Finding inspiration and ideas for home décor is no longer a challenge. But we often neglect the lobby area despite a plethora of décor ideas at our disposal.

The lobby area is a transition area that links the exterior to the interior – the first space that is encountered in the interior of the home, where guests can wait comfortably and relax. It should be designed aesthetically and should look pleasing and welcoming.

lobby house design

There are no perfect procedures for lobby house design, as some like to keep it minimal, some like vibrant hues, some like it old school, while some like it to be modern and luxurious. With a good lighting scheme, layout efficiency, a suitable colour palette, and a few decorative elements, you can achieve the desired dramatic lobby interior design. Let’s explore a few fabulous ideas for home lobby interior design to glam up the space at your home.

White Elegant Lobby Designwhite elegant lobby design

White offers a serene, calm, and pristine feel. Adding plenty of white, Scandinavian design, Boho, and Coastal design influences for a rustic or cottage look will lighten up the space, making it look neat, large, and sophisticated.

Too much white can make the lobby appear more mundane and pale. So, you can add a contrasting tinge of brown and grey colour to the furniture to create a perfect aesthetic quotient for the eyes and make the space more attractive. The nude colour palette along with white, will add a dignified tone, and throwing in some decorative items like mirrors, lights, and vases will add a more striking look.

Industrial and Rustic Lobby Design

industrial and rustic lobby design

This stunning lobby house design and décor style takes its influence from both the worlds of urban and rural. With an elaborate concoction of unrefined and raw-styled wooden floor and furniture, concrete features, brick walls, earthy finishes, and metal elements, this has evolved into the most requested interior décor style.

Bright colours are usually not found in an industrial set-up. Colours such as black, grey, white, and dark shades of maroon and blue define the style. This type of decor usually suits open and spacious spaces but for a small lobby interior design, avoid cluttering the space with too many items. You can add a carpet with abstract patterns matching the shades, wooden tables, lights, and other decorative elements of asymmetrical shapes and sizes to deck up the area.

Beautiful Lobby Design with House Plants

lobby design with house plants

Bring your favourite plants to the lobby interior design! Not only does adding plants accentuate the space and make it alive, but it also makes it look pleasing and inviting and offers a comforting feeling. With indoor plants around, guests can enjoy a dose of fresh oxygen with exuberance. Use different coloured and patterned pots and plant hangers made of different materials for an eclectic touch and to enhance the interior décor.

For a small lobby interior design, consider hanging plants and flowers that do not take up much space on the floor. You can also go for a modern green wall design with plants for a fabulous eco-friendly touch to transform the empty walls. Adding flora and fauna to the entrance will help you to achieve the desired charming and elegant mood and bring life and vitality to the interiors.

Creative Lobby Ceiling Pop Design

creative lobby ceiling pop design

Lobbies are a great area to project splendour and grandeur with art and decor. Just like flooring needs attention, a magnificent ceiling décor adds depth and dimension to the space. Ceiling Pop Design was first seen in France made with Plaster of Paris, hence the nomenclature.

A fascinating false ceiling or lobby ceiling pop design creates a striking first impression. Some like the ceiling to be ornamented with exquisite floral patterns, some like it with wooden or brick beams, some prefer a white-washed ceiling in Victorian style with recessed lighting, and some like it with minimalistic, classic geometric tray pop designs. Adorn the ceiling with attractive lights and chandeliers to make it look illuminated, grand, and gorgeous.

Glamour Up the Lobby Flooring Design 

lobby flooring design

Whether you need to implement a small lobby interior design or a Large lobby interior design, glorifying the floor can augment the glam quotient of a space, oozing out panache and magnificence. Transform an otherwise dull space lacking sheen and vividness into an attractive one by well planning the flooring.

You can fill portions of the floor with patterned and colourful tiles, give it a warm aesthetic earthy feel or cover the floor with intricately rich designed carpets with appealing, vibrant hues or with simple and subtly designed ethnic rugs with soft palette tones. A tastefully designed flooring brings out the beautiful texture and adds opulence to the space.

Brilliant Lobby Wall Paint

lobby wall paint

Paint carries transformative power and is a powerful design element. When it comes to lobby wall paint design, there are plentiful options beyond using the nude palette and muted neutral tones. Pastel shades offer a soothing effect, whereas rich solid colour shades like the one in the picture above add drama and vigour.

Whether it is a glossy shade of orange or yellow, or cool earthy green, or a bold shade of royal blue, wall paint makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the home. Colour establishes the room ambience and takes the entire design output to the next level with endless possibilities.

Moreover, wall paint carries the ability to create an illusion of a spacious room and adds volume to it. A good complementary wall paint combination makes the decor items merge well with modern furniture. Taste, preference, emotions, and moods play a major role in choosing the right colour for brilliant lobby wall paint design.

