Terms & Conditions (w.e.f. 21 Dec 2023)

These Terms and Conditions is an understanding between Homevista Decor and Furnishings Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and its Customers.

HomeLane is a brand of the Company, which is engaged in the business of providing end-to-end home interior solutions for its Customers.

Customer refers to an individual, organization or entity that purchases goods or services from HomeLane.

Price Validity 

  1. The exact price of the Customer project will depend on measurements, scope of work and change  in designs / material / finishes. Based on these revisions, Customers can expect the quote value to rise or drop by approximately 5-10%. However, in case of non standard product selection / customization / additional scope of work, the prices may substantially increase from the initial quote value.
  2. Based on Customer's initial discussion with the HomeLane representatives, Customer shall make an initial payment of either 5% of quote value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher, for booking the order with HomeLane, subject to terms and conditions mentioned herein, if applicable.
  3. The Price structure has 3 instalments:

    First Instalment – 5% of the quote value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher, and is paid at the time of order booking.
    Second Instalment – 45% of the quote value, which is payable within 2 days from the date of finalizing the design.
    Third/Final Instalment – Remaining 50% of the quote value, which is payable as per the due date mentioned in the “Ready to Dispatch” email sent to the Customer.
    Note: A non-refundable Convenience fee of 2% (including GST) on payment amount may be levied on certain modes of payment including Credit card /Debit card/Net Banking/ Wallet /Etc.

  4. The name used for order booking should be in line with the KYC of the customer. No name change or GST number inclusion is possible once order is booked. Disclosing complete names at the time of order booking will help for all legal communications, availing finance options, GST Invoice in case of registered person and processing refund if in case of cancellation as specified in this terms and conditions.
  5. For booking an order with HomeLane, Customer quote value should include a minimum of INR 1,50,000 of "woodwork". In case of the quote value having woodwork less than INR 1,50,000, the same shall not be accepted.
  6. The initial quote value provided by HomeLane at the time of order booking may not include civil, plumbing, gas-piping or electrical work. The exact value of the quote will depend on the site conditions.
  7. The Third/ final installment payment has to be completed before the material dispatch from the factory and not before installation.
  8. Between First Instalment and Second Instalment payment stage of Customer order brand partnered categories such as appliances, lights and loose furniture etc. are subject to price fluctuation and may not be available due to stock issues from the manufacturer’s end. In such cases, the Customer will have an option to choose the other available products.
  9. We have categorised the work of HomeLane as interior solutions and has been considered as “Works Contract Services of Interior Solutions” (SAC 995476). Place of supply will be considered based on the state where the installation is to be carried out irrespective of bill to state. GST will be collected on each advance payment and GST invoices are raised upon completion of the project.
  10. If a customer wishes to make payments in cash, Homelane can accept cash up to Rs.199,999/- between all the stages of the respective project.
    1. Maximum amount of cash that Homelane accepts without PAN is Rs.49,999/-
    2. Maximum amount of cash that Homelane accepts with PAN is Rs.1,99,999/- and note that, PAN should belong to the customer ONLY and it is mandatory to obtain copy of the PAN from a customer and to be shared with Finance team to approve payments.
    3. Orders can not be split to accommodate additional cash from a customer.
  11. If the third instalment (i.e. the final 50 % of the estimate) is not paid by the Customer within the time stipulated in the “Ready to dispatch” email sent to the Customer, then the Customer shall be liable to pay a demurrage charge of INR 500 per day, from the second day that the instalment becomes due till such time that the same is paid in full.
  12. All payments made by the Customer throughout their engagement with HomeLane should be approved by HomeLane via email communication, and only on such approval, the payment shall be deemed effective.

Installation Checks 

  1. When civil work is done at site (including false ceiling, electrical, plumbing, gas piping, wall demolition, wall partition, etc.), hand marks and scratches are bound to occur and cannot be avoided. It’s recommended to have a final coat of paint after completion of all interiors.

Delivery and Installation of the Order 

  1. The delivery and installation of Customer's Order shall be on or before the delivery date prescribed in the Quotation, and at the address given by the Customer.
  2. Delivery Date will be calculated from the date of completion of the following requirements (“All-Set-Go”):
    1. Both Parties, Customer and HomeLane, signing off on the designs and specifications for the home interiors;
    2. Customer making all payments, strictly in accordance with the specified payment milestones. The Delivery Guarantee will commence from the date of approval of payment, which shall be confirmed via email by HomeLane; and
    3. Customer handing over the Site to HomeLane in a condition that meets the requirements of Customer’s Site Readiness Checklist as per the Works Contract.

