Looking for simple bedroom design ideas? We’ve got you covered. Your bedroom is undeniably your ‘sacred’ space. After a long tiring day, all you want to do is give yourself permission to let go. Your bedroom becomes your comfort zone, giving you the gift of rest.

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas

There are plenty of things you can do to create a calming atmosphere. If you are looking for simple bedroom decorating ideaskeep reading. 

1. Get a Stylish Swing and Introduce a New York Studio-like Look In Your Space

bedroom design with stylish swingWhen it comes to bedroom design, simple ideas work best. Take a look at the image above. The stylish and modern swing becomes the focal point of the room. If you have a corner in your bedroom, put up a swing and enjoy an afternoon of peace and quiet with a steaming hot cup of coffee (or tea). Remember that you don’t necessarily have to place a swing in the outdoor area only. You can use it indoors, provided you have a high ceiling.

2. Use a Floral Wallpaper If You Have an Attic BedroomBedroom Floral Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpapers can liven up any room. Period. Whether it is a floral pattern, an abstract pattern, or a geometric pattern, wallpapers are the perfect addition if you are looking for a low-cost and quick makeover. The best part is that you can choose from a wide range of colours, textures, and patterns. And if you get bored with one particular style, you can go for another pattern. Take a look at the image above. This room effortlessly becomes aesthetically appealing by just using the right kind of wallpaper.

3. Play with the Lighting and Brighten Your Room Up!

Bedroom Ideas with Lighting

If you want your room to be well-lit at all times, you need to experiment with different kinds of lighting. For instance, the striking light right above the bed becomes a statement piece. This overhead fixture’s unique style and colour work well in this setting. On the other hand, the spotlights on either side of the bed and the panel light are perfect for creating various kinds of moods as needed. Want subtle lighting? Check. Want layered lighting? Check. 

4. Colour-Coordinate Your Kid’s Bedroom Design

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

When it comes to kid’s bedroom design ideas, using colour as the primary inspiration is one of the easiest ideas to execute. For example, in the image above, the continuous colour throughout the room is moss bright green. By using the colour strategically (within the soft carpet, chair, wallpaper, and bed), you can induce a sense of calm. If one colour seems too overwhelming, go for a two-toned bedroom colour theme (but not more). Another handy tip is using white or off-white as the base colour. This helps offset the bright colour and creates a wonderful contrasting effect.

5. Simplify Your Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Repeat after us: A simple bedroom is one that is never cluttered. Not in terms of the things you keep and not in terms of how you manage your room items. Take a look at the image above. The decorative jute screen, a soft and high bed, and a minimal bench at the foot of the bed are enough to deck up your room. You don’t need a million things to add extra layers of depth and character.

6. For a Compact Bedroom, Use Artwork to Your Advantage

Compact Bedroom Design

While a compact bedroom design doesn’t literally provide any room for creative experimentation, there are a few ideas you can play around with. For example, you can hang interesting artwork in bright and bold colours against an all-white backdrop. Think of these artworks as the doorway to your personality and likes. So, make sure to choose artwork pieces that truly reflect your personal tastes.

7. Add Playful Art to Your Child’s Room on One Wall

kids bedroom interior design

Here’s a room interior design that is simple to execute. All you need to do is use a wall stick-on or go the DIY route and paint one wall of your kid’s room. Take the example shown here. From the placement of the sofa to the artwork on the wall, this corner is a super hit idea for bringing a little bit of cheerfulness to the room.

8. Make Your Bedroom Come Alive with Fresh Flowers Bedroom Window Design

Here’s another simple and easy idea for your bedroom window design. If you wish to inject tons of freshness and positivity, particularly near your window, treat the section with fresh, seasonal flowers. You can add fresh greens to the flower setting. This will not only elevate the room’s aesthetic quotient but will also instantly boost your mood. Stay close to nature, without leaving your bed!

9. Spruce Up Your Bedroom with a Handy Retro CabinetBedroom Retro Cabinet Decor

Let’s be honest. What’s not to like here? Exposed white brick walls. A gorgeous retro-style wooden cabinet. Fresh greens. If you’ve got idle space right next to your bed and could do with additional storage, get a vintage-style wooden cabinet made and transport the onlooker to the 1960s. For inspiration, consider the example shown above and get your creative juices flowing.

10. Use Lush Plants to Give Your Bedroom a Green MakeoverSimple Bedroom Interior Design

The right kind of lighting can transform your bedroom. For instance, take a look at this sleek and modern spotlight near the bedside table. Not only is it extremely functional but it makes the space look brighter. The use of fresh greens along one side of the room gives it a natural feel. The upscale soft furnishings–from the black carpet to the purple velvet walls complete the look. This type of setting is an amazing combination of natural and contemporary elements.

