherwise mundane experiences.

bathroom tub design

A grandiloquent bathroom décor with an enviable bathtub, sumptuous sleek fittings, and well-curated accessories can give you a feeling of a splendid sojourn ideal for indulging and pampering yourself.

Masterpiece of Marble

When it comes to an inspirational bathroom tub design, you can always consider marble which will never go wrong. You can design your bathtub elegantly with classic vintage white marble, textured one, or even darker tones of marble to customize the bathtub.

Even for bathtub designs for small bathrooms, incorporating marble can be a fantastic choice to bring elegance and glamour. Marble is timeless, sophisticated, gorgeous, and adds value to the space. 

marble bathroom tub design

Stunning Alcove Bathtub

This universal built-in designed bathtub is the most popular. The Alcove bathtub is connected to the wall with an extended flat surface bounded by three walls with one side open for the user to access.

You can arrange the bathtub space with your array of bath products, keep your phone or newspaper or your delicious beverage or even decorate it with a bright green potted plant with beautiful fronds. Alcove bathroom tub design is easy to install, take up small space, and works well for both bath and shower combo.

alcove bathtub

Accompanied With a Splendid View

Rooms with a good view are normal but you can also enjoy a soak while looking outside. Whether the sight of a city skyline, mountain peaks, crystal blue waters, forest, or desert views, there is something about enjoying the captivating views outside while relaxing in a tub of warm water. A stunning bathroom tub design with an incredible vista will surely hold you enchanted in your personal oasis.   

stunning bathroom tub design

Creative Bathtub and Shower Combo Design

If you have limited space and a limited budget and looking for ideas on bathtub designs for small bathrooms, then this is for you! If you are a person who not just enjoys bubble baths but also likes a steamy shower in your bathtub, then go for one of the bathtub shower designs that will take the space to the next level. A Bathtub Shower Combo is quite a common and convenient setup suitable for more than one purpose.

bathtub and shower combo design

Unconventional and Modern Textured Bathtub

If you are a lover of art and want to add an artistic edge to your modern bathroom design with a bathtub rather than going for the usual options, then this idea will inspire you! Add surprise and appeal to your bathroom with a modern stone shape-shifting textured bathtub setup on pebbles instead of being placed directly on the floor.

modern textured bathtub

Metal Finished Freestanding Bathtub

Ageless copper, new age bronze, cool chrome, polished nickel, or stainless steel, whichever is your choice, add a metal finish to the freestanding bathroom tub design. Using metal adds sheen and shine, reflects light, and transforms the space into a bright and airy oasis. Want to go for a nice warm soak in the months of winter? Go for a vintage and luxurious metallic bathtub to satisfy your senses!

metal finished freestanding bathtub

Sophisticated Clawfoot Bathtub

The moment we think of a luxury country bathroom, we think of the iconic, vintage, and classic bathtubs with clawfoot. These distinctly styled freestanding bathtubs have epitomized class and elegance since the Victorian Ages.

Clawfoot bathtubs occupy less space and can be flexibly installed, making them a good option for bathtub designs for small bathrooms. The prominent features include its designed legs accentuating the bathroom’s artistic edge and fitted gilded pipework for water supply.

sophisticated clawfoot bathtub

Bowl-Shaped Modular Bathtubs

The prominent and desirable bowl-shaped or ovoid bathtub is one of the bathtub designs for small bathrooms that you can opt for! Bowl-shaped bathtubs can be either round or oval, ideal to fit in a small space and beautify it. Get this versatile, modern, and glossy bathtub to add a shining effect to your space.

bowl-shaped modular bathtubs

Symmetrical Square or Rectangular Bathtubs

Square or rectangular bathtubs are great for both comfort and aesthetic purposes. A minimalistic freestanding rectangle or square-shaped bathtub juxtaposed with light and soft hues will be ideal for a modern bathroom design with a bathtub. It is spacious, adds interesting visual dynamics to the space, and reflects both symmetry and beauty. symmetrical square or rectangular bathtubs

Opt For A Black Painted Tub

Black is classy and timeless. However, it is a bit daunting to go for this hue in the case of bathtub designs for small bathrooms. But black can be a cosy, modern, and aesthetically sleek option for a sizable space. A smooth, chic, and satin black finish can make the freestanding bathtub a delightful focal point in the bathroom. Also, the double-walled bathtub with black colour makes it excellent for heat retention.

black painted tub

Embrace Patterns and Bold Colours

Colours and patterns add artistic, personalized, and intimate charm to your space. A dramatic addition of new pop of colour or creative patterns to your tub can make a huge difference and take your bathroom a notch above. Here, the usage of a bright hue of blue in this bathroom design with a bathtub radiates refreshment, relaxation, and clarity suitable to the purpose.

bathtub design ideas

Sprinkle Some Green For Tropical Vibes

Modern bathroom design with a bathtub supports the idea of decorating with indoor foliageespecially if natural light is minimal. It magnifies the visual charm, breathes life into the space, creates softness, purifies the air from toxins, and makes the space a perfect haven for relieving stress and anxiety.