Note: Back panel shall be PreLam MDF for all carcasses in any core material other than BWP (Boiling water proof) Ply. For all carcass with BWP (Boiling water proof) Ply as core material; the back panel (wherever applicable) is to be Ply" 

Delivery Guarantee

Customers may be entitled to the benefit of Homelane’s Delivery Guarantee, depending on the Scope of work, and subject to achieving All-Set-Go. Customers may either be provided with a (i) 45 days’ delivery Guarantee; or (ii) (45 + 10) days delivery Guarantee, or (iii) Nil Guarantee, subject to the Categories mentioned below. In all other cases, the Delivery Date is an estimate, and HomeLane shall not be in breach if the same is not adhered to.
  1. Standard HomeLane Offerings: A 45-day delivery guarantee shall be applicable to Customer project if the Customer overall scope of services includes items from the following “Type A” categories only.
    1. Modular / Fit-out Furniture (incl. installation)
    2. False Ceiling
    3. Standard Electrical Works (creation of new points, shifting of existing points)
    4. Countertop services (granite removal, chipping and installation)
    5. Appliances (incl. installation)
    6. Lighting (incl. installation)
    7. Loose Furniture (Except the brands: Urban Ladder, Duian, FabIndia, @home by Nilkamal, which shall fall under No Delivery Guarantee under Type C)
    8. Mattresses (Except from Urban Ladder, which shall fall under No Delivery Guarantee) 
    9. Cleaning Services
  2. Additional Services: A 45+10 day delivery guarantee is applicable to the Customer project if the Customer's overall scope of services includes any items from the following “Type B” categories along with items from above mentioned “Type A” categories.
    1. Wallpaper (incl. Installation)
    2. Wooden Flooring
    3. Painting: Phase 2 (typically final coat of paint)
    4. Non-texture Painting
    5. Cleaning Services
  3. Non Standard Categories: A fixed timeline delivery guarantee will NOT be applicable on the Customer project if it includes items from any of the following “Type C” categories:
    1. Loose Furniture (Urban Ladder, Fab India, Durian, @home by Nilkamal Products)
    2. Wall Art (Artezone)
    3. Home Automation (Schneider, Smitch)
    4. Texture Painting (Incl. final coat of paint); Or
    5. If the Customer's overall scope of services includes Non-Standard Electrical Works, Civil/ Renovation activities.
  4. The fixed timeline delivery guarantee period, if applicable, will begin once all 3 of the following stages are complete:
    1. Customer and HomeLane project team should have signed off on the design.
    2. Customer has accepted the HomeLane Works Contract.
    3. The payment for the Customer's second instalment is received and approved by HomeLane.
  5. If HomeLane doesn't complete the Customer's project within the applicable delivery guarantee period as specified under this terms and conditions, then HomeLane will pay the Customer rent of Rs. 1000/day for every day of delay, subject to the fulfilment of all the pre-conditions for availing such a delivery guarantee. Please refer to the “Pre-conditions for Delivery Guarantee” section below to know more about such conditions.
  6. Pre-conditions to our Delivery Guarantee: All items contained in the site-readiness checklist should be complete when HomeLane begins the installation process.
  7. If an item is not marked with any category symbol in the quotation then it shall be assumed that it belongs to the “Type A” Category wherein a 45 days delivery guarantee will be applicable.
  8. HomeLane shall not be held liable for any delays in delivery that are caused by  Customer or due to an event of Force Majeure.
  9. The word "Guarantee" or "Guaranteed" is used in marketing, branding, promotions, other places on the website and/or such other Products owned and managed by HomeLane, in common parlance only and it should be interpreted accordingly.

Pre-Conditions for Delivery Guarantee

The Delivery Guarantee shall not be applicable in the following cases.
  1. If the following items are in the Customer's scope or the builder’s scope:
    1. Granite supply or installation;
    2. Hob and /or chimney supply or installation; or
    3. Electrical point shifting;
  2. If the site has restrictions on work timings during the day.
  3. If the Customer is not in full possession of the site and temporary possession has been allowed by the builder.
  4. If there is concurrent work being done at the site by any other third party contractor like Painting, WallPaper, Wooden Flooring or Carpentry Work during installation, and work being executed by the builder such as civil works, core-cutting, painting, etc.
  5. If there are any changes to designs after the order is in production.
  6. If the Customer is living at the site at the time of installation.
  7. Abnormal hindrances in execution like Continuous Lack of Power, Non-Working Lifts, No Permission from Builder, etc.
  8. If any litigation related to the property, site or any other issues related to the Customer or builder or any third party which disrupts the work of HomeLane
  9. A Force Majeure event occurs. (A Force Majeure event refers to the acts of God including; such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, any natural calamities etc., environmental condition such as air pollution, solvent exposure, mold, mildew etc., or staining from foreign substances such as dirt, grease, oils, sprays etc. fire, acts of war, acts of terrorism, pandemic, lockdown, acts of Government or any other event which is beyond the control of HomeLane)
  10. OEM replacements due to functional defects found at the time of handover are outside the Delivery Guarantee. The replacements will be done free of cost based on the OEM timeline and HomeLane will facilitate the replacements. Eg. hardware, appliances like hob and chimney, accessories, colour mismatch or scratches in handles, etc.
  11. Deep scratches found on shutters after peeling off of protective liners will be replaced by HomeLane if they are not removable using polishing agents, but they are outside of Delivery Guarantee.
  12. Shade variation for the same colour of shutter finish will be replaced based on OEM (like Merino, Associate, ActionTesa, etc.) timeline, free of cost, but the same will be outside of Delivery Guarantee. HomeLane will facilitate the replacements through OEMs.
  13. If the woodwork component of the quote is equal to or greater than INR 15 lakhs then the Delivery Guarantee will not be applicable due to the volume of work involved.

