Your home is an extension of you, your style and your interests. But you may not know how to make it represent you. A good interior designer will help you curate a home incorporating all your interests. If you eat, breathe and live Bollywood, then keep reading because we will be spilling all the beans on creating a drama-filled home that showcases your love for Bollywood (without hiring an interior designer).

Go for the Classics

When it comes to picking the colour scheme, keep it simple and classic. Choose two or three hues that complement each other. Try to keep the accessories and patterns within this umbrella. Gold and metallic highlights are great to bring in a Bollywood touch, but make sure you pick only a few accents to incorporate it. 

bollywood inspired interior design

Be Timeless, Be Bold

Black and white checkered flooring is a classic you just can’t go wrong with. If you have a larger home, pick out a statement chandelier. You could also get yourself a footstool, table lamps, clocks and more. For an uber swag look, pick out a faux-fur to throw on the sofa or the floor. You could even spray paint an old piece of furniture or accessories gold!

bollywood inspired home interior

Popcorn time!

Every cinema lover needs a great home theatre and a good collection of movies. Now that everything is digitalized, there is no need to store cassettes or reels. It is, however, nostalgic and interesting addition to your decor if you happen to have a collection for the shelves. If you don’t have a spare room to turn into a home theatre, make your living room or a bedroom into one by getting yourself some recliners, a good sound system, black-out curtains and maybe even a projector for the complete feel. 

bollywood inspired bedroom

Try Out Textures

As mentioned before, stick to two or three shades but do get adventurous with the textures. Velvet and silk material can give the luxe feel required in any Bollywood lover’s home. Also incorporate lacquer, suede, leather, and metallic highlights. Wallpaper is a trend that’s come back in a big way. So make sure you get yourself some wallpaper with beautiful designs and textures to go with the rest of your decor. 

interior designs ideas inspired from bollywood

Look For the Gems

Finding vintage posters of your favourite classic flicks is a great way to showcase your taste in Bollywood. It will also add a lot of colour and interest to plain walls. Speaking of walls, you can find unique items from the cinema world to hang on the walls – a clapboard for instance can be bought or handmade. Sometimes you can also get iconic pieces that represent a movie. Here’s another idea, instead of a normal chair to furnish a bare corner, find a director’s chair. Talk about great conversation starters! 

vintage bollywood themes

Remember, the look you are going for is sophistication and glamour. It’s easy to go overboard and end up with a gaudy looking home, so make sure you balance out the drama with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and monochromatic colour schemes. If you need help to bring your Bollywood look together seamlessly, talk to the experts at HomeLane today.

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