modern bathroom design with a bathtub

Regal Corner Bathtub Inspiration

Looking for bathtub designs for small bathrooms? There is a lot you can do with the empty corners. Add a personalized spin to your bathroom with a regal and elegant corner bathtub that will maximize the bathroom space and add a spa-like feel.

regal corner bathtub

The Epic Warm Wooden Feel

Incorporate natural woodwork into your bathroom design with a bathtub for an eco-friendly, classy, rich, warm, and harmonious surrounding. Even in bathtub designs for small bathrooms, wood can complement well because of its versatility. Cottage-styled wooden designs carry an instant appeal and charm.

wooden bathroom design with a bathtub

Adorn With Some Art

Plain empty walls don’t look good surrounding your bathtub? Add an artful quotient with a beautiful painting, a reflective mirrorwork, a striking photograph, or design a gallery wall. This creative idea of bathroom design will instantly refresh the space and make it visually attractive.

modern bathroom design with bathtubLight Up the Bathtub

Illuminating the bathroom space will make it look serene from every angle. Decorating the bathroom ceiling with lights above a freestanding bathtub will add visual weight and make the spot exciting to view. So do look into bathtub design Ideas to light up the space with either a vintage chandelier or a dramatic hanging spotlight. You can also experiment with wall-fitted scone lamps to create an effect of distinct vignettes in the bathroom.

bathtub design ideas with lights

Glow Under The SkyLight

Bright natural light adds an airy feel, beauty, and brightness and gives the space a new lease on life. Decorating the bathroom with reflective surfaces, vanity mirrors, and a white freestanding bathtub will turn the place sunnier.

Even during the night, the natural light from outside will create a calming and pleasing atmosphere perfect for relaxation. This functionality is great for bathtub designs for small bathrooms, too, as it can dramatically transform and glow up the place. 

bathroom design with natural skylight

Light Floating Bathtub

This involves a modern approach to the traditional bathroom tub design. This bathtub is placed either on a pedestal or a plinth in such a way as to give an illusion of floating.

Being subtly raised from the floor adds a lighter aesthetics, balanced and irresistibly smooth feel. You can also add a distinctive recessed illumination setting at the bottom to define the fine edges of the bottom design.

light floating bathtub

Play With The WallPapers

Experiment with the walls of your bathroom with an array of wallpapers like those ranging from colourful and bright, from floral patterns and murals to abstract brushstrokes and bold graphics.

Wallpapers add the perfect finishing touch and instantly transform the otherwise dull and boring space. Bathtub design ideas with the backdrop of Wallpaper art require low effort and offer high visual impact, sets your mood right where you can immerse and indulge yourself!

bathtub design ideas with wallpaper

Ornament With Right Flooring

Glorifying and beautifying the floor will add the right flair to an otherwise simple and plain bathroom interior. Modern bathroom design with a bathtub emphasizes flooring ideas that require special attention. Floors should be made so they can withstand splashes of water, durable and clean with an anti-slip texture.

Have fun with varied flooring options like monochrome tiles, stone tiles with neutral tones, or more colourful options to suit your taste and preference.

modern bathtub with flooring ideas

The list doesn’t end here! There are countless possibilities to deck up the bathtub space of your bathroom. Consider the sizes, shapes, functionality, design style, mood, and other features before going for the ideal tub for the bathroom. HomeLane offers their helping hands to create your dream bathroom design with a bathtub where you can sink amidst a luxurious and tasteful restorative décor and a pleasing environment with mood lighting and soft music that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. 


How big does a bathroom with a tub need to be?

Designing a perfect bathroom layout is a thoughtful yet exciting process. It requires assessment, planning, and an efficient layout. Without a proper structure layout plan, it will be hard to know the required budget, hire designers and contractors and also make purchases of the elements and fittings needed. 

If you wish to place a bathtub in the bathroom, you will also need to know the appropriate size required for the bathtub for bathing, and the suitable bathtub to fit in the existing space of the bathroom so that it doesn’t feel cramped up. Modern bathroom design with a bathtub comes with numerous options in varying shapes, sizes, and depths. So choosing the suitable bathtub wisely is the key whether you are remodelling the space or making an old bathroom from the beginning! Bathtubs can be best placed in either master bathrooms or full bathrooms. Master bathrooms attached to the master bedroom are typically 40 square feet to 100 square feet. The small master bathroom is usually 40 square feet, and the large ones can go beyond 200 square feet, starting from 110 square feet. A minimum of 40 square feet is needed to fit in both a shower and a bathtub.

What is the best material for a bathtub?

A bathtub material influences the price of installation, aesthetics, maintenance cost, heat retention, durability, overall life span, and other factors. These days, bathroom design with a bathtub comes up with many new modern options as opposed to the traditional rectangular bathtub.

The modern bathroom design with a bathtub comes up with many options of bathtub materials like cast iron, porcelain enamelled steel, fibreglass, acrylic, custom tub made out of wood or stone like granite or onyx, or cultured marble or ceramic tiles. Each type carries a few pros and cons which need to be considered when choosing the suitable option for your bathroom. The two most common and popular ones are those bathtubs made out of porcelain or acrylic. Both are lesser expensive options but you have to decide which particular one to go for depending upon your needs. However, acrylic is even more, cheaper, lighter, and easier to install.

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