Indoor floor tiles can make or break the look of your home. The right tiles can accentuate the character of your space, whereas the wrong floor tiles can take away from the aesthetic beauty of your home’s surroundings. In this blog, we will look at the different types of floor tile designs that are available at your disposal.

Indoor Floor Tiles

Here are 20 floor tile designs for houses of any size, form, or shape to get inspired. Let’s get going.

1. Wooden Tiles for a Country-side Style Kitchen

Wooden Tiles for Kitchen

The moment you Google or Pinterest floor tile designs, you will be barraged with a host of wooden floor tile designs. If you have an all-wooden kitchen and would like to amp up the look, we suggest going for long and sleek wooden tiles, as shown above. These tiles give your home a warm and rustic feel. More importantly, they come in various colours and textures, and sit swimmingly well in an all-white kitchen. Make use of the right lighting and fixtures to complete the look.

2. Earthy and Traditional-Looking Tiles for a Modern Look

Traditional Floor Tiles

For people who have a beige-and-brown colour tone in the kitchen, it makes sense to go for more earthy and rustic tones such as the floor tiles shown above. The traditional grid-style floor tile is simple and classic. You can never go wrong with this pattern; all you need to do is select the right colour palette and think about whether you’d want to go for a glossy finish or a matte-style finish.

3. Floral and Boho-Inspired Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

If you are someone who loves a bit of colour in their home surroundings, it makes sense to go for a ‘statement’ floral style tile in your bathroom (as shown above). You can play with different patterns and colours to uplift the space. For example, you can choose Mediterranean-inspired tiles that give your bathroom an al fresco-type feel. These boho-inspired artsy tiles are perfect if you wish to make an edgy statement and sweep guests off their feet.

4. A Multi-Dimension, Illusion-Inducing Tile Floor Design

Black and White Tile Floor Design

This bold and brave suggestion tops our must-have list. This type of black-and-white patterned floor tile effortlessly lends a 3-D look to this bathroom. Using a graphic tile that is multi-dimensional in style and design is ideal for smaller spaces (think: your bathroom for instance). One handy tip: Instead of using contrasting and kitschy bold colours, we suggest sticking with the greyscale–it is subtle and effective (and won’t make your head spin after a while).

5. Modern and Contemporary Tile Flooring Design for a Japanese-themed Bathroom

Tile Flooring for Japanese Theme Bathroom

For a more understated and matte look, consider the floor tiles shown above. This type of style sits well in a Japanese-themed bathroom where you have fittings made of porcelain or natural stone. If you are someone who loves the Wabi Sabi style of home interiors, we suggest this floor tile design. Ideal for minimalists, this floor tile is low maintenance and extremely durable.

6. Ceramic Tiles that Look Hand-Painted

 Ceramic Tiles

If you are on the lookout for inspirational bedroom interior designs and want to completely transform the space with as little effort as possible, go for hand-painted ceramic tiles such as the ones shown above. For some, it may look like a triangle or a diamond or a square. That’s the beauty of this type of floor tile. The beautiful patterned style and its offbeat, 3-D like textured layers add personality to your space. Moreover, ceramic tiles are a cost-effective and durable option, making them a versatile alternative to their counterparts.

7. A Home Entrance Hall Made Vintage with Period-feature Victorian Tiles

Victorian Tiles

If you’ve got otherwise muted tones within your home, it makes aesthetic sense to incorporate the Victorian-style tile floor design. They will add a playful tone to your home, without overwhelming the design harmony. These tiles come in diverse colours, shapes, and patterns for you to choose from. They will effortlessly make the space more interesting and give your home the edge it needs. Envelop your home in vintage-style floor tiles and give it a fresh and unique makeover.

8. Natural Stone Tiles for a Luxe Look

Natural Stone Tiles

If you’ve got a huge farmhouse-style home, like the one shown above, might we suggest going for natural stone floor tiles? Despite the subtle grey shade and the sandpaperish-textured look, these tiles are anything but basic. They complement the surroundings perfectly and add an air of elegance to the living room. Given that most of the interiors are wooden in execution, it makes sense to add natural stone tiles to add oomph to your living room without letting go of a nature-like feel.

9. Heavily Patterned Ceramic Tiles

Patterned Ceramic Tiles

Here’s an example of a floor tile that is fun and adds ‘age’ to your home in the right sense. The style is reflective of the British era at first glance. The floor tile design is playful yet formal. Its ‘worn’ finish adds an old-school vibe to the place and immediately transports the onlooker to another era.

10. Organic Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles for a Laidback Yet Luxurious Look

Porcelain Tiles

Here’s an excellent example of what a modern living room design looks like. This gorgeous dining space creates an atmosphere of relaxation and calm–and the choice of floor tiles plays an instrumental role in this process. The colours are subdued and don’t stress the eyes. If you want a more organic feel within your home, go for neutral or grey-off white colour combinations for your floor tiles.

