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Here’s everything you need to know about Wallpapers

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After hours of brainstorming and talking with your significant other, you have finally landed up on this page. Perhaps because of the following home decor woes! 

  • Brighten up the decor of your otherwise dull-looking living space

  • Enliven the decor of your porch

  • Add a touch of sophistication to the interior decor of your home.

  • Conceal the ugly marks on the wall that turn your mood upside down every time you retire on the couch and look at them

  • Because you want the conference room to be a bit more formal 

  • Learn more about wallpapers beforehand

Regardless of the home decor woes, we, at Homelane, are more than happy to help you with your queries and concerns. Here, we have rounded up everything you need to know about wallpapers. Let's take a look! 

What Are Wallpapers?

As the name suggests, wallpaper is a home decor material (paper, to be precise). It is set on the walls to enhance the look of the internal walls of your home.

It is fixed on the walls with a high-quality wallpaper adhesive, these home interior decor items instantly add WOW elements to your space, no matter whether it is your home or office. 

Wallpaper, famous wall decorative items used in the 18th century, was a success during the Renaissance. Back then, it was a cost-effective counterpart to tapestries, the rich people's resort for adding a personality to the stone walls while keeping heat away from their homes. 

During the 20th century, wallpapers slowly became a quintessential wall decor product and integral to most households. So if you are looking forward to revamping the look and feel of their living spaces, wallpaper is all you need.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wallpapers 

Pros and cons are the two sides of a coin. Wherever pro goes, con follows. The same is fit-to-say in the case of wallpapers. It comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is always wise to be informed about both sides before making any decision. 

Advantages of Wallpapers

  • Durable: When you paint your home, it needs retouching the hues every two to four years, depending on various indispensable factors, such as the location of your home and if or not you have pets or kids, and others. However, high-quality wallpapers can offer a decade of durability and even more.

  • Cost-effective: Apparently, it might feel that the cost of wallpapers is on the higher end in comparison to paint. However, if you take durability into account, wallpapers make a more cost-effective choice than paint.

  • Appealing and attractive: Wallpapers take the vibe of your living space to the next level altogether. And with new styles coming-in frequently, you have a world of options to choose from. So, in this way, wallpapers add versatility to your interior decor.

  • Conceal the imperfections: A thick and high-end wallpaper can seamlessly hide the flaws and defects present on your walls. For example - if there are unpleasant cracks and chips on your inner walls that need a fix but you do not want to invest right away, wallpapers make the best choice.

  • Easy-clean: It is easy to clean wallpapers, and you do not need any special equipment to do that. You can do it by merely brooming and vacuuming or dusting it with a soft and suitable piece of cloth. Plus, it will save you from the hassle of repainting, especially if you have kids and pets at home.

  • Easy to install: Wallpapers come with an easy-to-install design that will help you do-it-yourself. However, for perfection and better installation of wallpapers, it is highly advisable to seek expert advice from noted wallpaper installers.

Disadvantages of Wallpapers

  • Expensive: Although cost-effective in the long-run, wallpapers are more likely to turn up expensive initially. However, given the benefits these bring along, the upfront investment can be managed.

  • Removal issues: You might be wondering that after advocating the ease of removing wallpapers for so long, why are you told that it could get hard to remove wallpapers. Right? Well, wallpaper removal can become taxing if you do not have the right tools and accessories. Therefore, you should seek professional assistance.

  • Finding the exact match: Let's say - the walls of your drawing room are damaged, and you need to fix them with wallpapers on. In such a scenario, you might find it hard to find the right match of wallpaper design to complement the existing design. So, you are most likely to change the entire setting of your living room.

  • Prone to moisture-induced damage: Humidity and moisture are the biggest foes of wallpapers as these can damage the decor and support fungal growth while also reducing its life. Therefore, you should always choose a high-quality and the right option according to the climatic conditions in the area you live in.

  • Installation issues: Didn't you just say that it is easy to put wallpapers in place, and now suddenly you are talking about installing issues? You are more likely to be thinking - why is it so? Well, when you know the ins and outs of wallpaper installation, it could feel as comfortable as a cakewalk. However, when you are a novice and do not have the right tools, it could be a real mess. So, reach out to professional people for the same.

  • Spoil the decor: If you happen to choose the wrong material and design of wallpaper that does not go with your room's decor, wallpaper can look overpowering and ruin the entire home interior decor. Therefore, you need a specialist interior designer to help you choose the right option for you.

