It’s a well-known fact that colours can evoke moods, and art can stir the senses. Every piece of art creates a unique response in the viewer; when you say that a painting ‘speaks’ to you, you’re not wrong! Through their work, artists are able to bare their souls and transfer raw and genuine emotions to their audience.

Playful portraits can conjure up pure happiness and enchantment, while tranquil seascapes can help you feel relaxed and calm. Paintings can portray naked emotions that cause distress, or provoke the viewer into feeling raw anger or pain.

It’s very important, therefore, that you should choose the right pieces to display in each room of your house. Whether you’re choosing pieces for a gallery wall in the family room, biophilic art in the dining room or lively posters in your kid’s bedroom, every piece should speak to your heart and feel right for your home. Here, our design experts weigh in with guidance on choosing romantic wall painting designs for your bedroom!

The Most Romantic Bedroom Colours

Warm colours raise energy levels in the room, while soft colours create relaxed moods; both of which are conducive to romance! Here are our top colour choices for your bedroom, to set the perfect mood for a cosy evening.

Sensuous Scarlet

Read is fiery, passionate and can have a profound effect on the senses. Get ready to embrace your wild and passionate side by painting your bedroom walls in jewel-toned deep red. Add glittering metallic accents and sensuous velvet bedlinen to get the mood rolling!

Dreamy Violet

Violet inspires creativity and is the stuff that romantic dreams are made of! Indulge in light flirtations and heighten the romance quotient in the bedroom with bold violet on your walls, drapes and bed covers. Time to get your pulses racing!

Passionate Pink

Shades of pink are intimate, dainty and delicate and create the right setting for whisper-soft sweet nothings. Pink is said to be the calming colour of love and is associated with all things magical! Turn the lights down low and add to the enchantment of the moment.

Deep Green

Green, the colour of fertility and new life, can never be left behind when it comes to romantic wall colours! Set the stage for some intense romance with deep green on the walls and earthy browns all around. Crank up the warmth by twirling some warm lights through the trellis garden doors.

Romantic Wall Painting Designs

The artwork in your bedroom should always be very personal, as it’s a space that is exclusive to you and your significant other. Pick art that speaks to your soul and holds special meaning just for the two of you. Invest in pieces that hold precious memories or help you relate to promises made.

Make Your Own Statement

Get up close and personal with the artwork on your bedroom walls. Hold attention and focus, and draw the mind to special places or memorable times. Break all the rules, and do what really matters to you! It could be an elegant painting that holds depths of intimate meaning, or even just a cheesy remembrance of first love and promises shared.

Here, the sensual mountainscape echoes the colours in the room and speaks to romantic aspirations.

Of Birds, Bees and Flowers

The artwork in this charming bedroom takes a cue from nature. Spring blossoms, the birds and bees and lovely bunches of fresh-cut flowers underline the biophilic theme, drawing in the light-hearted romance of a spring day into your most personal space!

Bring on the Love

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, and it’s the one place where you can get as personal as you’d like with your art choices! Experiment with abstract sketches or portraits of the human form, and interpret each piece of art in your own way. Here, barely-there charcoal sketches of the human anatomy invite introspection and self-reflection.

Abstract Dreams

Colour and pattern play a pivotal role in the way we explore art. Some pieces of abstract art draw us in with their mystery, and allow each of us the freedom to assign our own meanings to the piece. It’s very important to pick pieces that are impactful and speak to you. Here, the sensuous swirls of violet in the five-piece painting are repeated in the furnishings and artefacts around the room.

Soothing Landscapes

Your bedroom is primarily a space where you can relax and unwind after a long and tiring day, and the art pieces featured here should not overwhelm or stimulate, either in design or colour. Soft landscapes are soothing and calming, and we love the restful colours in this lovely artwork—romantic shades and tones that make you want to spend the entire weekend in bed!

Heighten the Romance with These Décor Tips!

While the right colours and artwork will set the stage for a romantic evening, you can ramp up the ambience with these décor tips:

  • Invest in the softest, silkiest bedcovers and pillows that money can buy. It’s worth the spend!
  • Fill the room with sweet-scented flowers.
  • Burn vanilla scented candles, and turn the lights down low. Candlelight is always synonymous with intimate moments.
  • Soft, dreamy music can’t hurt, either!
  • Twinkling fairy lights that change colour will also create the fairyland atmosphere you’re looking for.

Looking for more ways to tell your partner how much you care? We’re all romantics at heart at HomeLane, and we’re happy to pitch in!

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