Are you looking for double door designs for your main entrance? Here is a compilation of the most popular, eye-catching, elegant double door designs for the main door. These 6 styles provide a comprehensive idea of what you can experiment with for your facade.

wooden double door design

6 Double Door Designs for the Main Door

Double doors look grand. They look intriguing because they are used sparingly as entrances to homes. This is what increases their charm tenfold – the fact that they can add a regal look to the façade of your home and stand out from the single-door crowd of the world. Let’s take a look at 6 handpicked double door designs for the main door that make a statement.

1. Wooden Double Doors

Wood is everyone’s favourite. It is the most popular material used for making doors, history is testimony to that. There are a gazillion ways of spicing up your double front doors by using wood. Let’s see how.

Accented, Glassed and Panelled

glassed and panelled wooden doors

Double doors are already unique; to turn them into an iconic landmark takes a little leap of faith. Dare to choose contrasting, accenting colours for your panelled wooden door. While the wood maintains the integrity of the structure, the glass balances out its heaviness and makes your home more “approachable” despite the bold paintwork.

Arched Double Doors

arched double doors

Arches are representative of grand things. Arched doors are especially popular as the legacy of medieval Europe, signifying the Gothic era all too well. For the purpose of modern main double door designs for Indian homes, the arches can be toned down a little bit to make them flatter, and achieve a more homely look.

Double Doors with Traditional Influences

double doors with traditional influences


Tradition lies at the centre of all design. It always leaves its mark on every aspect of the architecture and interior design of a home. Why shouldn’t your front doors reflect the same? In this double door design, for example, the owners proudly showcase their Persian heritage through the intricate, petaled archway.

2. Stained Glass Double Doors

Stained glass has always been at the centre of attention for many cultures across the globe. The stained glass main double door design makes your entryway look inviting.

Rectangular Double Door with Stained Glass Panels

rectangular double door

Perhaps the most popular form of wooden main double door design in Indian style is this double doorway with an arch over its head. The multicoloured stained glass creates the look of Sheesh Mahal in combination with the contrasting, eye-catching rich brown of the wooden frame. This can also be used as a main hall double door design. The archway itself is adorned in delicate stained glass, allowing natural light through.

Stained Glass 3/4th Panelled Double Door

stained glass panelled double door

The beauty of stained glass stands out when there is a balancing, complementing contour or element that helps it shine. This front double door design sports a wooden panelled door with an intricate metal frame holding stained glass in place. The colours are highlighted even more because of the natural shade of the wood colour.

Classic Stained Glass Door with Argyle Mesh

stained glass door with argyle mesh

Argyle patterns are all the rage today – combine them with stained glass, and you have a statement right there. The wood panelling is removed from the top part of the door to highlight the textured glass and the argyle running over it. The stain colours add to the beauty.

3. Contemporary Double Doors

If you would rather have a design that doesn’t conform to a convention or any class of design, contemporary double door design is your style. Check out these head-turning contemporary designs for amazing ideas.

Aluminium Frame with Glass Panels

contemporary double doors

The perfect definition of futuristic minimalism is embodied by metal and glass. The lightweight aluminium combines with the fragility (or toughness) of glass to create a captivating façade. The best part about this design is that you can make the doorway seem bigger than it actually is.

Arched Double Doors with Wooden Grooves/Slats

arched double doors with wooden grooves

Double doors with slats are becoming increasingly popular. This double door design expertly uses wooden frames to house slats of the same material to add texture and pattern to the double door.

Double Door with Contrasting Accent

double door with contrasting accent

Solid colours are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, they have the potential to make things beautiful when used right. In this otherwise monotonous white facade, there is rarely any break your eyes catch. With the addition of the lovely blue double doors, your entire attention is locked at one place, and draws your eyes to the elegant silver knocker and the white handle. Think Santorini in Greece.

Double Door with Textured Glass and Intricate Design

double door with textured glass

Normally you would find glass doors that end halfway while the bottom portion of the doors is done up in panelling. However, there is immense beauty in running glass for 3/4th of the length, especially when it is textured to make the light dance every which way. Add the argyle patterns and floral patterns to the detail, and you will have a breathtaking main double door design.

4. Traditional Double Doors

Traditional double door designs are an integral part of every culture’s heritage. These designs need to be respected in their nascent form and applied where they are central to the facade design.

Indian Traditional Double Door

indian traditional double door

Indian traditional double door design consists of pure wood panels that are ideally square. They can be mildly rectangular. The panels are even on both the leaves and the door looks completely symmetrical. This double door design looks best when the rest of the façade also has traditional notes. The doors look better with traditional Indian locks and catches.

