In today’s world where there is increased focus on mindfulness and holistic living, keeping a Buddha statue for home vastu can serve as a reminder of one’s spiritual aspirations. A statue of Buddha exudes peace and tranquillity, and you can experience a sense of calm and peace just by meditating in the presence of Buddha.

buddha statue for home vastu

Vastu and Feng shui tenets suggest that by placing a statue of Buddha in prime locations in your home, you can usher in good ‘chi’ or positive energy and bring peace and harmony to your family.

We’ve listed out the seven best places to keep a Buddha statue for home vastu, as a reminder to awaken the Buddha in each of us and nurture mindful practices!

Near the Entrance

To ensure good ‘chi’ right at the entrance to your home, place a Buddha statue in your foyer, facing the front door. It is also believed that a Buddha statue for home vastu will keep harmful negative energies away from your home. Never place your Buddha directly on the floor, but always have it on a pedestal or on a countertop. If you’re looking for a specific Buddha statue for home vastu, a protection Buddha statue would be a good choice for this location- the right hand in the statue depicts buddha showering us with blessings while the other hand protects the surroundings.

near the entrance buddha statue

In the Living Room

A Buddha statue for home vastu can be placed on a side table or display case in your living room. A reclining Buddha statue in the living room will help to bring peace and harmony to your home.

You can create a small Zen corner with plants, pebbles and a small water fountain near the statue, if you wish, and can light incense or fragrant candles to evoke an atmosphere of calm stillness.

in the living room buddha statue

In the Garden

A Buddha made of granite or any other hard stone can be placed in a corner of your garden, amidst lush greenery and flowering plants. You could even choose to place the Buddha statue as per vastu near a water body, with flowing or still water- it helps to represent the growth and rejuvenation of life. Always ensure that the Buddha statue for home vastu is placed on a stand or pedestal and never directly on the earth, and keep the surroundings clean at all times. You can clean the statue with water every day so that it does not get muddy or dusty- the statue should be facing the house or towards the east facing the sunrise.

in the garden buddha statue

In the Prayer Room

A Buddha statue for home vastu in the characteristic meditation pose can be placed in your Meditation or Prayer room. Keep the buddha statue above seated eye level, so that you look up at it when you are sitting on the ground. Do not place any other idols in this room, and also keep this room clutter-free and with minimal furniture.

in the prayer room buddha statue

In the Study

It goes without saying that when you work or study with a calm and peaceful mind, you will be able to focus and get better results. A lot of importance is given to a Buddha statue in home vastu. Keep a bust or statue of Buddha next to your desk, but at a higher level, and let that chi wash over you as you work! It’s also said that placing a Buddha statue for home vastu on your work desk can make all your dealings profitable ones, and that’s definitely something we all want!

in the study buddha statue

In the Terrace Garden

A terrace or a balcony that can be converted into a garden is the ideal location for a buddha statue. Relax in your garden after a tiring day, and let the Budhha’s compassion refresh and rejuvenate you! A Buddha statue as per vastu in the garden makes it a great place to practise yoga and meditation as well.

in the terrace garden buddha statue

In the Family Room

Your family room is a space of togetherness and family bonding, and as such is the perfect place to place a Buddha statue for home vastu—or, if space does not permit a statue, a painting of Buddha. Encourage positivity in your family relationships and nurture a healthy, happy home!

in the family room buddha statue

Important Points to Note:

  • A Buddha statue should never be disrespected, and for this reason you should never place it in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen areas.
  • As far as possible, the Buddha head statue for home vastu should face the east or North-east direction.
  • The laughing Budhha statue for home vastu should be placed in the North-east corner of the house, as it can help to tap into positive energies and life forces. It is believed that this is the zone where the sun’s energy enters the house.
  • A Buddha statue for home vastu will help to activate this energy and spread it through your home.
  • When it comes to placing the Buddha statue vastu at home, please note that the location should not share a wall or a floor/ceiling with a kitchen or toilet. Never place the statue below a staircase, next to a toilet or kitchen wall, or below a toilet or kitchen on the floor above.
  • The hugely popular Laughing Buddha statue for home vastu does not depict the real Buddha, but a monk with a large belly and a cheerful, laughing face. You can place the laughing Buddha for home vastu anywhere in your home- it is said to be a harbinger of good luck and abundance.
  • You can place a metal bowl full of water, with floating rose petals, teal light candles, and pebbles in front of the statue of Buddha. This helps to align the Buddha head statue and vastu with the five Vedic elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.
  • Feng shui dictates that a Buddha statue for home vastu should not be placed near electrical outlets or heavy motorised equipment. This will disturb the energy in that location.
  • It’s very important to keep your Buddha statue dust-free and the area around it clean. You can offer flowers and light incense sticks to dispel negative energies.
  • Give the statue the importance it deserves, and do not clutter the surroundings with any items of less importance!
  • You can refer to various guides similar to these tips regarding the placement of Buddha statues. These guides are available in vernacular languages as well. All you have to do is look for ‘Buddha statue for home vastu in Hindi’ or ‘Buddha statue for home vastu in Tamil’.