  • Produce harmful chemicals: There are some variants of wallpapers that produce VOC (Volatile organic compounds). VOCs can lead to adverse side effects. That is why you should always choose eco-sensitive wallpapers to ensure the safety of your health as well as nature.

Reason to choose wallpapers

There is no shortage of reasons that make wallpapers one of the best options to enhance your interior decor. However, to help you make an informed choice, here, we have some of the most relevant reasons to choose wallpapers. Let’s plunge in:

  • Washable: Wallpapers are super easy to clean. When you have kids in the home, walls are more of a painting canvas. Or you can take the example of your kitchen where incidences of water and oil droplets floating around are a regular thing. In such scenarios, hanging wallpapers make sense as these are washable.

  • Hygienic: As wallpapers are easy to clean, they are also hygienic in comparison to wall paints.

  • Environmental-friendly: Wallpapers are made up of paper. So, these are less likely to emit VOCs or other toxic compounds. Therefore, these are green and clean home decor options.

  • Visually appealing: Wallpapers add character and visual appeal to your home that you are less likely to get otherwise. And you can choose from a wide range of options according to your preferences.

  • Protect your walls: Wallpapers also add a protective covering to your interior walls. Some wallpapers even reinforce the core structure of your walls.

Steps to follow while mounting the wallpapers at home

To get the most out of your home’s decor, you need to make sure that the wallpaper is correctly mounted. Follow the step-by-step mounting instructions given below:

  • Prepare the walls: The most crucial step is to prepare your walls before hanging the wallpaper. Make sure to fix the holes or cracks, if any, and smoothen them. You can either use an acrylic primer or wallpaper sizing to ensure that the wallpaper grips better.

  • Get the wallpaper ready: Take proper measurements of the wall and roll out the wallpaper accordingly. Make sure to keep around 6-inches of space for trimming. Cut the wallpaper into several pieces for hassle-free mounting.

  • Start hanging one by one: Draw a straight line on the wall, open the wallpaper, and start mounting it on the walls one at a time.

  • Smoothen the surface: Take a wallpaper brush with soft bristles or a straightedge brush according to your wallpaper type and smooth out the wall covering correctly.

  • Clean the edges well: Make sure that the corners are clean before hanging the wallpaper. Otherwise, the wallpapers are more likely to peel off sooner or later.

  • Use caulk to fill the gaps: After around 20 to 30 minutes, fill the gaps, if any, with caulk. In case you have squeezed a bit more caulk, you can use a sponge or damp cloth to clean the extra.

  • Seal the wallpaper: Once the wallpaper is set, trim along the edges and smooth the surface, and you are good to go.

Wallpaper Materials

Wallpapers being one of the most popular wall-finishing items, are available in a wide range of materials. Mostly available in the form of rolls, you can find something that suits your home decor needs for sure. However, it is crucial to make the right choice. Refer to the below table for a basic idea:































































  • Liner: Also known as lining paper, these types of wallpapers do not have any design or drawing. You can paint over them or stick them on the wall to cover defects and irregularities.

  • Patterned or Printed wallpaper: On the contrary, patterned wallpapers have drawings or designs over them that could be a simple motif to an intricately designed mandala to everything in between.

  • Vinyl or PVC wallpapers: These are among the most preferred wallpaper options available in the market. These are either made from fibre or paper and coated with a thin layer of plastic or vinyl on the outer side that renders a glossy look to the sheet. Moreover, these come with ease of installation, versatility, and durability. You can wash them and use them in any part of your home, including the bath and kitchen. The best part, you can remove them easily. 

Pro tip! As these come with a layer of plastic coating, which makes the walls unable to breathe, it is better to avoid placing them in the poorly ventilated corners and bedrooms of your home.

  • Bamboo wallpaper: Carrying the scent of nature, these are purely handcrafted wallpapers that can completely transform the look of your home. These are eco-friendly and a total visual retreat for you.

Pro Tip! Make sure to seek expert assistance when installing and glueing the wallpapers because a little mistake can mar the entire look of your space.

  • Textured Wallpapers: If you want to add a 3-dimensional touch to your walls, textured wallpapers make the best choice. They are one of the most commonly used wallpapers and come in a wide range of designs. Commercial wallpapers come in 54-inch (width) size, and home-use wallpapers are 27-inch wide. The moment these beautiful textures get on to your walls, a feeling of lavishness sets in. 

  • Metallic Wallpapers: If you want to add shimmer and shine to the interior decor of your home, metallic wallpapers are good to go. Available in different moods, patterns, and colours, these wallpapers will instantly uplift the essence of your home decor.

