If you have a spare room at home and have been busy looking up for bedroom design inspiration, you’ve reached the right place.

The most obvious use of a spare room is as a guest bedroom, to be used whenever you have folks staying over. But you might just want to get creative with your space and design it for more than just the occasional visitor. You could design the space in a way that makes it usable for you and your family on a more regular basis. This space could double up as a home office, library, a craft area, or even a meditation zone.

Make this bedroom a comfortable retreat, not just to be dusted when guests come, but to be used lovingly whenever you want some quiet time for yourself and your pet projects. Shall we call it an escape of sorts? (Of course, another motive is to save it from becoming a dump yard for old furniture, unused toys, which sadly is what happens to spare rooms in many homes.)

Let’s go through eight nifty bedroom design ideas for a chic and comfortable space.

1. Let Your Spare Bedroom Do Double Duty

If you have a window or wall niche with light streaming through, don’t think twice about creating a delightful window seat. Add a built-in or free-standing bench with some cushions. If space permits, make it long and wide enough to act as a bed when extra guests arrive.Clever Bedroom Designs ideas

Build in a study or work space with compact cabinets and a work surface. Plan plenty of storage in this case, so that all your office supplies, files, gadget wires and notepads can be tucked in when guests come.bedroom design ideas

Create a home theatre, if the room is big enough. With flexible beds and seating, you can easily make space for entertainment in a minute.

If books are your first love, you’d have many that you weren’t able to fit into other cupboards. Build custom shelves, and arrange them tastefully, intermingled with knick-knacks and plants. If you have a large enough collection, create a floor-to-ceiling library to instantly lift the vibe of the space.

bedroom with reading corner

Or make space for pet projects here. One big motivator to get back to your hobbies consistently is to pull out all your tools from their hiding place. Arrange them outside on the table, or in organized shelves so that you see them often and are motivated to create.bedroom with a music corner

You could even create a neat little zen corner for meditation or yoga if you are into it.

2. Pick Interesting Wall Treatments And Flooring options

You could follow the same décor scheme as the rest of your house.

However, this is a chance to go bold if you had shied away from it for the rest of the home. This may be something you have always wanted to try out. Try exciting colours, patterns, and textures that you adore. Wallpaper the whole room, or a single wall. Try a false ceiling, or even paint the ceiling in a contrast colour.bedroom wall decoration

bedroom flooring ideas

Just make sure to bring in elements or colours going with the rest of your house to maintain cohesiveness.

3. Get A Comfortable, Compact Bed

  • If the space is roomy enough, go for a classic four-poster bed. Or one with an interesting headboard.bedroom with a comfortable bed
  • Or one with an interesting headboard. Add a fun element with loft or bunk beds for a dormitory vibe. Your guests will love you for it.
    bedroom with bunk bed for kids
  • A sofa bed or futon is a simple option as well. You could also choose a fold-down or Murphy bed which can be pulled down only when needed. Having pull-out drawers under the bed is a great space-maker and space-saver when it comes to storing handy stuff.under bed pull out drawer

4. Storage Space Is Important

Stash away all your beloved extras – books, linen, shoes, décor accessories – in well-planned, compact wardrobes even in this spare room. A wardrobe with mirror doors is a great idea to build in a dressing space for guests.wardrobe inside a bedroom

Just make sure you leave room for guests to keep their stuff when they stay over. Guests will love a stand or hanger for their clothes and accessories.storage options in bedroom

Bring in more storage options through the chest of drawers, bedside tables, old trunks that can be used as blanket boxes, and decorative wall shelves.

A small mirror with a floating shelf or a wall-mounted vanity will also be a welcome touch for guests.

5. Add Comfortable Seating

Bring in a chair or two, and pouffes for comfort. You can even refurbish old ones with stylish, new upholstery. An old sofa, a grandfather’s armchair or a cane stool may have plenty of stories to tell. So fix them up and add an old-world charm to your space.

seating area inside bedroom

6. Furnish It Chic

Use good looking, good quality furnishing. Dress up your windows with stylish blinds, or flowy drapes and curtains.

well furnished bedroom

7. Equip With All The Essentials

You mustn’t have to scramble around when a surprise guest stays over. Stock up on bed linen, towels, rugs, spare vases to hold flowers, and quirky wall hooks. Stock bedside tables with a couple of books and magazines so that your guest feels more at home.bedroom with all essentials

8. Accessorize With Love

The room shouldn’t look uninhabited. Rather, it should be a warm, inviting space at any time of the year. Save a couple of your favourite artwork or photographs for this room. Pick chic wall lamps or table lamps. Frame up a large geometric mirror or plus-sized artwork to add a surprise element in the room. Bring in ceramics, curios, lampshades and plants to complete the bedroom design.bedroom with love

lovely bedroom decoration


When you are designing the spare room, keep these practical and chic interior design ideas on your mind. Do contact us for interior design service for your home. Book your free online consultation today.

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