The right choice of curtains can add a sense of grace and sophistication to your room. They are crucial pieces of decor that can set the colour and tone of the room. From solid colours to fun prints, from sheer to opaque, and from light to ornamental, there are a host of possibilities for you to explore.

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Some of the pointers while choosing curtains for your bedroom include the following:

  • Privacy should be a priority, and your bedroom curtains should help you maintain them.
  • The color and pattern for the curtains should blend with and accentuate the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.
  • In order to maintain the curtains, in the long run, choosing the right washing technique is important.

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Factors to keep in mind while selecting bedroom curtains

1. Maintaining the privacy of your room

This is an essential thing to keep in mind, and you cannot compromise on your bedroom’s privacy. The quality of the curtains selected should make your room look bright and welcoming while adding a layer of privacy.  You can choose from layered curtains, hanging curtains, and blackout curtains. how to choose bedroom curtains

2. Choice of the fabric

If the fabric of the curtain is heavy, you may have a hard time fixing and maintaining it; on the other hand, if it’s too light, it can fall off easily. To test the fabric’s holding power, hold up a sample of it up to a window.

You can try rolling up the fabric in the form of an accordion and see how it falls, to check whether you have the right kind of fabric.

3. Choice of colour for bedroom curtains

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One of the most suitable ways to pick curtain colours is to match it with the bedroom surroundings. You can create a cohesive look, and coordinate your bedroom’s aesthetic with the curtains if you choose the right colour. If your walls, bedding, and objects in the room have a vivid colour, it is best to choose curtains with a neutral tone. The opposite can be done if the bedroom and walls have a neutral shade.

4. The best length for the curtain

The length of the curtain will depend on the size of your bedroom window, as well as the decor. There are three types of curtain lengths; which include apron, puddle, and floor. In case you open your windows frequently, apron curtain lengths are more suitable. The apron length curtains measure 84 inches and are ideal for preventing dust and dirt from accumulating on the floor.

The floor-length curtains typically measure 96 inches and make it possible for you to hang the curtain rod a bit higher than the window. By using such curtains, you get the chance to give your ceiling a taller appearance.

In the case of puddle length curtains, they measure up to 108 inches and are ideal for a master bedroom with no pets, or children.

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What are the best curtain fabrics?

Trying to select the perfect fabric for your bedroom curtains can often become overwhelming. Here is a guide to some of the most popular curtain fabrics you can try:

1. Cotton

Cotton curtains are considered to be lightweight, and durable. They are known to be ideal for both traditional, as well as modern bedrooms. They don’t hold a similar weight as a velvet curtain and are relatively easier to maintain.

2. Silk

The Silk curtains are known to have a delicate appearance and help to bring out that romantic effect in the bedroom. They are known for being durable. However, faux silk is reasonably cheaper, and thus susceptible to fading, and also looks inelegant. So, it is best to stick to premium-quality fabric to uphold the grace of your decor.

3. Polyester

A Polyester curtain is naturally mould resistant, and also doesn’t fade as quickly as compared to other fabrics in sunlight. It neither wrinkles, nor stretches, and is easy on the pocket as well. It is thus, a very popular choice among people looking for something tasteful, yet low-maintenance.

4. Velvet

Velvet is a thick and weighty fabric. It is preferred by those who are looking to provide more insulation in the bedroom,  while also adding a touch of luxury to the room. Although, one of the downsides of using this fabric is that it gathers dust more quickly as compared to other fabrics. So, you need to ensure regular vacuuming in order to prevent any gathering of dust. Velvet curtains are also expensive and necessitate meticulous maintenance and care, so consider all factors carefully before investing in them.

Maintenance of Curtain fabrics

The maintenance routine of the curtain depends on the fabric and material you choose.  While curtains should be washed every 2-4 months, some fabrics require more care than others.

Low maintenance fabrics:

If you are looking for curtains that can be washed only twice a year, you can opt for cotton or other synthetic fabrics. They can be machine washed, as well as hand-washed, and don’t require too much care.

Fabrics requiring high maintenance:

Any curtain with pleats must be dry cleaned, regardless of the fabric. Examples of these fabrics include wool, sheer, and silk curtains, which are required to be dry cleaned in order to retain their colour and quality. You also need to vacuum them on a regular basis, as they are prone to dust.

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When selecting the curtains for your bedroom, you can keep these pointers in mind to help you find and select the ideal curtain for your bedroom. You can also refer to online guides available to help you select the right sort of curtains. HomeLane offers suggestions to help zero in on the colour, fabric, and finish which can blend in perfectly with your bedroom design, and turn it into a little slice of heaven.

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