Traditional English Double Doortraditional english double door

English traditional double doors are a game of intricacy in metalwork. Wooden panelling also has engraved and carved designs in it on both panels. This design likes symmetry, and you would find the locks and catches expertly camouflaged in the active leaf. Traditional English doors typically have arches overhead.

5. Wrought Iron Double Doors and Gates

Wrought Iron is a material that has survived millennia of use in design and has become a favourite of the masses yet again. Its durability and sturdiness make it an excellent choice for outdoors like double door iron gate designs.

Wrought Iron Double Gate

wrought iron double doors

Wrought Iron double gates are a great instalment for community spaces. The fact that wrought iron can be cast into delicate designs and any kind of shape makes it a versatile material for creating captivating patterns and swirls. This double gate design, for example, is a great gate that delivers the message, “This is not a thoroughfare.”

Double Door with Intricate Wrought Iron Patterns on Wooden battens

double door with intricate wrought iron patternsIf you are going for a more imposing but classy look, try using wooden battens spliced together using wrought iron designs. For example, in the image shown, the double door design consists of iron tendrils running along wooden battens holding them together. Like corner guards, the wrought iron protects the door edges as well. The imposing archway adds a heaviness to the entire assembly.

6. Unconventional Double Doors

Unconventional designs don’t follow any set order or design for doing things. Such concepts can make for a great addition to the modern main double door designs for Indian homes.

 Arcs and Circles Accented Double Door

arcs and circles accented double doorThis unconventional double door design embodies the thriving sun with its stunning circular skylight and bright yellow colour. It is rare to see a full circle in the arched portion of double door designs.

Asymmetrical Double Door

asymmetrical double door

“All boxes and lines” – the double door design in this front door is all about breaking the monotony with its asymmetrical leaf width. The active leaf is wider than the inactive one, which immediately draws the eyes. It also breaks the monotony with the extended hinges.

More Glass, Less Wood Double Door

less wood double door

Using more glass than wood in your double door design may seem risky. However, when the result is this beautiful front double door, why not? The elegance shines through and pairs very well with the cemented entryway and the climbers rising around it.

Wrapping Up

Truth be told, there are countless double door designs for a main door. In the end, it all comes down to your vision and how you wish to make it a reality. Double front doors are the first thing you see when you enter your home, so it is natural to want them to be perfect!

In fact, you can enhance your home’s entrance by raising plants as well, like shown in the image.

double door designs for a main door

To make things simpler, you can visit HomeLane for full-scale interior design. Their exquisite collection of front door designs will help you make a selection that is best for your home. For more ideas on interior design, have a look at HomeLane’s Design Journal, starting with Space Saving Furniture Ideas.


1.  Is a double door good for the main door?

Double doors really aren’t that common at entrances, and that makes the whole point. You can select a stunning main double door design to make a statement. Double doors allow you to be experimentative with a lot of factors, including material, style, opening and locking mechanisms, patterns, etc. You can really add a personal touch to your home right at the entrance through your main double doors.

Contrary to popular belief, double doors can actually be pretty functional. They allow a wider aperture for passage, making it easier for you to carry things in and out of the house. They’re even better when you are hosting a huge party!

Also, according to Vastu, a home should have a double door as the entrance – one for entry and one for the exit.

2. Which type of door is the best – double or single?

Double and single doors both have their own charm and beauty. Single doors are known to occupy lesser space and allow wider room for circulation. Architects and designers therefore prefer single doors for homes that are on a budget for space. With that said, single doors can get heavy when made with weighted material (like dense wood or metals).

Double door designs tend to appear statelier and more impactful. In places where you must make a statement in an otherwise unimpressive façade, detailed Victorian double door designs do the job very well. Double doors also give you more room to experiment.

3. Which side of a double door should open?

The front door of a modern double door design has two leaves – one active and one inactive. The active door leaf is the one that houses all the locking mechanisms. The inactive leaf has no mechanisms housed on it. A door swing is always determined from the secure side (the outdoor side). When you unlock the active leaf, the door would either open towards you, or away from you.

Both the leaves of a double door should open. When the door pulls towards you from the secure side, it is a reverse active swing. If the door opens away from you, it is an active swing.

4. Do both doors of a double front door open?

It depends on how the front double doors have been designed. Sometimes, door designers create the illusion of a double front door by including a door-like panel alongside a single door. This panel is stationary and does not open or swing.

Technically, both the leaves of a double door should open on the same side. It is preferable for the double front doors facing a street or thoroughfare to open in an active swing.



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