Moving into your new home is an exciting time, especially if you are newly married. The joy of designing your new home and decorating the interiors is an experience every couple wishes for. When it comes to creating stylish bedroom designs for newly married couples, there are several elements that can be played with.

Simple Bedroom Designs for CouplesIn this blog, you will see 20 simple bedroom designs for couples that completely turn your bedroom into a modern space with high function and a beautiful form. Take inspiration from the colours, style, materials and lighting to design a bedroom for yourself that you would love to live in.

Top 20 Modern Couples Bedroom Designs

1. Four-Poster Bed as the Highlight

Four-Poster BedThere is something classy about four-poster beds that have made them survive the tides of time. The design of a modern bedroom for newly married couples can be elevated up several notches just by installing a king-sized four-poster bed. There need not be any other highlight elements in the room; probably a rug to complement the furniture. For example, the bedroom shown in the image above is simple all around with the exception of the bed.

2. Tall Windows with a Modern Metal and Glass Look

Tall Windows Bedroom Design Nothing defines modern better than metals and glass. There is almost a futuristic quality about these materials that just transform a space from “Today” to “Space Bound”. For example, in the image shown above, tall windows with aluminium frames and full glasswork complement the modernism in the undertone of the entire bedroom. Furthermore, the neutral beige/olive tones work well with the minimalist design that is mostly comprised of stark edges, straight lines and boxy features in the room.

3. Matching Upholstery in Earthen Tones

Matching Upholstery Earth ToneMatching the upholstery in a space creates cohesive interiors that soothe the eyes and keep the mind grounded. In the bedroom shown above, the upholstery has been done in beautiful organic fabrics with the classic white and indigo colour combination. The accent wall behind the bed matches the tone, and the wooden bedhead grounds everything with its earthen nature. Adding an indoor plant to the interior helps deliver a natural note to the interior. This makes for really simple bedroom designs for couples.

4. Accent Wall and Contrasting Colours

Contrasting Colours Bedroom DesignAccent walls can be of many kinds; in this example, it has been done up with a twist. While the accent wall would mostly lie behind the bed, in this bedroom, it is behind the study. The cityscape print brings that element of modernity to the bedroom. A good mix of yellow and blue colours creates harmony, in contrast, making this bedroom style an ideal choice for newly married couples.

5. Rounded Edges and Slat Windows for a “Smooth” Look

Small Bedroom Designs for CouplesOne of the best elements you can give to small bedroom designs for couples is smoothness and compactness. Take this bedroom, for example. The colours are soothing, and the runner placed on the bed beautifully completes the look with muted colours. All the corners in the room are rounded, and all edges and transitions are smooth. It creates a “safe” environment with no harsh edges and a harmless circulation around the room. The beautiful curves also draw your eyes in.

6. Windowless Cove with Crystal Lamps

Cove Bedroom Design for CoupleFor couples that do not wish to compromise on the privacy aspect, cove-like bedrooms are the best kind of design. Take, for example, the image shown above. The bedroom is designed like a private cove with moody crystal chandeliers and dim lighting to set the vibe. The bed is low-seating and has metal frames, which are beautifully complemented by the wooden side tables. The rug complements the colour theme of the bedroom.

7. Soft Colours with Hanging Lamps

Stylish Bedroom Designs for Newly Married CouplesBedrooms with softer tones tend to be more relaxing and help you get a good night’s sleep. For example, the bedroom design shown above is set in nude shades and tones. There is no colour to set a contrast. It helps your eyes to settle in and automatically draws your vision outside the window. Furthermore, the hanging lamps create a sense of “levitation” that works to relax the mind further.

8. Rich Upholstery with a Walk-In Closet

Modern Bedroom Design for CouplesIf you are newly married and aiming for a richer look in the modern bedroom, going heavy on the fabrics can help you. In the image shown, the upholstery is rich – heavy drapes, velvet foot-of-the-bed, faux-leather bolsters, and rich bed linen. Adding a more premium, luxurious look to the entire space is the walk-in closet with a centre island for accessories. A dresser adds to the convenience of getting ready.

9. Interlocking Wooden Panels and a Highlight Bed

Married Couple Bedroom Designs for CouplesTo create simple bedroom designs for couples without many design elements, the best way is to highlight the floor and the bed. For example, in the image shown, the interlocking wooden panels create an enchanting wooden floor that looks beautiful with the chosen wall paint. Additionally, the arched post bed takes the interiors to a whole new level, being the only curved element in a relatively more line-based interior design. The white rug offsets the earthiness of the entire room perfectly.

10. Full Elemental Interior

Full Elemental Bedroom InteriorElemental interiors have a grounded, sustainable charm to them that can’t be ignored. Take the bedroom shown in the image as an example. The exposed boulders beside the bed create a natural artwork that the eyes are drawn to. The finished-unfinished look of the ceiling adds to the mood, complementing the elemental floors perfectly. Elevating the style further are the sofas done up in rougher fabric texture to emulate the surrounding organics.

11. The All-Wood Finish

Couple Bedroom DesignIf you are a fan of wood finishes, this couple-bedroom design would please you immensely. The wall is done up in wood-finish wallpaper, creating a log-cabin-like look in the interiors. The wood-finish flooring is a lighter wood colour, and it naturally offsets the darkness of the wallpaper by reflecting the light that comes in through the window. The bed linen synchronises with the interiors through a colour palette that matches the forest.