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Vastu Directions for Buddha Statues in Your Home

According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian system of architecture and design, the placement of objects in your home can influence the flow of energy and well-being. Here’s a guide to the recommended directions for placing a Buddha statue:

Preferred Directions:

  • East: This direction, symbolising sunrise and new beginnings, is considered ideal for most Buddha statues. It’s believed to bring peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth.
  • North-East: This zone, associated with positive energy and spiritual awareness, is another suitable option. It’s believed to enhance knowledge, focus, and good health.

Directions for Specific Mudras:

Different hand gestures (Mudras) of Buddha statues can have various meanings, and should be placed in the appropriate direction. 

  • The “Bhumisparsha Mudra” (Earth-touching) statue, symbolising peace and stability, is recommended for the east.
  • The Resting or Reclining Buddha should face West.
  • The Smiling Buddha should be placed in the east, to gain an abundance of prosperity.
  • Meditation Buddhas should be placed in a pooja or prayer room in the north-east of your house, and can be located near a water body.

All said and done, beyond specific directions, treating the statue with respect and placing it with genuine intention is very important!

Home Vastu with Buddha Statues: Dos and Don’ts

According to the tenets of Vastu, Buddha statues radiate peace and positivity and are a valuable addition to your home. However, in order to harness this energy the right way, a few rules must be followed.

Here are the dos and don’ts!  


  • Choose the right statue: Different Buddha statues represent different qualities. For example, a Laughing Buddha is associated with good luck and prosperity, while a Medicine Buddha is associated with healing and well-being. Choose a statue that resonates with your intentions for your home.
  • Place the statue in the appropriate direction: According to Vastu Shastra, the east and northeast are the ideal directions for placing a Buddha statue. The east is associated with sunrise and new beginnings, while the northeast is associated with positive energy and spiritual awareness.
  • Elevate the statue: Avoid placing the statue directly on the floor. Instead, place it on a table, shelf, or altar. This shows respect for the Buddha and helps to keep the statue clean.
  • Keep the statue clean and well-maintained: Regularly dust and clean your Buddha statue. This shows respect for the Buddha and helps to create a positive energy flow in your home.
  • Create a peaceful and inviting space around the statue: Place the statue in a quiet and clutter-free area of your home. You can also add other elements, such as flowers, candles, or incense, to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.


  • Place the statue in the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen: These areas are considered to be impure according to Vastu Shastra, and placing a Buddha statue in one of these rooms is disrespectful.
  • Place the statue facing a negative direction: Avoid placing the statue facing south, west, or north. These directions are associated with negative energy and inauspiciousness.
  • Use the statue for decorative purposes only: A Buddha statue is a sacred object, and it should be treated with respect. Avoid using it purely as a decorative item.
  • Disregard your own intuition: Ultimately, the most important thing is to place your Buddha statue in a way that feels right for you. If you feel drawn to a particular location, even if it is not in accordance with traditional Vastu Shastra principles, go with your gut feeling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where to Keep Buddha Statue in Home?

Some of the most recommended places to keep a Buddha statue are:

  • The entrance door: Four feet from the ground
  • The living room: Facing the west
  • In the garden: Must be placed in a clean corner
  • Pooja or meditation room: Must be placed at an eye level
  • Study or workspace

2. What Type of Buddha Statue Is Good for Home?

One can attract the chi by placing different forms of buddha statues in their home.

  • Seated Buddha statue with one hand raised: Stands for protection and peace with oneself.
  • Reclining or sleeping buddha statue: Signifies the importance of seeking internal harmony.
  • Meditative Buddha statue: Stands for inner peace.
  • Bhumispara buddha statue: Represents the moment of his enlightenment.
  • Praying buddha statue: Represents devotion and faith.
  • Contemporary buddha statue: The head of the buddha signifies knowledge.

3. Is It Good Luck to Have a Buddha Statue in Your House?

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, a statue of Gautam Buddha signifies good fortune. By placing these statues in different parts of the house, you will find change and harmony in your psychological health.

4. Which Color Buddha Statue Is Good Luck?

Depending on the colour, the Buddha statue for home vastu holds value and significance.

  • The yellow-golden laughing buddha statue symbolises prosperity and abundance.
  • The black buddha statue symbolises wisdom and luck.
  • The green buddha statue stands for growth and harmony.
  • The red buddha statue stands for inspiration and good fortune.
  • The white buddha statue signifies wealth, happiness and peace.

5. Which Side Is Good for the Buddha Statue?

According to the Vastu Shastra, the Buddha statue for home vastu should always face the east direction. In order to stimulate the energy of a different corner around the house, the statue can be placed in the northeast direction.

6. Which Buddha Statue Is Good for Wealth?

For a long time there has been a belief that rubbing the belly of the laughing buddha will bring about good health, wealth and prosperity. The laughing buddha statue is regarded as one of the gods of wealth.

7.  Which Buddha Statue Is Good for the Living Room?

The reclining Buddha statue for home vastu is an excellent choice for the living room. It symbolises your inner beliefs and healthy state of mind.

8. Should a Buddha Statue Be on the Floor?

A Buddha statue is considered a symbol of good health and prosperity. It should never be placed on the floor or ground. Please create a raised platform or pedestal and place your statue with some decoration.

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