Do you still rely on paint to make your rooms look beautiful? While that is the oft-used option, you must consider wallpapers as well! Wallpapers are gorgeous, durable, and can last up to 15 years. They also do an amazing job of concealing imperfections. They are easy to clean and can make your home look breathtakingly beautiful throughout the year.

The markets are flooded with different types of wallpapers. Picking the best from the lot can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Have you been thinking of trying wallpapers but are not sure how to go about it?

Don’t worry – we have you covered. This comprehensive wallpaper guide will outline the different types of wallpapers you can use to breathe life into your rather dull interiors. Zero in on the best wallpaper to make your home more elegant and sophisticated. 

Choose the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Interiors

Paper Wallpaper

Do you want to start with a cost-effective option? If yes, paper wallpaper would be perfect for you. Made from recycled paper and wood fibres, paper-based wallpapers do a great job of protecting the walls from adverse climatic conditions. This wallpaper will also add a natural radiance to the space.

You can get a lot of options in terms of designs and patterns on paper wallpapers. However, they may or may not have an upper coating to seal the design.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl is a type of lightweight, durable, and water-resistant plastic material. This type of wallpaper is non-woven and pasted to a base. The best part about these wallpapers is that they look great in all weather conditions.

You can also use them in places regularly exposed to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. Since there are endless design options in vinyl wallpapers, pick one for your home wisely.

Paper-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper blends the advantages of both paper and vinyl wallpapers. It consists of a paper pulp design laminated to a vinyl sheet. The most striking part about it is that it is super-durable and washable and can be peeled off.

That’s not all: this wallpaper is also stain-resistant and moisture-resistant, making it ideal for larger families. However, please note that installing this wallpaper needs extra care. So, make sure you contact a professional for the best results.

Non-Woven Wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are a mix of natural and synthetic fibres. This combination makes the paper remain fixed when wet. Non-woven wallpapers are lightweight, flexible, breathable and easy to install and remove. Since it has a breathable edge, the wall beneath is well-protected against mildew growth.

Moreover, this wallpaper also comes with outstanding sound and heat insulation, making it perfect for all spaces. It is one of the hottest trending wallpaper materials in 2022.

Solid Vinyl Wallpaper

This wallpaper has a solid vinyl sheet pasted on fabric or paper. The design or pattern is then printed on the vinyl sheet. This wallpaper is resistant to scratches and tearing.

Homeowners also love it for its easy-to-maintain feature. A simple splash of water or a wipe with a damp sponge is enough to retain the lustre of the wallpaper.

Fabric Wallpaper

A contemporary twist on regular wallpaper, fabric-based wallpapers are an excellent DIY décor treatment that has grabbed the limelight lately. But why should you go for this wallpaper when you have so many swanky options?

Since fabric-based wallpapers are cost-effective, they are an excellent option for landlords. Apart from this, they are easy to install and remove cleanly. Last but not least, fabric wallpapers are porous and breathable, allowing air to pass by easily. This makes them a wise pick for homeowners looking for a mould-resistant option.

Other Materials

Foil, mylar, and bamboo are the other wallpaper materials turning heads this year. 

Foil wallpaper is made by using a polished metal foil at the base. Due to its excellent reflectivity, it gives a shiny finish to the space. On the other hand, mylar wallpapers are made of a printed paper base and sealed with a polyester film on top. Although the wallpaper is easy to install and remove, experts still recommend turning to professionals for the best results.

Think beyond designer wallpapers and give an artistic look to your interiors with bamboo wallpaper. This environmentally friendly wallpaper will also add a touch of warmth and rustic charm to the space. However, the wallpaper is not washable and needs extra care during installation.

When choosing a wallpaper for your home, ensure you understand the pros and cons of every type from this list, as per your current climatic conditions. Apart from this, the installation is the most crucial part of the process.

HomeLane is a leading home interior brand that can help you pick the best wallpaper – among other decor solutions – for your home. Our interior experts can help you narrow down the perfect choice among the top trending wallpapers of the season. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to know more about the best wallpaper materials and their installation.


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