Effect of the Colour Green 

Colour therapy describes a calming and harmonizing quality to the colour green. Most human beings connect green to nature, and nature is a symbol of gentle growth and peace. It is no surprise then that certain institutes, such as daycare centres and hospitals, incorporate a muted, pastel green onto their walls and decor to create the aura of soothing balance. Deep greens, such as emerald green and bottle-green, evoke wealth and prosperity and have made their way into luxury furnishing and home decor. 

There are hundreds of ways in which you can incorporate a bit of green into your living space, but the following 6 are our personal favourites:


effect of green colours in home interior

1. Indoor Plants

The most natural and eco-friendly way to add some green into your interiors is to add a few plants. You do not have to be an expert- many species, such as the ZZ plant and the snake plant are naturally adapted to indirect light and occasional watering. If you live in an insect-infested area, plants like citronella will naturally keep mosquitoes away. You may want to research a bit if you have pets, since certain ornamental plants may be toxic to your furry friend. Choose a green planter to double the dose of green in one shot. Try hanging planters if you are short on floor space. Mixing and matching plants of different heights creates an elegant effect.


Green plants

2. Green Wallpapers

Many people stick to white or beige walls, assuming that coloured walls will become boring or jarring. Some also believe that coloured walls will make the room look dim or reduce the light in the room. This is simply not true- light shades of green will not affect the brightness of the room. Darker shades look very chic as well. If you are undecided, try one accent wall in green, and let the rest remain a safe, neutral colour. You will find that green matches quite nicely with any beige or brown-toned walls. This will bring out the colour of plants and make metallic accents stand out. You can consider removable wallpaper if you change your mind often. 

3. Green Accessories

Green is a refreshing colour that can be easily incorporated into the most refreshing place in the house- the bathroom. A small money plant or lucky bamboo here, some green tiles there, and your bathroom will be transformed. Green will complement the chrome finish of the faucets. You can opt for black or gold-toned faucets with deep greens for a luxurious look. If you are willing to go all out, try granite flooring in greenish hues. Of course, tiles may be easier to clean and maintain. You can also create mosaics with different shades of green and white if you use tiles. If you just want to add a little touch of green, try painting the woodwork green. It will serve as an interesting border.


4. Green Furnishings

Afraid of making a whole commitment to green paints or tiles? Try the easier route of adding green furnishing.  Match some green cushion covers to a green coloured tablecloth. Add some green curtains, or get your sofa upholstered in rich green velvet. Small details count, and a well-matched room can look coherent and opulent. Many shades of green will also create depth and vibrance.

green furnishing

5. Green Kitchen

The kitchen is the very heart of a thriving home. Why not add some green to it? It will add to the nurturing energy of the kitchen. This will also quietly mirror the green of the herbs that you will use regularly, and the mind will associate green with delicious food. Modular kitchens are recommended for both utility and style. Green looks lovely in contrast with the white here, as demonstrated in HomeLane’s lovely L-shaped modular kitchen

You can go with green backsplash tiles or green doors in a different tone to add dimension to the look. If you want smaller additions, consider adding some green equipment and textiles.


green kitchen

6. Children’s Room

Pastel green and mint green are vibrant colours that will add lightheartedness to the kids’ room. It will lend a great background to any nature-themed cartoons that your child might want to add. It is also unconnected to gender stereotypes. Furthermore, it tends to soothe children and is easy on the eyes. You can add in a small dose of green by opting for green bedding and cushions.

Green evokes the visuals of nature. It is deeply connected to comfort and peace. If done right, it can work in various ways – from fun and cute to regal and grand. On the colour wheel, we can see that it is complementary to reds and oranges. 

Hence, any red or orange coloured accents will stand out against a green background. If you are bold, find prints that combine orange and green. There are many advantages of using green- but take caution – excess of any colour is bad. You do not wish for your room to start looking like a hospital waiting room. Start with green interiors in small doses and mix tones and textures for the best effect. Of course, you can leave it all to the expert – HomeLane. HomeLane provides customized interiors in 45 days with the best design experts. 

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