  • Textile Wallpapers: If you want an aura of wellbeing around you with lots of breathable fabric decorating your living space and revitalising the very air of your home, textile wallpapers are the one for you. Available in varieties of materials and colours, these wallpapers are all about homeliness and warmth.

  • Non-woven wallpapers:  Do you know what's trending in the market when it comes to wall decor? Yes, you guessed it right! Non-woven wallpapers. Since it is an amalgamation of natural and synthetic fibres, non-woven wallpapers are washable and allow your walls to breathe. As these are tear-resistant, eco-friendly, and permeable, they make the best fit for washrooms and the cooking area of your home. Moreover, these offer the best possible durability. So, you can use them for years.

Pro Tip! Non-woven wallpapers are quite expensive. Avoid washing them too frequently to make sure these look as good as new for many years to come.

  • Fibreglass wallpapers: Fiberglass wall designs not only enliven your interior decor but also offer an extra lift and support to your walls. They are sturdy and made up of non-toxic materials, such as lime, dolomite, and soda. So, if you have cracks on the walls, these are the most suitable and green go-to option for you. Fibreglass wallpapers are light-weight and fire-resistant, an added advantage for households.

Pro Tip! Fibreglass wallpapers come with water-resistant glue. This adhesive does not let moisture seep-in while eliminating the growth of bacteria and moulds.

Wallpaper Designs:

  • Abstract Wallpapers: How about some splash of colours right in your living room? If you are in love with quirky and unconventional designs, abstract wallpapers would be the best pick for you. However, as these are all digital prints, these are most likely to fade off quickly.

  • Traditional wallpaper: These wallpapers are the most loved and commonly used wallpapers. These come in single or double-layer forms with cellulose as the base material. Traditional wallpapers are crafted from natural paper and, therefore, these are eco-friendly home decor items. These allow the walls of your home to breathe easily and refresh the entire look of your space. However, these are not washable and can absorb moisture easily. Ideal for dining and bedrooms, these wallpapers make an affordable choice for every household.

Pro Tip! Traditional wallpapers are susceptible to discolouration when exposed to sunlight, and prolonged use can make them look shabby and dull. Changing them from time to time is a good idea.

  • Textured/Embossed wallpapers: If you want to add more definition and strike a balance between contrast and depth to your inner walls, embossed wallpapers make the best bet. Unlike prints, the embossed designs appear to be slightly raised from the surface. These add a seamless textural feel to the decor of your home while complementing the other aesthetic components, like the accents, furniture, and furnishings. As embossed wallpapers are not printed, these impeccably conceal the unevenness or imperfections of a wall. Plus, installing, washing, and removing them is super easy.

Pro Tip! The edges of embossed wallpapers are likely to pull out with prolonged use. Why not change its look quite frequently?

  • Botanical and Floral Print Wallpapers: Do you want a hint of nature in your home? If so, then you can go for botanical or floral prints. The right pattern and type of wallpapers will add a highlighting effect to your home while making you feel close to nature.

  • Damask Wallpaper: Bring in the feeling of luxury to your home with Damask wallpapers inspired by the traditional and most prestigious Victorian vogues. Generally, you will find them on silk and heavy woven patterns. If you want a bold and striking feel, you can buy the metallic version. 

  • Stripped and Geometric Wallpapers: If shapes and symmetry entice you and all you love in designs that are as minimal as possible, then you would love stripped and geometric wallpapers for sure. These are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and patterns. So, when choosing a design, seeking expert opinion would be a wise thing to do. An incorrect choice might clash with the designs and decor of your home.

  • Chintz Floral Wallpaper: Although a counterpart of floral print wallpapers, these have become a distinct category. With their roots in India, Chintz designs are great floral designs that have been widely used on curtains and bedsheets for years and now becoming popular as Chintz floral wallpapers. So, if you want your living space, bedroom, or guest room to exude lavishness and beauty, you can go for them.

  • Pattern: It is easily understandable that pattern wallpapers come with different types of simple to intricate patterns drawn on them. So, if you love a unique design or pattern or want to incorporate some beautiful designs in the home's wall decor, you can choose from a wide range of pattern wallpapers.

  • Pastel: Pastel shades are beautiful and eye-soothing. So, if you want a touch of sophistication to your home's decor as minimally as possible, you can go for pastel wallpapers for sure.

  • Modern: If you love trends and want to add a modern and elegant feel to your living room, you can choose from a world of modern wallpapers designs for every home. These also make an excellent choice for commercial spaces.

