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The true essence of interior design in Mangalore lies in the structure and the natural ambience of authentic Mangalorean homes. Home décor in Mangalore mainly consists of a rustic finish. However, with changing ideas and lifestyles, home interior designs in Mangalore have also evolved with time.

The predominant layout of houses in Mangalore follow traditional architectural floor plans. Spacious, high ceilings and central courtyards are important features of Mangalorean homes. Home interior designers in Mangalore look forward to decorating and designing spaces such as these. Houses with central courtyards offer a regal and traditional appearance, so it’s important to design the courtyard by incorporating modern methods without taking away the place’s traditional and palatial feel.

Want to redo or design your new Mangalore home? Reach out to the interior design experts at HomeLane with your ideas and allow them to take it forward. We bring together the best interior designers in Mangalore and assure you a hassle-free experience of designing a warm, chic and personalized home that you’ll be proud of.

What are the major interior design trends in Mangalore?

If you’re all ready to buy your home or planning to renovate it, then check these latest home interior and home décor trends in Mangalore.

  • Modern interior designers prefer experimenting with earthy tones and neutral shades with dark colour furnishings for an elegant look.

  • Home interior designs in Mangalore come with a mix of minimal and classic styles. 

  • Since traditional Mangalorean houses are spacious, emphasis is laid on including ample ventilation. More windows and doors are included in every room of the house.

  • Home décor trends in Mangalore also include setting up a small pond with fishes or a fountain in the traditional central courtyard or against the surrounding walls. 

  • Traditional homes have a lot of wood all around, and keeping the ethnic look of a space is critical when it comes to home décor in Mangalore. The home interior of a Mangalorean home usually has wooden floorings and partitions, along with windows and doors made up of solid wood.