From TV dinners to homework sessions, and Netflix binges to sleepovers, your sofa is undoubtedly the single most hardworking piece of furniture in your living room. Which is why it’s very important to make the right choice when it comes to picking the perfect sofa design! The sofa you pick sets the design tone for the rest of the room, adds functionality and style, and pulls the look of the whole room together.

Fabric sofas come with a long list of disadvantages. The upholstery doesn’t last beyond a few years, the material may not take kindly to spills, and it can prove to be a nightmare if you have pets! What are your other options? If you’re looking for a sofa that’s high on style, durability and comfort—and goes with just about every design theme in the book—a leather sofa might be just what you need.

What should you keep in mind when narrowing down your leather sofa choices? Read on for tips from our design experts!

Leather Sofa Buying Guide

When picking out your leather sofa, here are some considerations that you need to keep at the top of your mind.

  • Real leather is made from animal skins, such as cattle hide.
  • Top-grain leather is treated with a vegetable dye called aniline, which keeps it supple and retains the natural look.
  • Some leathers are treated with a small quantity of pigment and result in the wide choices of leather colours that are available today.
  • During the treatment of the leather, a surface coating is usually given that adds resistance to stains.
  • Leather upholstery acquires a lovely patina with age, and can be handed down from generation to generation. What this means is that even if you pay a little extra at the outset, you will not have to replace your sofa in a long, long time!
  • Since the upholstery is very durable, make sure that the craftsmanship—the inner frames, suspension and cushions—are also built to last as long. When you’re picking a leather sofa, skimping on the price will result in skimping on the quality!
  • The most durable leather sofas are made of top-grain or full-grain leather that is treated with aniline, and is constructed with hardwood frames.
  • Comfort comes from the quality of the suspension and the cushions.
  • Faux leather, made of materials like polyurethane and vinyl, is manufactured to look and feel like real leather. It is inexpensive and is easy to clean, but does not last as long as real leather. Animal lovers who frown upon the ethical considerations of sourcing leather from animal skins advocate the use of faux leather.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leather Sofas

Not able to make up your mind on whether a leather sofa is the right choice for you? Here’s the lowdown on the pros and cons of this popular choice.

Let’s start with the features that make leather such a popular sofa material!

1. Classic and Ageless

Unlike fabric, leather sofas only look more beautiful with age. Even a single piece of leather furniture is enough to instantly elevate the look of your interior.

2. Wide Variety of Colours

You can pick from deep shades of tan and brown to rich and vibrant reds, greens and blues. And of course, the timeless appeal of black leather and white leather can never be matched.

3. Versatile Design Choices

Leather sofas suit any décor style, ranging from modern chic to classical and ornate. Clean outlines make for a contemporary look, while tufted sofas exude old-world elegance.

4. High Durability

If you take good care of it, leather literally lasts forever. And if you pick quality material, it will not crack, discolour, sag or peel over the years. Leather is flexible and resilient, which means that it does not tear easily.

5. Easily Cleaned

Any spills on leather can be wiped off using a damp soft cloth. Leather is usually treated so that surface stains don’t set in. White leather, of course, must be treated with special care.

6. High on Comfort and Functionality

The natural fibres in leather make it supple and soft. These sofas are among the most comfortable seats you’ll ever find.

7. Hypoallergenic and Dust Resistant

Many people are allergic to synthetic fabrics, which are also dust magnets and gather pet dander. Leather is not only hypoallergenic, but it also doesn’t gather dust easily.

However, leather does come with a few disadvantages too, so keep these pain points in mind while you choose!

1. High Price Points

First up, the hefty price tag of genuine, top-grade leather puts it above the reach of many people. But if you love the look and don’t mind saving up for it, it’s well worth the price you pay. Good quality, well designed leather sofas can cost upwards of one lakh rupees for a three-seater.

2. Can Get Scratched by Sharp Objects

Do you own a pet cat? This one’s for you. While leather doesn’t tear easily, a cat with itchy claws can make deep scratches that won’t go away!

3. Initial Stiffness

New leather sofas are often stiff, but the material becomes more flexible with constant use. Leather gets more comfortable and softer as it ages.

Trending Leather Sofa Designs

To help you make up your mind, here are some stand-out leather sofa ideas you can borrow for your home!

#1. Tufted leather and fully rounded arms make this classical Chesterfield a lovely addition to this pared-down, rustic loft.

#2. Straight, clean silhouettes and black metal armrests make this modern designer sofa in tan leather a unique talking point in this living room. The eclectic collection of patterned cushions adds interest.
#3. You can never go wrong with black leather! This sectional sofa in softly gleaming black is perfect for weekend TV binge-watches and comfortably seats six. Friends reunion, anyone?

#4. Sleek and stylish, this all-white sofa is perfect for hours of lounging comfort. The white bean bag and coffee table accentuate the stark colour palette, while the tan recliner adds contrast.

#5. Stunning in smoky blue leather, this tufted chaise lounge would fit just as well in a classic themed living room as in a contemporary space.

#6. This tan Scandinavian-style single seater will hold its own in any space! Pair it with a bold printed black and white cushion for a touch of class.

Do you need some hand-holding while you zero in on the perfect sofa? The HomeLane team is always happy to step in! Give us a buzz today, or visit any of our experience centres.

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