How can your house be prepared to host a Holi celebration that is as vivid and energizing as the festival itself? Here are 11 Party ideas for holi to help you plan. Food, color, dancing, music, and excitement should be on your list! The festival of colours needs to be celebrated in a grand way, right?

  1. Pick a Holi Party Theme
  2. Choose a Dress Code For Holi Party
  3. Check If Any Furniture Or Interior Design Element Needs An Update
  4. Rearrange Your Furniture For Holi Party
  5. Dress Your Home With Ethnic Décor Elements
  6. Amp Up Lighting And The Diyas
  7. Decorate Your Pooja Room For Holi
  8. Arrange Delicious Food And Thandai
  9. Get Your Holi Music Playlists ReadyAdd Freshness With Fresh Flowers And Plants

You may enjoy splashing colours outdoors, dancing around the bonfire, and then inviting your friends and family over for a Holi party at home. Your checklist should include food, colour, dance, music, and enthusiasm!

How do you get your home ready to host a Holi party that is nothing short of vibrant and energetic – just like the festival itself? Here are 11 party ideas for Holi to get you sorted.

1. Pick a Holi Party Theme

“Bollywood” is a popular option for a Holi party theme. No surprises there – it is the most fun for the party planner and the guests since there are so many Bollywood movie looks you can recreate, and so many Holi songs to dance to as well.

2. Choose a Dress Code For Holi Party

Holi Dresscode

White is the default colour code for Holi. Tell your guests to accent their whites with the most colourful ethnic pieces that they have as well.

3. Check If Any Furniture Or Interior Design Element Needs An Update

new furniture for holi

Look for any pieces of furniture that need to be replaced before the party. Any significant interior design changes that you had been postponing till now? There is no better time than now to get started. A kitchen cabinet update, reupholstering the dining room chairs, a living room furniture overhaul, getting yourself a new dining room console, or redesigning your balcony setup could give you the refresh your home needs for the festive season.

If you’ve stuck to neutral décor and want to switch to the more colourful side now, consider painting some of your walls in your favourite hues. Wallpaper a few walls for an added effect. Your Holi party will give you the perfect opportunity to reveal your vibrant, updated home to your guests.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture For Holi Party

If you don’t have the time or budget to do a major update on your interiors at the moment, do a quick, free update just for the party.

Clear out some of the furniture to make way for a temporary dance floor. You would have guests swaying to the music, so push out some of the furniture pieces like side tables and the coffee table to the corners. (Remember to set them up beautifully with accessories, even if they stay in a corner.

5. Dress Your Home With Ethnic Décor Elements

ethnic cushion covers

Pick a few of your favourite bright colours and make it a theme across your home. Now is the time to show off your zari-bordered curtains, silk cushion covers in all colours, as well as your luxury bedspreads and throws. Swap out all your everyday furnishings with festive-looking ones for this party.

6. Amp Up Lighting And The Diyaslights and diyas for holi

Light up every corner of your home with string lights, tea lights and diyas. Set up a mix of bright lights and mood lights that you can switch between, depending on the mood of the party.

7. Decorate Your Pooja Room For Holi

Get your pooja room ready to offer prayers on this special day. Decorate the pooja room with additional lamps, fresh flowers, and lighting.

If you want to follow all the traditional rituals, make sure that you have a list of them so that you can keep the necessary things ready. For example, if you don’t have it at home already, buy and keep some tika ready to apply on the forehead.

8. Arrange Delicious Food And ThandaiHoli Party ideas

Samosas, biriyanis, burfis, gulab jamuns – cook up all the traditional Indian delicacies that your guests will love. For added natural colour, arrange plates of cut fruits and vegetable salads as well.

Everyone loves Thandai – the traditional Holi drink – so prepare loads of it. Add variety with jal jeera, and a few cocktail and mocktail options as well.

9. Get Your Holi Music Playlists Ready

Don’t pick out lounge music or light melodies for this day. Holi deserves thumping dance numbers to keep everyone on their feet. Get your playlists ready in advance so that you don’t spend time selecting songs on your phone or music player while the party is in full swing. You can even get a live singer, set up a karaoke station, or let your guests play the dhol.

10. Add Freshness With Fresh Flowers And Plants

fresh flower

  • Sprinkle your home with bunches of fresh flowers in vases – on your dining table, centre table, kitchen, coffee table, and so on.
  • Hang fresh flower torans at the entrance of your home, and maybe a flower carpet too.
  • Bring some of the potted greens indoors to add more warmth and freshness to your home.

11. Remember Save Water And Use Eco-Friendly Holi Colours!

There is no Holi celebration without rangolis on the floor, or playing with colours. Either way, opt for dry, organic, and eco-friendly colours. Stay away from water-based colours for splashing on each other.

Go the extra mile and opt for biodegradable plates and spoons for the big group of guests.

All Set for a Holi Party? Get your happy bunch home and celebrate the festival of colours in a big way with these tips. Freshen up your interiors, prepare delightful food and drink, pump up the music and the lighting, and have fun!

Here’s a summary checklist that you can tick off as you arrange each of the above items:

Holi Party Items Status: Yes or No Notes
Invite guests
Pick a Holi party theme
Arrange food
Arrange drinks
Choose a dress code and communicate to guests
Home décor (furnishings like cushions, table linen, curtains, etc.)
Check if any furniture needs an update
If yes, buy new furniture or arrange with an interior designer.
Rearrange furniture for the party
Arranged proper lighting and diyas
Decorate the pooja room, get all ritual-materials ready
Get music playlists ready
Eco-friendly Holi colours
Disposable cutlery

Need help with updating any of your home interior elements for Holi? Talk to the experts at HomeLane for ideas and get started right away.

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