Warranty - Product and Service

  1. FLAT 10 YEAR WARRANTY: All Customer's woodwork is covered under HomeLane’s Flat 10 Years Warranty. This safeguards you against any defect in manufacturing of woodwork items or in installation workmanship.
  2. All accessories, hardware, appliances etc. procured from OEMs are covered as per the respective Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy.
  3. HomeLane also provides Service Warranty on certain offerings, as outlined hereunder.
  4. A detailed description of our Warranty Policy is also mentioned in the HomeLane Works Contract and FAQ section at www.homelane.com/care for the Customer's reference. Customers can refer to the Works Contract at the time of making the 2nd Installment payment of the quote value.
*Note: HomeLane’s Flat 10-Year Warranty is not applicable on HL Junior items, which shall fall under a 3 Year Warranty bracket. 

Warranty Details:

Homelane provides warranty on the Products and Services, as per the following categories:
  1. Covered Products – HomeLane’s Product Warranty
    In case of any manufacturing defect in any of the following Products, and the same being in the warranty period, Homelane shall repair or replace, at its discretion, the said Products.
    ProductWarranty PeriodRemarksExceptions
    Cabinet, Carcass10 YearsCovers all core material: BWP Plywood, BWR Plywood and Commercial Plywood, HydroGuard Plus - HDF, Particle Board and MDF; Covers against delamination and edgeband peeling
    *A comprehensive list of Exceptions are covered below under the heading “Limitations to Warranty”
    Shutter10 YearsCovers all finishes and core material: BWP Plywood, BWR Plywood, Commercial Plywood, HydroGuard Plus - HDF, MDF, Aluminium Shutter Frame;

    Covers against delamination and edgeband peeling
    *A comprehensive list of Exceptions are covered below under the heading “Limitations to Warranty”
  2. Products from OEMs
    In case of certain Products (as listed below) being procured from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and supplied to the Customer, the Customer shall be provided with the warranty as provided by such OEM.
    ProductWarranty PeriodRemarksExceptions
    Armadio Shutters
    Manufacturer’s Warranty - 5 Years
    N/AAny abusive damage to the glass infill of Armadio (Lacquered glass/mirror/mirror with frosting/tinted glass/Clear glass) will not fall under the warranty. The replacement will be done on a chargeable basis
    Hardware, AccessoryManufacturer’s WarrantyN/ACustomers are advised to not use household cleaning agents, chemical sprays, etc; Does NOT cover damage caused by misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear
    AppliancesManufacturer’s WarrantyN/ALabour, Cleaning Charges (for Chimney) will be charge extra
    Sink, Tap, Other Plumbing InstallationManufacturer’s WarrantyNo warranty for installation services and leakage post-handoverInspection to be done by customer during handover and issues, if any, will be rectified
    Switches, Lights, Other Electrical InstallationManufacturer’s WarrantyLabour Charges of Rs. 500 will be charged for any replacementWiring inspection to be done by customer during handover and issues, if any, will be rectified
  3. No Warranty Products
    All other items, Products or materials supplied or used by HomeLane, an illustrative list of which is provided below, are provided on an as-is basis, without warranties of any kind.
    ProductWarranty PeriodExceptions
    Countertop (Material)No WarrantyN/A
    Gas PipingNo WarrantyInspection to be done by customer during handover and issues, if any, will be rectified
    Mirror, Glass, Other Fragile ItemNo WarrantyN/A
  4. Covered Services – HomeLane’s Service Warranty
    In case of any installation defect in any of the following Product(s), within the specified warranty periods following handover date, HomeLane shall repair, at its discretion, the said Products, with respect to underlined service issues and exceptions.

    Note: The warranty period, as mentioned hereunder, shall be upto a period of one (1) year from the date of handover. During the first six (6) months of the warranty period, HomeLane shall provide 100% warranty on the same, as mentioned, while for the remaining six (6) months, HomeLane shall be liable for 75% of the warranty cost, and the remaining 25% of the warranty cost should be borne by the customer.
    ProductWarranty PeriodRemarksExceptions
    Countertop1 Year1 Year warranty on installation only.

    The material and installation should both be from HomeLane.

    Covers Installation defects like stone to stone joint issues, stone to sink joint issues, countertop sink joint leakage issues, sink levelling issues, grouting issues, countertop levelling issues.

    Does NOT cover damage caused by misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear.

    Does NOT cover the issues with respect to natural characteristics of stone, which include, but are not limited to, color variations, water lines, fissures, surface pits and blemishes.

    Does NOT cover issues arising due to architectural and engineering problems causing structural movement or settling.

    Does NOT cover stains, scratches and cracks caused due to use of improper cleaning solutions, placing hot vessels or damage from the dropping of heavy objects on the countertop.
    False Ceiling1 Year1 Year warranty for material and installation.

    Warranty is eligible where false ceiling, false ceiling related electrical ( light point provision, light installation, any other fixture installation), false ceiling painting is under HomeLane scope of work.

    Warranty is eligible where false ceiling surface area exceeds 150 sq. ft.

