Are you looking to turn up the pomp and glamour of your home? Then, indoor water fountains are a sure-shot way to get the job done. These water features not only add to the charm of your home decor but also add texture and tranquillity to it. The calming sound of babbling water can put you in a relaxing and meditative state. indoor fountains

Apart from helping you unwind, indoor water fountains have a solid reputation for increasing the quality of life at home. According to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of living space arrangement, having a water fountain indoors introduces prosperity, supports energy movement, rebalances yang energy, and boosts chi – a positive life force. Even the use of water fountains for homes, according to Vastu, enjoys positive reception for similar benefits. The movement of water in indoor water fountains symbolises health, wealth, and positivity flowing through your home.

With so many purported benefits, it is definitely worth your while to try out indoor water fountains. Here are 9 indoor fountains for your home that you can consider:

Vintage Faucet Indoor Water Fountain

vintage faucet indoor water fountains

Looking for ways to upgrade your average indoor water fountain? Then try multiple spouts! It has a horizontal layering effect, which offers a fresh perspective that is different from the vertical layers of tiered fountains. It can break the visual monotony and make optimum use of the space available if you have more width than height for such indoor water fountains.

Further, you can also customise these indoor water fountains to match your home decor by handpicking the faucets through which the water dribbles out. You can select something vintage in brass with animal or human motifs. Alternatively, you can entirely bypass the faucet and have direct water outlets for a more modern and minimalistic look. Add some mood lights to the water trough that collects the water, which can set the ambience.

Rippling Indoor Wall Fountain

rippling indoor wall fountains

These waterfall fountains have water flowing down the sides of glass walls. You may have seen these in hotels and restaurants. They serve a two-fold purpose – to improve the look and feel of your home and to serve as a water curtain for privacy.

As such, these water fountains are often used for living rooms to cordon off the interiors, such as the dining space. You may pair these with LED lights or colour-changing ropes for a more dramatic effect. Most importantly, they do not make any sound, so if you want a water feature minus the sounds of trickling water, then this rippling indoor water fountain is perfect for you.

Classic Birdbath Indoor Water Fountain

classic birdbath indoor water fountains

Birdbath water fountains are the quintessential water fountain that you may have seen almost everywhere. And their omnipresence makes sense considering their versatility – you can place them outdoors on your lawn, at the entrance of your home, or in a secret indoor garden, and they would blend seamlessly with the decor in each of these settings.

As such, they are the go-to water fountain for home indoors. While a single-level birdbath water fountain is quite pretty by itself, a tiered one can add to the allure of your decor. Plus, the sound of water cascading from one level to another and so forth can add to the beautiful serenity of your living space. Surround this indoor water fountain with the best indoor plants in India, and you have a fool-proof strategy to level up the looks of your home!

The Water Bearer Indoor Water Fountain

the water bearer indoor water fountains

Just like the birdbath, a water-bearer indoor water fountain is a timeless design that never goes out of style. And unlike birdbaths, which can get a little monotonous and boring, these add a touch of variety and personality to your home. There are several variants to this indoor water fountain, where you have women tipping water out from pots or cherubic babies holding jugs.

You get the same diversity in material as well, with some made in regal marble and others in brass and some cut from stone. Similarly, you can invest in a life-size model or downsize to indoor tabletop fountains. The possibilities are endless. As such, you get a great variety to choose from and settle on the indoor water fountains that fit your budget, requirement, placement, and space available.

Repurposed Indoor Water Fountainrepurposed indoor water fountains

Are you in the middle of repurposing your bathroom and do not know what to do with the fancy fixtures like the sink or the bathtub? Here’s a genius idea for you – turn it into an indoor water fountain! Such a water fountain may be perfect for living rooms, foyers, or a lobby inside your home. Pair the repurposed piece with a wall-mounted outlet.

Once again, you can choose intricate human or animal motifs or even mythical creatures carved in stone, marble, or brass! Or you could try something more modern, such as abstract designs with lighting through which water flows out. Put a wooden frame around the outlet, and you have a piece of interactive art that moves! You get to retain your fancy, favourite, or expensive bathroom fixture and get an indoor water fountain – it sounds like a sweet deal!

Mosaic Indoor Water Fountain

mosaic indoor water fountain

Looking for indoor fountain ideas for the courtyard region? Or perhaps something to replace the emptiness of the foyer or lobby? Then you will love this mosaic indoor water fountain! Ceramic tiles used for such mosaic indoor water fountains are inexpensive when compared to the likes of marble, granite, and metals.