  • Aesthetic: These wallpapers take a blink of your eyes to change the look of your home completely. Plus, these are available in a lot of colours, patterns, and themes. So, you can choose one according to your home decor needs.

  • Digital prints: When revamping the look of your home, your imaginations play an essential role. Digital wallpapers allow you to live up to your home decor imaginations. With wallpapers with high-resolutions, you can upgrade the dull-looking walls at your home to digital masterpieces.

Wallpapers Cost

The cost of wallpapers is more likely to vary from one state to another, depending on several factors. Here is a list of those factors to help you stay informed while purchasing and negotiate better. Keep reading!

  • Materials: The cost of wallpapers and materials are directly proportional to each other. The better the durability, quality, and usability, the more will be the cost. For example - Printed vinyl wallpapers happen to be less expensive than medium to high range non-woven variants.

  • Texture and designs: The more intricate the designs and textures get, the more they add to the overall cost of wallpapers.

  • Designer collection: The price range of wallpapers is likely to shift higher if you buy them from the designer collection owing to obvious reasons.

  • Services of a reputable dealer: You can always find labourers in exchange for money and at pretty competitive rates in your local market for wallpaper installation. However, it's hard to find craftsmanship because it comes from within and takes years to develop. So, if you want quality assurance, it would be wise to go for a verified contractor.

Durability of Wallpapers

When it comes to durability, wallpapers make the best choice. These wall decorating materials can last as long as 15 years and more, which is, indeed,  more than any other wall decor item. Plus, these are cost-effective too. 

Once set on your walls, wallpapers are most likely to last three times more than wall paints unless you change them willingly. So, decorate and illuminate the high traffic corners of your home with high-quality wallpapers. 

Another crucial feature of wallpapers is, you will also find many easy to clean and upkeep, washable varieties, which add more years to your wall decor. 

Wallpapers for Rooms:

  • Wallpapers for bedrooms: Wallpapers can instantly elevate the look and mood of a room. But the wrong choice can do precisely the opposite. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing wallpapers for your bedrooms. Choose the patterns, colours, and textures of wallpapers that you find peace with and matches your taste and aesthetics. Remember, your bedroom is no less than a temple for your mind, body, and soul. So, choose wisely.

  • Wallpapers for living rooms: Probably, your living room is that corner of your home where you spend most of your time. So, the wallpaper should be an extension of your personality and preferences. Get in touch with an expert home interior decorator to understand and make the best pick.

  • Wallpaper for the kitchen:  Like any other part of your home, your kitchen also deserves to wear and look its best. Plus, the ambience of your culinary capital should fill you with positive vibes so that you can pour all your love into the food you make. However, at the same time, as your kitchen collects oil and grease all day long, you need to make sure that the wallpapers are eco-friendly, washable, and fire-resistant. 

  • Wallpaper for study room: Uplifting wallpapers can be game-changing. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your study room, make sure to use something that will fill you with good vibes and positive energy. 

  • Wallpaper for accent walls: Your accent wall itself is enough to add more character to your living room. Given the endless wall decorating options you have, your accent wall decor could be an extension of your personality. Therefore, choosing the right wallpaper for the accent walls is crucial. Seek professional assistance for better ideas.

Wallpaper Trends and Colours in 2021

Trends keep on coming and going. And with every year comes a new trend, a unique style. So, let’s take a look at the hottest wallpaper and colours in the year 2021!

  1. Tapestry

  2. Geometric prints and patterns

  3. New botanicals

  4. Panorama

  5. 3-dimensional touch

  6. New chintz

  7. Bold palettes 

  8. Faded tones

  9. Tropical hues and prints

Frequently Asked Questions

As you know, wallpaper is a covering or sheet with different prints and patterns on it. It is mounted on the wall with the help of a wallpaper adhesive. However, stencils are cut-out patterns that are used to draw pre-etched prints or patterns using wall paints.

You already know what wallpapers are. And as far as wall decals are concerned, these are wall decoration items that you can transfer on to the wall. They come with self-adhesive features.

Wallpapers are sheets of decorative papers that you stick on the walls for several good reasons that we have already discussed. And paints, on the other hand, are colours that you put on your walls to improve the decor of your home. To know more about the differences between wallpapers and paints and which one makes the right option for you, you can seek professional help.
High-quality wallpapers can last as long as for 15 years, provided you have mounted it properly.
When it comes to the kitchen, it is all about oil and spices and heat and fire. Therefore, it is imperative to choose wallpapers that can withstand all of these. Vinyl and washable wallpapers make the best choice for the kitchen.
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