    The entire false ceiling unit used by the customer should be as recommended and executed by HomeLane through its Vendor(s).

    Covers installation defects like Board Integrity, flaking and peeling of the joint compound or coming off from the substrate, cracks on the surface, growth of fungus and algae on the ceiling surface subject to NO moisture exposure.

    Warranty covers cost of labour and material for False Ceiling and allied Painting services only in Warranty claimed areas.
    Does NOT cover intermittent dripping of water due to proximity of vegetation or air-conditioning units or any other sources of water leakage or dampness.

    Does NOT cover water penetration due to capillary rise from the ground level or the adjacent walls, water leakage, seeping and continuous dampness of the surface.

    Does NOT cover physical damage caused to the surface with an external force or entity.

    Does NOT cover defects arising due to failure or defects in the structure to which ceiling is anchored.

    Does NOT cover fading and chalking within normal limits in coastal areas.
    Painting1 YearThe painting surface area should be more than 250 sq. ft.

    Covers fading of colour shade, film Integrity, chalking and peeling of the paint from the surface, growth of fungus and algae on the surface due to issues not pertaining to exceptions.

    False Ceiling Painting is only eligible for warranty where false ceiling and false ceiling related electrical is under HomeLane scope of work.

    Only covers areas where surface preparation for Wall is done under HomeLane scope of work and limited to only repainting of walls.

    The same conditions and exceptions are applicable for the False ceiling category.
    Does NOT cover if paint code is discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Does NOT cover fading and/or damage due to normal wear and tear, abuse, weather, or accidental damaging occurrences

    Does NOT cover defects arising due to failure/defects in building structure.

    Does NOT cover intermittent dripping of water due to proximity of vegetation or air-conditioning units or any other sources of water leakage like Internal Plumbing or Plant pots.

    Does NOT cover Water penetration due to capillary rise from the ground level, water leakage, seeping and continuous dampness of the surface.

    Does NOT cover damage caused to the painted surface due to fire, excessive heat exposure, corrosive agents, abrasive materials or by the customer including without limitation damage caused due to rework/fitting work done by the customer post installation.

    NOT APPLICABLE to non-damaged areas and color differences arising between newly painted and previously painted areas.
    Electrical1 YearThe Electrical scope of work should exceed Rs.50,000/- post discount.

    Applicable on electrical short circuit/ tripping, loose contact in plugs/switches, loose contact in fixture installation such as Lights.

    Covers the cost of electrical items including wiring, conduits that and labour required to rectify the concerned works.
    Does NOT cover electrical fixtures like lights, fans and appliances under electrical warranty and carry their respective Brand warranty.

    Does NOT cover where there is improper power input to the mains or Issues in the power input source.

    Does NOT cover electrical failures due to physical damage of conduits, wires, switches and plates, electrical works repaired by any other representative other than HomeLane and/or Inappropriate usage of electrical points.
    Plumbing1 YearPlumbing Scope of Work should exceed Rs. 20,000/- post discount.

    Covers leakage in plumbing or Sanitary Pipes, improper fixing of plumbing fixtures and plumbing and sanitary pipe manufacturing defects.

    Covers the cost of plumbing items such as pipes and plumbing work accessories and the labor required to rectify the concerned defect.
    NOT APPLICABLE where plumbing material is discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Does NOT cover plumbing failures due to physical damage and mishandling.

    Does NOT cover if plumbing works have been repaired by any representative other than the company representative.

    Does NOT cover if there is improper quality of water supply to the property.

    Does NOT cover water penetration due to capillary rise from the ground level, water leakage, seeping and continuous dampness of the surface.

    Plumbing failure shall not deal with fixtures including but not limited to taps, faucets, nozzles, water closets, shower cubicles etc.

    Does NOT apply where mineral deposits/ chalk formation on plumbing fixtures due to hardness in water.
    Civil1 YearCovers civil works limited to dado tiling, flooring and skirting tiling/ marble laying for material and workmanship failure subject to inspection by HomeLane care representative.

    Civil scope of work should exceed Rs. 15,000.

    Covers dado and floor tile grouting, hollow sound when tapped on the floor/dado surface due to incorrect application or insufficient cement mortar filling, and/or floor/dado fall due to poor workmanship.
    NOT APPLICABLE where tile and marble is discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Does NOT cover where damage/peel off is caused by harsh surroundings and maintenance, natural wear and tear of material caused by rough usage, tile and marble slippages due to natural bend in material, usage of acids and harsh brushes on the tiles causing damage to grouting and space fillers.

    Does NOT cover breakage of tiles, and/or physical damage caused to tiles or grouting due to external force or entity.

    Does NOT cover cracks/damage due to structural issues of the building or due to excess water absorption due to internal leakage or exposure to water source or internal water leakages behind the tiles.
    Custom Work1 YearCovers custom carpentry, for material and workmanship failure subject to inspection by Homelane care representative.

    Covers custom work including but is not limited to wall partition, wall panelling, headboards, pooja units, glass/ mirror works, metal works, cladding, other carpentry works.

    Both material and labour should be done under homelane scope of work.