11. Checkerboard Tiles with a Twist

Checkerboard Floor Tiles

Checkerboard floor tiles can be a risky affair, if not executed perfectly. Take, for example, the floor tiles shown above. This style sits swimmingly well in a vintage-style setting. The pea-green cabinet makes a distinct style statement in this room. The addition of a gold-plated metallic cycle completes the look. You can go for bright colours such as yellow, pink, orange, etc., for soft furnishings if you are sure about using checkerboard floor tiles.

12. Abstract Patterns That Are Easy on the Eyes

Abstract Floor Tiles

If you are not afraid of a little bit of experimenting, we suggest going for abstract and free-flowing floor tiles as shown here. Though they are the same in shape and composition, they add to the room’s visual flow. You can also go for non-repeating, bolder patterns if your surroundings allow it. In our humble opinion, the bolder the look, the better!

13. Acing the Basics for Outdoor Floor Tiles

Outdoor Floor Tiles

If you are looking for inspiration for outdoor floor tiles, consider the example above. This is one of our favourite balcony floor tiles ideas. The asymmetric placement of tiles is a breath of fresh air. So, don’t go for that straight or grid style pattern. Offset your floor tiles and break the mold by going for a running bond style, which is often seen in New York subways. You can always choose from different bond styles such as the third running bond, fourth running bond, vertical variations, etc.

14. Reflective Tiles for a Glossy Sheen

 Reflective Tiles

If you like your space to be well-lit and glamorous, go for reflective tiles as shown here. This type of floor tile makes the space look big. The kind of lighting you put on will make a huge difference so choose both wisely.

15. Marble Mosaic Tile Floors for the Win

Marble Mosaic Tile Floors

If your budget allows, go for marble mosaic floor tiles. This floor tile definitely gives off the historic vibe. Images of Grand Central Station or a Russian railway station in a quaint little town come to mind. If you have a huge bungalow-style home, this kind of floor tile design can punch up the place playfully.

16. Antique Bathroom Tiles are Evergreen

Antique Bathroom Tiles

Another antique suggestion on our list, this bathroom’s soft tones are perfect if you have an antique-style vanity with a mirror in place. Place a statement-making round bathtub and make your bathroom stand out. You can also play with the cabinet knobs to lend your bathroom a period feel.

17. Complex Colours + Sophisticated Style = A Winning Floor Tile Combination

Bathroom Floor Tile Combination

Truth be told, this type of floor tile style immediately transports the onlooker to Venetian surroundings. You can pair this whimsical floor tile design with lighter wall colours such as minty green, sky blue, and so on. You can also go for terrazzo floor tiles if you want a more long-lasting tile that offers a more refined look.

18. Motif Style Floor Tiles are Always a Good Idea

Motif Style Floor Tiles

Want to add a colourful touch to your bathroom? Go for bright-coloured geometric style floor tiles as shown above. The pastel colours are understated and work well in any setting.

19. The Chess Board Look for the Bathroom

Checkerboard Tiles

This style is for homeowners who like the black and white colour combination in everything and anything. If you have a bathroom that’s Hitchcockian in design and approach, this one’s a keeper.

20. The Checkered Floor Look that’s Reminiscent of the 1960s for Your Living Room

Checkered Floor for Living Room

What happens when you club a checkboard pattern floor tile with acid-edged colours that represent the 1960s? You get a killer floor tile design and a gorgeous living room as shown here. The trick lies in selecting the right ‘size’ of floor tile–one size too big and your floor might look gaudy and a size too small may make it look chaotic. So, select the right size and ace the checkerboard look.

Tile Flooring Design

Selecting the right kind of tile flooring design can transform your space. If you are looking for expert help and guidance on a complete floor makeover, get in touch with our team of consultants at HomeLane.


Q. Which tile is best for the floor?

Porcelain tiles are most ideally suited for homes, regardless of the interior style. Since they are denser, stronger, and less porous when compared to many other tiles. So, if you are looking for floor tiles for high-traffic areas, porcelain tiles are a good option. They are stain/scratch resistant.

Q. Which colour is best for floor tiles?

Though a highly-subjective topic, the best colour for floor tiles would be a neutral colour as this particular shade type tends to stand the test of time. That said, it is important to factor in other parameters such as the amount of natural light your room receives and the colour theme of the surrounding area when selecting an ideal colour palette.

Q. Which floor tiles are most durable?

According to experts, the most durable type of floor tile is granite, which is a natural stone. As an alternative, you can also go for glazed porcelain flooring tiles as they are extremely low maintenance and do not mandate any kind of annual sealing. Even talking in terms of the floor tiles prices, porcelain is a great budget-friendly option to consider.

Q. Which type of floor is best for a home?

If we have to pick only one floor tile type, we suggest ceramic floor tiles. It is affordable and durable. It can easily be installed in any part of your home such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and so on. That said, note that glazed ceramic tiles are a better option as they are stain-resistant and cannot be damaged as easily, particularly when compared to vinyl plank flooring, wood flooring, or carpet flooring.

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