11. Flex Your Creative Muscle and Use Your Imagination 

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Where do we begin with this example shown above? There’s plenty to love in this image. It’s minimal and basic in terms of design and aesthetics, but the room does not feel incomplete. The copper lamps, the jute light, and the hanging bookshelf, all the elements are perfectly in sync with each other and placed strategically.

12. Give Your Bedroom a Japan-themed Makeover

Japan themed bedroom designs

One of the best ways to induce a sense of calm within your surroundings is to give your room a Japanese-themed makeover. Start by placing gigantic vases in your room (as shown above). Get rid of any clutter and ensure that you follow a similar colour palette. You can also use textured wallpaper as shown above to create a moody vibe.

13. Experiment with the Bedroom Wall

Simple Bedroom Wall Deisgn

Instead of going for a bedside table right next to your bed, why not take inspiration from this image shown above? The minimalistic mirror and contemporary style dressing table double up as a super-useful corner. The textured geometric design wallpaper adds depth and character to the space.

14. Vintage Mirrors for the Win!

Bedroom Interior with Mirror

When in doubt, go to a flea market or a night market. You’ll be surprised to know the kind of wonderful and pret period furniture you might find at one of your market overhauls. Take a look at this gorgeous mirror, which is reminiscent of the Victorian era. The integration of an old-school mirror not only makes the room look big but is a necessary addition to a bedroom.

15. A Low Seating Area Near the Window is Good for Your Soul

Interior Window Design Ideas

Another idea for the ages is to transform your bedroom’s window treatment. Whether you want to laze with a cup of coffee or want to chill with your friends, a low-seating couch like this one becomes absolutely necessary. Plus, with more and more people working from home, adding a cool seating space is not a bad idea after all. You can enjoy the sun beating down your face during winters or spend some quality time, looking at nature (and boosting your productivity in the process).

16. A Sofa-cum-Bed is Always a Good Idea

sofa cum bed design ideas

If you have to take only one suggestion from this list, let it be this one: Take a look at the sofa-cum-bed as shown above. It looks uber comfy and stylish. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It allows you to unwind after a tyring day at work. You can add layers of soft furnishings to add a comfortable touch and boost the space’s visual aesthetics.

17. A Jute/Rattan Style Divider is Everything for Compact Bedrooms!Compact Bedrooms Ideas

If you want to introduce a pop of texture into an all-white bedroom, make use of rattan decor elements–in this case the room separator/screen. To add harmony to the design, you can use a rattan headboard and give your bedroom a Bali vibe. Don’t miss out on the geometric pattern curtains that give this bedroom a charming vibe.

18. A Small Studio-Style Vanity Can Add Elegance to Your Bedroom

Bedroom Dressing Table Design

If you are someone who loves a vanity set-up, consider the image shown above. This multi-purpose table adds the right amount of quirk to this room. You can use this to get dressed in the morning or enjoy an afternoon of quiet introspection. The seating slab near the window completes this surreal setting. You can always add your favourite accessories such as a table lamp, makeup, framed art, photographs, and so on to make the space your own.

19. For a Simple Bedroom Interior Design, a Gorgeous Lamp Does the Trick Sometimes

Simple Bedroom Interior Ideas

Another simple hack on this list is to invest in a larger-than-life floor lamp as shown here. The idea is to use the lamp as a task light while styling the room with a contemporary element. You can also add a built-in bookshelf right next to the lamp to play up your bedroom’s cool factor. By using (somewhat) petite furniture like this, you can make the most of your available space without compromising on functionality.

20. Go for an Old-School Swing

old-school swing

When it comes to simple bedroom decoradding a swing and a chair can do wonders. An accent chair can double up as a side table or footrest when needed. The swing becomes the fun element that also acts as extra seating for your extended family and friends.

Simple Bedroom Ideas

There you go. When it comes to achieving a simple bedroom interior design, the fundamental is easy: Go with your gut. There are literally millions of ideas to elevate your bedroom with simple tricks. Just Google: bedroom design simple, take a cue from the ideas above, and make them your own. For more inspiration on simple bedroom designs, head over to HomeLane.


Q. How do you set up a simple bedroom?

The moment you Google room design simple, you’ll be barraged with plenty of useful ideas. To set up a simple bedroom, you can:

  • Make use of your accessories as decor
  • Use fresh plants and flowers near the window to liven up the room
  • Play with your bed’s headboard
  • Use personalised artwork to infuse your personality
  • Use a mirror and experiment with the lighting

Q. What are some simple and easy tips for a budget bedroom makeover?

If you want to give your bedroom a makeover and have to stick to a tight budget, here are some useful ideas you can check:

  • Give your bedroom a fresh start by painting it a different colour or changing up the wallpaper
  • Switch out your bed linen to something more colourful and comfy
  • Play around with your furniture’s positioning and upcycle it
  • Add personal items of choice to your bedside table
  • Go for new blinds and drapes
  • Experiment with unique lighting or hang cost-effective artwork


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