    Covers fit and finish of the product, bulging and bending of core material ,bubble formation/ peeling-off  of top finish such as laminates, veneers etc.

    Covers fading of colour/ patterns, peeling of edge banding subjected to use of products in hygienic surroundings with proper maintenance.

    Covers malfunctioning of hardware and accessories and any other manufacturing defect as approved by homelane care representative.
    Does NOT cover if fading of colour/ patterns, peeling of edge banding  is caused due to improper maintenance  and exposure to direct/ indirect sunlight, heat, moisture, dampness and improper use and maintenance.

    NOT applicable on scope of work involving refurbishment.

    Does NOT cover cuts, scratches, nicks and abrasions which are resulting from normal use during the standard life of the product.

    Does NOT cover products subjected to alteration, modification, accident, abnormal use, contact with extreme temperatures, water, moisture and dampness or use of harsh or abrasive cleaning chemicals.

    Does NOT cover natural wear and tear or damage caused by rough handling or using the product beyond its intended use and damage caused due to accidents, improper maintenance, intentional or willful misuse of the product.

    Does NOT cover products used for purposes for which it is not designed or intended by us.

    Does NOT cover rusting of channels, hinges, and other metallic parts due to exposure to moisture/dampness or use of harmful cleaning chemicals and sprays.

    Does NOT cover damage caused by water leakages from water outlets or water spillage due to user’s negligence.

    Does NOT cover defects caused by pests and pets including but not limited to termites, ants, wood borers, rats, dogs and cats.

    Does not cover natural material’s seasonal changes such as expansion and contractions and damages due to the same including but not limited to cracks, warping, shrinkages and variation in colour/shades arising due to natural factors.
    Shower Cubicles/ Enclosures
    1 YearAll shower cubicles and windows are eligible for a 1 year warranty for material and workmanship failure.

    Warranty covers any part of the enclosures found to be defective of material or workmanship.

    Warranty covers caulking, leaking, squeaking, and sagging not subject to wear and tear, physical damage.

    Warranty includes cost of defective materials and labour to rectify the defect.
    Does NOT cover claims arising from abuse, misuse, negligence, leakages, abrasives, accidents, improper operations and natural disaster.

    Warranty does not cover scratches, chips, water spots or breaking of glass.

    Polycarbonate or Acrylic sweeps, seals and door stops are not warrantied. 

    Warranty does not cover damage caused through faulty design of residence or business, including but not limited to enclosure design or tile installation errors,  fit issues due to house settling, damage or failure due to misuse, careless handling, alteration, misapplication, improper use of cleaning products, accidents, owner negligence, abuse, or acts of nature.

    Does NOT cover discoloration or stains due to water hardness.
  5. HL Junior (Kids Furniture) Warranty
    In case of any manufacturing defect in HL Junior (Kids Furniture) Product(s), within the specified warranty period following handover date, Homelane shall repair or replace, at its discretion, the said Product.
    ProductWarranty PeriodRemarksExceptions
    HL Junior3 YearsPost lam Particle board
    *A comprehensive list of Exceptions are covered below under the heading “Limitations to Warranty”

Limitations to Warranty

HomeLane does not warrant against and is not responsible for: (a) any condition of the Warranty Covered Products attributable to; or (b) any damage to such Products caused by any of the following:
  1. Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches, dents and cuts) or damage caused by impacts or accidents or mishandling.
  2. Does NOT cover damage caused by misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear.
  3. Only bends that are >3mm will be attended by HomeLane.
  4. Water leakage and seepage within the building structure and continuous dampness of the surface beyond (i) 72 hours for BWP grade plywood (IS710); 48 hours for BWR grade plywood (IS303); and 24 hours for exterior grade PB and HydroGuard Plus - HDF materials.
  5. Degradation, discolouration, damage, fading, etc. in colour, grain, or texture of natural wood materials, laminates and other materials due to exposure to intensive or excessive light, sunlight, moisture or heat or other environmental factors.
  6. Use of inappropriate chemicals, detergents, abrasives or other inappropriate cleaning agents that can damage the wooden surface of the products or rust the accessories.
  7. Mistreatment, negligent use, misuse, insufficient or improper care (including but not limited to exposure to harsh weather conditions).
  8. Alterations, modifications or use of products which are beyond or inconsistent with the supplied product instructions by HomeLane and/ the usage of products which have not been authorised by HomeLane.
  9. Destroyed, damaged or becomes unusable due to any Force Majeure event. (A Force Majeure event refers to the acts of God including; such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, any natural calamities etc., environmental condition such as air pollution, solvent exposure, mold, mildew etc., or staining from foreign substances such as dirt, grease, oils, sprays etc. fire, acts of war, acts of terrorism, pandemic, lockdown, acts of Government or any other event which is beyond the control of HomeLane)
  10. Improper maintenance of the Covered Products the same not being utilised for the intended purpose;
  11. In case of a resale of the Covered Products (either as part of the sale of Customer’s property or otherwise);
  12. the Covered Products have been subject to re-installation, repair or alteration by any person not authorised by HomeLane;
  13. Rusting of channels, hinges and other metallic parts, as these could be damaged due to household chemicals and sprays;