Plus, they come in different colours and textures that allow you to curate a true sensory treat that suits any kind of decor – Moroccan or abstract modernistic. Not to mention that these are also easier to maintain! Cleaning ceramic tiles is easy, and all you need to do is refill the grouting regularly – that’s it! Position your seating area around the indoor water fountain, and you get nothing short of the royal badis of Rajasthan! In short, it is the best water fountain for your home.

A Statement Piece Indoor Fountain for Your Home

statement piece indoor fountain


Those who are into artsy home decor would naturally gravitate towards something more out of the ordinary. Why not make the indoor water fountain the focal point of your home, right? Here’s where converting a statement piece into a water fountain makes the most sense. You may purchase something right off of the markets or get a custom piece commissioned from your local artisans.

All you need is a stand-out sculpture, such as this dragon head example, some lights, and a water-circulating motor. The sculpture doesn’t even have to be in some expensive material; even a well-crafted piece using Plaster of Paris bolstered with sufficient internal support structure can do the trick. However, you would want something more durable for areas that come in contact with water as it will weather faster.

Modern, Minimalistic Indoor Water Fountain

minimalistic indoor water fountains

This indoor waterfall fountain is inspired by the Changi Airport waterfall in Singapore.

If you have a modern living room design, you would naturally want something that is a bit more contemporary than the classics discussed so far. Here’s where our design for modern indoor water fountains comes to play.

Although minimalistic, these indoor water fountains are attention-grabbing and will get people talking. Plus, they are easy to install – some can even follow the DIY approach if you are skilled enough. All that you need to build this stunning indoor water fountain is a high-quality shower head. Once it is in place, construct a water receptacle underneath. Then, you can glam it up with lights and viola! You have yourself a modern indoor water fountain. Place a glass or transparent PVC casing around the water flow to prevent spillage or unwanted sprays.

Indoor Floor Water Fountain

indoor floor water fountains

All indoor water fountains discussed so far are above-ground structures, but what if you wanted something a bit more discreet? Then this indoor floor water fountain is perfect for your requirement. This indoor fountain for home sits well if you have a recess on your floor for whatever design or construction reasons.

You could settle for a classic moat around the spout or cover the area with smooth, round stones for an invisible fountain. The power of the motor and spout also determine the reach of the fountain, and you can go as high as you want! Even if you find no other place to install this fountain indoors, you always have your bathroom’s shower area. After all, an inverted shower is a fountain, right? The innovation and ingenuity of this design will blow over the guests.

Closing Thoughts

indoor fountain for home

We hope you are feeling inspired after going through our list of the best indoor water fountains. Most of these designs and styles are readily available and will enhance the appearance of your home in the long run. However, knowing which design would fit where can be an overwhelming process.

At the same time, you would need expert guidance while planning out the placement of different fixtures, such as the water outlet or power supply required for the indoor water fountain. Fortunately, help is right around the corner! Get in touch with the design experts at HomeLane and allow us to lead the way. Trust us to design the home layout of your dreams!


Can you leave the indoor water fountain on all the time?

Yes, you can leave indoor water fountains on at all times. However, it largely depends on the make and model of the fountain. It also depends on the placement, heat sinks for the motor, and water levels. Ask the installation expert for a more accurate answer.

Which type of water fountain is good for a home?

The choice of indoor water fountains depends on your home’s design, style, decor, and space availability. You will also have to factor in the fixtures and power sources available. At the same time, your decision will also depend on how much you are willing to spend on an indoor water fountain. You can always consult an expert designer at HomeLane to identify the kind of water fountain that is perfect for your home.

Why does my indoor water fountain get slimy?

If your indoor water fountain is getting slimy, it is an indicator of algae and bacteria buildup. It is a sign that the indoor water fountain is due for a cleaning. It also could be because you are not running it as often, due to which bacteria and algae are developing in the stagnant water. The best way to get rid of this slime and stagnated water odour is to add some filtered apple cider vinegar to the fountain water and run it for a few hours. For a more deep cleanse, you will require strong cleaners like bleach.

What is a good direction for a water fountain at home?

According to Vastu, the North, East, and North-East directions are the best places for keeping a water fountain. Conversely, South, South-East, and West directions should be strictly avoided while keeping your indoor water fountain. Also, it is considered auspicious to place a water fountain at the entrance of your home.

What is the significance of different types of water fountains?

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, different types and materials of indoor water fountains have different effects. Some of these include:

  • Metal, copper, stainless steel – for attracting joy, organisation, and precision.
  • Stone or ceramic – to bring stability.
  • Tabletop indoor fountain – for attracting fortune and prosperity.
  • Tall water fountains – to bring more luck and wealth.
  • Hanging water fountains – for attracting happiness and positivity.

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