The Luxe Furniture Lobby Interior Design

the luxe furniture lobby interior design

Furniture decorated in the interior speaks a lot about your character and personality, and they play a crucial role in magnifying the beauty and grace of the space. Choice of furniture for lobby interior design shows whether one is simple or trendy and fashionable or prefers luxurious vintage and classy pieces.

While working on flooring and walls, you can choose suitable furniture – sofas, chairs, and tables with attractive colours and innovative designs that match and blend well with other elements of interior decoration style and colour combination.

The modern and luxury décor palette includes shades of black, brown, cream, beige, and grey coloured on unique shapes. Furthermore, expensive materials, furniture, and fabrics used in decoration will make a statement and give a proper structure to the interior. Choosing the wrong furniture can damage the appeal of the space. One should not compromise on the quality of the furniture, so it is better to plan the budget and explore impressive furniture designs that suit the interior impeccably. 

Lobby Interior Design with Soft Furnishings, Art, and Accessories

lobby interior design with soft furnishings

The interior carries multifaceted features and aspects. Be it carefully choosing the elements that symbolise a sense of an individual style or decorating a comfortable, cosy surrounding with the help of the right colour tones, furniture, and other materials. As mentioned earlier, one important aspect of interior décor is furniture aesthetics and the other consists of the usage of soft furnishings.

Soft Furnishings are the decorative components composed of soft substances or fabrics that add character to the environment. Upholstery fabric, carpets, curtains, rugs, tablecloths, bed sheets, pillow covers, sofas, wall hangings, tapestries, and floor mats make soft furnishings. They make the space livable and play an essential role in establishing the overall charm and appeal of the space. 

For lobby house design, the right combination and a pleasant ambience can be achieved by an accurate selection of soft furnishings along with other accessories, wall paint colour, lighting of the area, and innovative furniture pieces. Synchronizing the soft furnishing with appropriate accessories like lamp shades, wall art, inspiring mirror designs, paintings, valuable artefacts, and other artistic elements has the power to impress and captivate guests visiting your place. 

lobby interior designing ideas

It is not an instant miracle that a perfect lobby interior design is achieved that is functional and spectacular with an inviting ambience. With careful research, refined taste and preference, innovative experiments, and following your instincts, you can be rewarded with a stunning interior that will be etched in the minds of your visitors. 

Interior designing and decorating is an elaborate and tiresome process, and you might be bemused about how to start and go about it. HomeLane is here to help you turn your dream décor designs into reality and add real and lasting value to your space. With the right budget, innovative ideas, inspiration, colour combinations, and distinctive designs, HomeLane offers assured interior decor solutions that can help you fulfil your desire for a perfect Lobby Interior Design.


What is a lobby in interior design?

If houses were living beings, then the lobby would be the stretch of handshakes to the guests that walk into your space. Lobbies should offer a sense of warmth and welcome the guests to comfortably rest and wait amidst a gorgeous decorated environment in the interior. It is considered the foremost interior space of the house as one enters which links the outside to the inside. A perfect lobby is both functional and appealing to visitors. The House Lobby Interior Design must leave a lasting impression in the minds of those that drop by.

How do you design a lobby?

The lobby house design is vital as it is the interior’s staging area and reflects the space’s personality and character to the visitors’ eyes. With proper layout planning and design strategy, installation of bright lights, a pleasing aroma, colourful pictures, luxurious furnishing, architectural patterns and shapes, and a few dashes of colour will make the interior look aesthetically pleasing and exquisite. 

How do you decorate a lobby?

Small lobby interior design needs special attention to be organised beautifully and practically. Start by choosing a theme for the entrance and then move ahead with suitable colours and materials to give the space a proper definition. Over saturation with plenty of furniture can make the space cramped up, so decorate the space with functionality. Lighting, wall paint or textures, decorative frames, shimmering mirror works, asymmetrical sideboards, shelves and tapestries, and plant hangers will decorate the space and inspire delight and admiration.

How do you decorate a lobby wall?

An empty wall can be decorated with endless possibilities! Implementing wall décor beautifies and refreshes the space. Lobby wall paint design can include textured and patterned walls or the usage of complementary or contrasting bright solid colours to integrate an accent wall. You can also add a unique and striking oversized painting or photograph, and reflective mirrors positioned opposite lights to make the space brighter and more prominent, install shelves and sideboards, go green with plant hangers, hang intricately designed artistic plates, and curate wall art or murals. There are countless ways to decorate a lobby wall and bring life, personality, and taste to otherwise empty walls. 

How do you brighten up a lobby?

Bright lighting plays a decisive role when it comes to brightening up a space or lobby. Illuminating a lobby area either with a gorgeous vintage chandelier or a modern ceiling pendant lamp defines the personality of the interior and greets the visitor with a warm and comforting ambience. Lightning fixtures, intense directional illumination, LED downlights, or recessed lighting are some of the ways to attain a gleaming home lobby interior design. Also, bright coloured wall paints, textured and patterned tiles, and flamboyant accessories can embellish the lobby further.

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