Procedure to claim Warranty

  1. For claiming warranty against any of the Covered Products which is valid under the warranty terms, Customer shall raise a ticket on the Website or call on HomeLane's toll free number, identifying the Covered Product and the defect observed, including photographs and/or other proofs of the same.
  2. Once HomeLane receives a Customer's written notice, HomeLane shall send their authorised representative to the Customer's Site for inspection and assessing the same to confirm whether the claim is covered under Warranty.
  3. If it is covered under warranty as per HomeLane representative’s information, HomeLane shall either arrange for repair or replace the defective Product.
  4. In case of replacement: HomeLane shall provide a similar Product that is as close as possible in dimension, function and colour to the defective product. HomeLane does not guarantee that the replacement product will be exactly the same as the Covered defective Product. A replacement Product will not be covered by any further warranties.  i.e. no fresh warranty shall be applicable on a replaced product, which shall be covered under the original warranty term.

Service and Maintenance

  1. For the first 6 months from the date of handover, 1 (one) free service is provided to the Customers to address routine maintenance issues in respect of moving parts (hinges, channels etc.), such as alignment, the parts becoming loose, etc
  2. To avail the free service, Customer should schedule a visit by contacting HomeLane’s customer care number 1800-102-4663 or raise your request through www.homelane.com/care. If the free service is not availed by Customer within the aforesaid period of 6 months, HomeLane’s obligation to provide such free service shall lapse.
  3. After the period of 6 months from the date of handover, in case of maintenance requirement, Customers can seek paid maintenance services, by contacting HomeLane’s customer care and scheduling a service visit. Such a visit shall be chargeable at HomeLane’s then current service visit rates.
  4. Any repairs or replacements advised during a service visit (whether free or paid-for), or any maintenance that may be sought by Customer, which is not covered under the Warranty terms, shall be done at additional charges. HomeLane will provide Customer an estimate of such additional charges after inspection and assessment during the service visit.

HomeLane Care

  1. For any concerns regarding their project, Customers can raise a request through www.homelane.com/care .
  2. HomeLane shall provide one service visit to the site, free-of-cost, within 6 months from the date of handover, for routine checks which cover moving parts like hinges, channels, etc. The Care team will contact the Customer to schedule the visit. The free service addresses issues like minor alignment, loose parts, etc. It also covers general alignment check of all shutters, lofts, the functioning of drawers and all accessories, and any additional concealment of wiring for the TV unit.
  3. Since some products are designed to have a lot of moving parts, HomeLane's products may require occasional re-alignment and servicing. If there are any service and maintenance requests after the free service, they will be taken up on a chargeable basis. HomeLane’s current service visit fee is a sum of Rs. 750 (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty) per visit. This visit includes re-alignment of all products, but without any replacements. This request will have to be raised by the customer through www.homelane.com/care .
  4. If the work includes re-alignment of units and/or replacement of items not covered under warranty (due to physical damage, continuous water leakage, rusting, etc), the cost of replacement will be over and above Rs. 750, and a bill for the same will be provided after the visit.

Cleaning Services

Post installation, the following set of services will be done at the site:
  1. Dusting, sweeping and mopping of all areas.
  2. Cleaning of doors of the cabinets to remove pencil marks and dust.
  3. Cleaning the insides of wooden cabinets.
  4. Deep cleaning with the use of mechanical equipment is out of scope.

Unloading Services

Any movement of materials by stairs above 2nd floor will attract the following additional charge/s:
  1. A fixed unloading charge of Rs. 5000 shall be charged for movement of material from 3rd floor and above where the service lift is unavailable.
  2. An additional charge of Rs. 1000 will be applicable for each floor movement of material from the 9th floor and above, where the service lift is unavailable.


Customer shall send any legal notice or court summons or mediation proceeding summons or any other legal document to the following registered address of the Company: Homevista Decor and Furnishings and Private Limited, Legal Team, 2nd floor, BKN Ambaram Estates, No.648/L, Old Madras Road, Binnamangala, Indiarnagar, Bangalore - 560038. 

Cancellation Policy

At HomeLane, our primary goal is to ensure the successful completion of  every order. However,  as we  rely on various stakeholders including manufacturers, raw material providers, accessory suppliers, there may be  some instances where we need to make changes to our prices and material offerings. In these circumstances, we owe it to our customers to be fair and transparent, also allowing them to cancel their order if the situation demands. For all other instances, we would like to draw the Customer  attention to the table provided below:

Time of cancellationStage of OrderPolicy
Within 48 hours from order booking (payment of first instalment i.e. 5% of Order Value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher) and if Site Measurement and First Design Discussion has not happenedDesign Stage100% refund of the Order Booking Amount shall be made (i.e. either INR 25,000 or 5% of Order Value, whichever is higher)
If Site Measurement or First Design Discussion has happened or if 48 hours have elapsed from the date of order bookingDesign StageNil refund.
After payment of Second Installment of 45%Production StageNil refund.
The customer will not be eligible for any refund and shall be obligated to pay the remaining price of Order Value of the project to HomeLane i.e. the remaining 50%, in compliance with the Works Contract.
  1. Order Booking Amount –  The payment of 5% of Order Value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher, by the Customer at the stage of order booking.
  2. Design Stage: This Stage commences after Customer makes payment towards 1st instalment  (5 % of the Order Value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher), and ends before payment of the second instalment (45% of Order Value).
  3. Production Stage: This Stage commences when the Customer makes successful payment towards 2nd instalment  i.e. 45% of the Order value. It is during this stage the orders are pushed for production.
  4. First Design Discussion: This is the date of very first offline/online design discussion between the Customer and HomeLane representatives.
  5. Site Measurement: Site Measurement refers to the date when HomeLane representatives visit the Customer site for measurement/masking.
  6. Order Value - This can be defined as the total value of the Customer's project that shall be paid to HomeLane, as finalised post the confirmation of quote. This value is inclusive of all discounts and tax, as applicable.
  7. Refunds as per above Cancellation Policy as applicable  will be processed only to the customer's bank account irrespective of what mode and from whose account from which HomeLane has received the original payment.

Customer Conduct

  1. HomeLane prohibits discrimination against its representatives including on the basis of sex,  race,  religion,  caste,  origin,  disability,  marital  status,  gender  identity,  age,  or  any other characteristic that may be protected under applicable law.
  2. Customers are directed to treat all our representatives with respect and courtesy, and provide them a safe and compliant (under all applicable laws, bylaws including society norms, if any) location to perform service(s) at the project site. HomeLane shall be entitled to refuse to  perform  any  service(s)  if  the Customer  don’t  comply  with  this  section  and/or  the Customer has  not provided  a  safe  and  compliant  location  and/or  Customer  has  behaved  in  a  discourteous, disrespectful, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate manner or any other issues related to the Customer that affects the HomeLane services,  than HomeLane reserves the right to withhold the services at its absolute discretion until the requirements under this section are fully complied w by the Customer. Please note, non-compliance under this section may result in delay and affect the timeline of Delivery Guarantee (if applicable) in the Customer  project and such delay shall not be treated as breach by HomeLane under the Works Contract and/or Quotation agreed upon with you and any loss or delay due to your non-compliance of this section shall  amount  to  breach  by  Customer  under  the  Works  Contract  and/or  Quotation,  as applicable.
  3. Customers  agree  that  in  an  event  where  our  representative  behaves  in  a  manner  that  is discourteous, disrespectful, abusive, inappropriate, or in violation of the law, Customer shall be required  to  report  such  incident  with  valid  proofs  at compliance@homelane.com  and legal@homelane.com with immediate effect but in any event not later than 48 hours of such incident.
  4. Customers are directed to keep all your communications in writing with our representative on their official email and keep the necessary POC designated by HomeLane in loop, if applicable. In case of any other assistance on your project, you may reach out to the Care Team at care@homelane.com. Any complaint/escalation marked to unnecessary party/s in HomeLane shall  be  treated  as  non-compliance  of  this  section  and HomeLane reserves its right to take appropriate action as available under the applicable law.


  1. The Customer explicitly grants authorization to HomeLane for the collection, storage, retention, processing, and utilization  of personal data, including contact information, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. The Company shall use the personal data of the Customer only for the legitimate use to provide the product and services to the Customer.
  2. The Customer authorizes the Company to contact them through various channels such as phone, SMS, WhatsApp, and email. It is understood that such communication will exclusively pertain to the products or services provided, and the confidentiality of personal data, including contact information will be maintained. HomeLane retains the right to photograph and publish the completed work.
  3. Furthermore, the Customer allows the Company to share personal data, including contact information, with the vendors, franchisees and third-party suppliers, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  4. For a comprehensive understanding of our data handling practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy at https://www.homelane.com/privacypolicy. We strongly recommend that the Customer reads the Privacy Policy to ensure awareness of the terms and conditions.
  5. Any notices intended for the Company in accordance with the personal data usage or deletion should be written to legal@homelane.com.
  6. The customer confirms that they have read and agreed that all the terms of the works contract are accurate to the best of their knowledge and align with their requests.


  1. These Terms and Conditions  shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India.
  2. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to this shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Bangalore, India.


The Custom Quotation Offerings – Terms and Conditions (“Custom Quotation T&Cs”) shall be applicable on the Custom Quotation provided by HomeLane to the Customer, if any, wherein HomeLane shall get the Custom work done through their Vendors. These Vendors through their expertise and experience, handle the necessary work involved in customs work of the Customer. The responsibility for the completion and quality of custom work as mentioned in the Quotation, lies soley with the Vendors, except as specified in this Terms & Conditions. 

