A personalised home is one that reflects your intrinsic style, personality, and character in every nook-and-corner. There are multiple ways to add a customised touch and build your dream home. Read on to get access to some interesting personalisation ideas that you can make your own.

Idea 1: Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Bathroom makeovers are always fun because there are plenty of opportunities to add your ‘personal touch.’ You can add plants of your choosing. Place relaxing candles and a soft rug as shown above to create a comfy and cosy vibe. When it comes to customising your bathroom, make sure to account for functionality and add bathroom accessories that tug at your heartstrings.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Idea 2: Customise Your Storage Options

Our personal favourite on this list, spruce up your dining space with this kind of DIY crate shelf as shown above. It is simple to execute and the end-result is amazing. It creates the perfect rustic look and adds layers of character to the space. This will definitely be a talking point when guests come over so make this hack your own and give your home a customised boost.

Customise Your Storage Options

Idea 3: Personalise Your Bed

Instead of going for the same old bed style, take inspiration from this classic interior bedroom that effortlessly infuses ethnic decor and modern styling. The jaali-style wooden headboard is beautiful and perfectly complements the wooden nightstand tables. The jute lamp as well as the woven ornament carpet on the floor provides a customised touch to the room and reflects the owner’s personal style. You can also play with the wall painting and add exotic plants to lift up the space.

Personalise Your Bed

Idea 4: Add Plants in Unexpected Spaces

Plants liven up any home environment and make it feel more personalised and intimate. Instead of placing plants within your living room, add plants to your bathroom if you have the luxury of owning a big bathroom space.

Take a look at the image above. Within this white cozy bathroom with a black tub, the first thing you notice is the gorgeous, larger-than-life plants. The use of a wooden cabinet, an intricate mirror, and a velvety-soft pouf add a bohemian theme to this bathroom. This is a perfect example of a customised bathroom done right. Take a cue from this hack and implement design ideas accordingly.

Add Plants in Unexpected Spaces

Idea 5: Add a Lively Wallpaper on One Wall

One of the best and fastest ways to personalise your new home is by adding a beautiful wallpaper that complements your home’s surroundings. Take for example the leafy wallpaper shown above. It perfectly complements the turquoise couch and yellow pillow set against the exposed brick wall. The pineapple poster further elevates the overall look and gives the space a breezy feel. You’re instantly transported to the beach, without stepping out of your home!

Add a Lively Wallpaper on One Wall

Idea 6: Change Your Window Treatment

A sun-lit kitchen is a dream. To give your kitchen a personalised makeover, consider the kind of window treatment that’s shown above. From the wooden frame and the handle positioning to the sleek blinds, this window treatment is truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, it complements the white countertop and the grey furniture as effortlessly as possible.

your window treatment

Idea 7: Hang Personalised Furniture Pieces and Ace the Holiday Vibe!

Here’s an offbeat hack that’s sure to find many takers. Not everyone has huge balconies with expansive views of the cityscape. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating a personalised chiller corner. Take inspiration from the image above. The hammock-style hanging chair is comfortable. The placement of bright beachy pictures on the wall only adds to the serene, laidback vibe. Put in a gorgeous woven blanket and a pillow and you’re good to go!

Hang Personalised Furniture

Idea 8: Play with Quirky Light Fixtures

You’ll be surprised to know how instantly and cost-effectively the right kind of light fixtures can lift up your home’s space. Take a look at this white and blue-themed living room. Despite the colour-coordinated sofa, armchair, lamp, and posters, you can’t help but notice the light fixtures at the beginning. The swing on the far right is also a genius addition to this setup.

Play with Quirky Light Fixtures

Idea 9: Liven Your Home with Fresh Flowers

Adding fresh flowers at strategic places in your home is a surefooted way to personalise the space. Speak to a flower delivery boutique shop and opt for seasonal, local flowers. Take a look at the image above. This kind of a big bouquet of fresh flowers with purple hydrangeas and white roses in a wicker basket is all you need to add that personal flavour. If you love vintage-style home decor, this personalisation hack is a keeper.

Liven Your Home with Fresh Flowers

Idea 10: Spruce up Your Front Door (Or Any Other Wall in Your Home)

Finally, you can play with the decor within your entryway to set the right tone for your home. Whether you want it formal or casual, incorporating the right kind of wall paint, decor accent, furniture, and soft furnishings can go a long way in setting up a customised home space that is all YOU.

Spruce up Your Front Door

When it comes to personalising your new home, there’s no standardised template you need to follow. Go with your instinct, consult a professional team of designers, and create a happy space. For more creative and easy-to-execute ideas on how to personalise your home, check out the HomeLane blog. Get inspired by these ideas and make them your own.

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