Modern modular kitchens are very versatile and affordable. The variation in looks, designs and colours that are available, the myriad different storage and layout options and the ability to incorporate new and stylish accessories makes such kitchens a must-own. Because such kitchens are heavily used, they tend to wear and tear faster over the years. Just keeping the kitchen clean and dust-free will not suffice, since there are several other subtler things that can damage the wood and carcass.

Looking for ways to maintain the kitchen? Check out these tips and tricks to increase the longevity of Kitchen

1. Don’t Place Hot/Cold Vessels Directly On Kitchen Counters

A strict rule increases the longevity of Kitchen is never to place anything on the counter with extremes of temperature. Although kitchen counters made of different materials such as granite, marble and even wood are sturdy, prolonged heat or cold exposure weakens them or even breaks them. Replacing a counter can be a very expensive move no matter when it is done.improve kitchen durability

2. Pull Out Drawers Gently And Partially

Drawers with roller runner and smooth closure should be used gently. Because they run on a roll-out mechanism, it is wise to open them partially rather than fully which puts much strain on the hinges. While pulling out or pushing in drawers, use the finger lip or handles and avoid the doors.

3. Use Accessories When Needed In Drawers And Cabinets

Cabinet and drawer accessories are the most underrated of kitchenware. Their clever choice and optimal arrangement, make storage so much easier and tidy. There are accessories for almost every kind of storage; from cups and saucers to dinnerware and even garbage holders. They make life much easier in the kitchen and more convenient.

reliable kitchen tips

4. Open Cabinet Doors Gently And Fully

Cabinet doors are the least looked after parts of a kitchen. We often open and close them carelessly, bang them shut or open them halfway. They can be damaged when banged against another cabinet or accessory, and even a small crack or dent will need a complete replacement of the laminate or door.

durable material for kitchen

5. Never Overstuff Utensils In Cabinets

When it comes to clutter, the kitchen often is the most susceptible to it. There are so many things we hoard and buy that the idea of storing them often takes a back seat. We then end up cramming them in whatever cabinet space we can find, and this is quite damaging to the kitchen. Every cabinet and drawer can take only a limited amount of weight. This can be judged randomly or checked on the user manual or even discussed with the kitchen designer. Loading too much into them, causes them to sag over time, making it difficult in alignment which can never be corrected.

declutter your kitchen for high durability

6. Use Cabinets For Their Intended Purpose

Cabinets and drawers are mainly for storing utensils and cookware. While smaller accessories can be stored in the upper drawers, large, heavy-bottomed cookware is stored in the bottom drawers due to their weight. Food storage must be done carefully since if not cleaned and opened or aired regularly, it can attract insects and mould that damages the carcass and wood in the kitchen. Dry food items are safer to be stored than wet, which needs a different cabinet or shelf.

pantry units

7. Repair Cracks, Peeling Immediately

With time, laminates and outer layers of the wall cabinet carcass start chipping or peeling. Often regular cooking and the heat can cause the wood to separate. Anything like this seen anywhere in the kitchen must be taken care of immediately. The laminates can either be re-glued or outfitted entirely if there is much wear and tear.

kitchen repair

8. Never Place Damp Utensils In Drawers

Cabinets and drawers in modular kitchens are primarily made from MDF and Plywood. Certain areas of the kitchen such as near sinks and close to refrigerators are fitted with BWR-grade ply, which is resistant to water damage. Placing damp utensils in regular ply can cause mould formation and weaken the carcass of the cabinets with time.

do not place damp utensils

9. Place Optimal Weight In Pantry Unit Cabinets

Pantry units are tall units in the kitchen where food items, jars, and other eatables are stored. They are made to carry a certain weight and cannot bear any overload. The depth of each unit is also standard. Cramming, pushing or stacking things in pantry units can weaken hinges over a period of time.

do not over weight your pantry units

10. Clean Crevices/Corners Regularly

Modular kitchen cabinets are fitted with part and full extension runners, that make it easy to slide them in and out. A contemporary design, these need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they are smooth, doesn’t collect dirt or get stuck after some period of time.

The longevity of our modular kitchen is in our hands. If we take care to ensure these minor details are looked into at all times, the kitchen can serve us as a safe haven and beloved place of the family for several years. At HomeLane one can not only find oneself the best modular kitchen designs, layouts and accessories, but also avail expert advise on anything that has to do with home interiors. 


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