Please note, the Custom Quotation T&Cs are subject to other applicable Service Terms and Conditions and shall be read with the covenants mentioned in the Works Contract, and such other documents provided by HomeLane under the project:

  1. Vendor/s - refers to individuals, organizations or Companies that are associated with HomeLane for providing the Services related to Custom Work.
  2. Custom Work: Any/all custom work in the Quotation shall be differentiated from HomeLane’s standard offerings, by using the terminology “Custom” prior to the description of such product/service, hereinafter referred as “Custom Work” and the underlined scope as “Custom Scope of Work”.
  3. Data Protection and Customer Consent (“Consent”). This Consent pertains to the  sharing of Customers information with Vendors engaged by HomeLane for the purpose of  providing Custom Work. In relation to the Custom Work, HomeLane shall share customer information, as provided by the Customer, with the Vendors undertaking the Custom Scope of Work. The Customer information may include customer name, phone number, address, site address etc. which are necessary for carrying out the Custom Scope of Work. In this regard, the Customer explicitly consents to sharing of such information with the Vendors engaged by HomeLane without any restrictions. The Customer acknowledges and understands that sharing this information with the Vendors is essential to fulfill the custom work requested by the Customer.
  4. Designs - The designs for the Custom Scope of Work shall be provided by HomeLane, in discussion with the Customer, however, the same may be subject to alteration, based on the feedback of the Vendor providing such Custom Scope of Work, post site measurement. It is to be noted that Customers can discuss the changes/alterations, however, there can be no changes/revisions to the designs finalized, post the payment of Second Installment by the Customer.
  5. Non-Solicitation - Customer shall not approach any Vendors undertaking the Custom Scope of Work, directly or indirectly, without the explicit written consent of HomeLane.
  6. In case of any issues, concerns or dispute arising out of such services/products provided by the Vendor or its representative(s) to the Customer under the Custom Scope of Work, the Customer should reach out to the HomeLane care team for resolution, if such issues/concerns comes after handover of the project, and with the HomeLane project manager dealing with the Customer project, in case of any issues/concerns and/or dispute before handover of the project.
  7. Customer shall not indulge in any unethical/illegal practices including but not limited to bribery, or any direct payment to the Vendor or its representative(s) either in cash or kind. HomeLane shall act as the sole point of contact between the Customer and Vendor for the purpose of facilitating the Custom Scope of Work through the Vendor, under Custom Quotation. Customer hereby represents and agrees that in connection with the Custom Scope of Work, it shall keep all the communications with the Vendor aligned with HomeLane, and keep the necessary POC from HomeLane informed at all times to avoid conflict of interest, and shall not engage in any mal-practices including but not limited to bribery or any such unethical/illegal acts, for securing an improper advantage for such Custom Work.
  8. No-Delivery Guarantee: In case of there being any Custom Work in the overall scope of project, such project shall automatically be categorized under Nil Guarantee i.e. No Delivery Timeline Guarantee project.
  9. Warranty – HomeLane shall provide 1 year warranty on the Custom Scope of Work from the date of handover, as per the details comprehensively mentioned above, under the heading “Warranty Details”.
  10. Variation in price in Custom Work: The exact cost of the project under the Custom Scope of Work shall be dependent upon the measurements, change in design, material, finishes etc. Based on such revisions, the cost of Custom Work may increase or decrease by approximately 10 to 20%. In some cases, the percentage may be higher, depending on the quality/finish of products and specifications, changes in designs finalized by the Customer etc. Please note, no further changes shall be possible after payment of the Second Installment and, the final cost of Quotation at Second Installment shall be the final Price and will not be subject to any change(s) thereafter.
  11. Relationship between HomeLane and the Vendor: HomeLane shall act as a facilitator between the Vendor and the Customer for enabling the Custom Work. HomeLane is not liable for any product or service(s) to be rendered by the Vendor unless mentioned otherwise hereunder.
  12. These Custom Quotation T&Cs are governed by the laws of India. Any dispute shall be governed exclusively by the courts of Bengaluru only.
  13. In case of conflict between the Customer Quotation T&Cs and other Terms and Conditions including Works Contract, the provisions under the Works Contract shall prevail.
  14. In the event of any misuse or abuse of the process by the Customer and/or Vendor, HomeLane reserves the right to deny or cancel the project without any liability.
  15. HomeLane shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from material breach of any terms and condition(s) by the Customer, including negligence.
  16. HomeLane shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out or in connection with the Custom Work.
  17. HomeLane shall not be liable for loss or damage arising due to Force Majeure event.
  18. In any event, the entire liability of HomeLane under Custom Work shall not exceed the amount of price paid to HomeLane for such Custom Scope of Work, at the time of dispute.
  19. HomeLane reserves the right to alter, modify or withdraw the Custom Work and underlined T&Cs anytime without any liability.

Brands associated with HomeLane(but not limited to):

CategoryBrands Associated With

BWP Ply, BWR Ply, Commercial PlyGreenply
Classic Dense

MDF, HydroGuard Plus - HDF

Particle BoardAction Tesa


Edge BandRehauFirmEdgeMasterE3Squareone

Hardware & AccessoriesHepo / HettichHafeleBlumEverydaySpitzeEbcoBDTTyrox

Glass & MirrorSaint GobainModiguardRAL

PaintingAsian Paints
Nippon Paints
Berger Paints



Urban Ladder
Invisible BedFabindiaSpacetrickNilkamalDF2HClaymintMaster Crafts
HL Junior


This Brand Association Table includes a list of all the brands HomeLane is associated with. HomeLane reserves the right to use a subset of the products of these individual brands in its catalogue. HomeLane also reserves the right to change it from time to time without any prior notice to the Customer.