12. The Light-in-the-Attic

Bedroom Interior DesignsOne of the quirkiest and perhaps most stylish bedroom interior designs would be to take the couple’s bedroom up into the attic. If you don’t have an attic, a sloping roof can be created to form that look with a slanted, fairy tale window. Pure white paint in the interior ensures ample light, and the wooden flooring balances out everything with its warmth. Adding to the interior is a cosy, easy chair with lots of cushions and a bedside lamp.

13. The Classic Design with a Settee

Classic Couple’s BedroomA classic couple’s bedroom is characterised by adding old furniture and including traditional elements like a settee at the foot of the bed. For example, in the image shown, a king-sized bed is complemented by the traditional lamps on either side with a matching settee, a traditional straight design and Victorian florals on the bed linen. The neutral colour tones work perfectly with the simple bedroom design for couples.

14. The Barebones Finish

Popular Bedroom Designs for CouplesOne of the most popular bedroom designs for couples is the barebones finish. This type of interior usually includes exposed concrete or cement finishing, letting the timber/metal beams and trusses in the roof show, using metals in the door and window frames, etc. Basically, no material is fancy – it is used in its nascent form. In the image shown, the lovely grey of the concrete highlights the beauty of the room and works well with the linens.

15. Wickers-and-Knits Interiors

Wickers-And-Knits Bedroom DesignWicker and knit materials provide excellent texture to a couple’s bedroom. They look organic, are environment friendly and long-lasting. They can be cleaned easily as well. For example, in the bedroom shown above, the simple wooden side table houses a lovely white wicker basket that goes well with the knit bed linen. To add style to the room, the chandelier overhanging the bed is made from the same material. The colour theme is all-natural, which makes the whole room look inviting.

16. High-Rise Business-like Interiors

High-Rise Business Bedroom DesignA great design for the modern power couple of today that appreciates the concept of “Less is More”, this simple bedroom design is a perfect choice. The flooring is polished cement which excellently highlights every interior element placed on it. The minimalist mirrors add to the beauty of the room without being imposing. The dark walls make your eyes dart outside the window, focusing your vision on the beautiful view from above. Wall-height glass windows add to the modernistic charm.

17. The Intelligent Space-Saver Design

Space-Saver Bedroom DesignAre you a couple looking to optimise the use of space in your home? Living in metropolitans can leave you grappling for expansive spaces in the heart of the city. The image shows small bedroom designs for couples that work best in small spaces. The bedroom capitalises on the narrow, extended arm of the home and turns it into an intelligent, spacious room that has ample storage and space to walk around as well.

18. The Low-Bed Style

Low-Bed Style DesignThe low-bed style is in vogue today. It makes the bed inaccessible for casual seating, which is how things should ideally be. It helps you draw out more use from other furniture in the bedroom, like chairs and loungers. On the other hand, for extra seating, a low bed can be extended beyond the mattress, as done in the bedroom above. The wooden tones pair well with olive walls and white furniture. Hanging lights adorn both sides of the bed.

19. The Boho Style

Boho Style BedroomBoho interiors are as free-spirited as interiors get. If you wish to go crazy with your bedroom design, choose Boho. It is eclectic and mixes influences from various cultures brilliantly into a highly cohesive interior design, as shown in the image above. The wicker planters, the knit door curtain, and the organic bed linen all come together to create a cohesive boho style for the bedroom.

20. A Regal Look

Bedroom Designs for Couples in India.It can be overwhelming to make a royal, luxurious bedroom work. However, with the right interior element choices (like shown in the image above), it can really come together in an extremely appealing form. A classic cushioned bedhead forms the centre of the wall. The purple/mauve/white colour theme grounds everything in a royal theme. This is actually one of the most popular bedroom designs for couples in India.

Wrapping Up

Couple Bedroom DesignsBedrooms are spaces where you come back after a long day to wind down and relax. The ambience they create, thus, must be something that helps you relax. From the choice of colours to the choice of bed linen and materials, everything about simple bedroom designs for couples should be calming, relaxing and soothing.

Homelane is a full-fledged interior design company that helps you put your dream bedroom together in styles that are chic and modern and resonate with your personality down to the last inch.

The 20 designs above have something to suit every taste and style of decor – you can even mix and match the elements from various designs to create your own.


How do you decorate a couple’s bedroom?

A couple’s bedroom can be decorated using a variety of elements:

  • A colour combination that highlights His/Her themes.
  • His/Her bedside setup with custom lamps and side tables.
  • Bed linen, rugs and other upholstery can be customised to a combination of favourite elements, patterns and colours.

How do you make a couple’s room?

A few standard elements that make a couple’s room are as follows:

  • A king-sized bed with lumbar cushions
  • Mood lighting
  • Custom lampshades
  • Complementing colour themes

Which colour is best for a couple’s bedroom?

The most popular modern colour themes for couple bedrooms are as follows:

  • Shades of red for a romantic feel.
  • Shades of blue for a soothing, relaxing vibe.
  • Shades of purple for intensity and liveliness.
  • Neutral shades for bold interior colours.

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