The foundation of your furniture and cabinetry lies in the core materials used for their construction. It’s not what you see on the outside that matters, but what goes into the making of each piece of furniture! And choosing the right core material is crucial for creating long-lasting, beautiful home interiors. 

At HomeLane, we understand this, and that’s why we’re proud to introduce HydroGuard Plus, our next-generation High-Density and Moisture-Resistant Board!

What is HydroGuard Plus?

Hydroguard Plus (HGP-HDF) is an advanced High-Density Fibre board that has high resistance to both water and moisture, and surpasses other boards in every aspect in its class. It offers superior water and moisture resistance, making it the ideal choice for your home’s interiors. 

So, why should you choose HydroGuard Plus, and what makes it superior to other core materials like plywood, regular moisture-resistant boards, MDF and particle board? 

Before we tell you about the benefits of HydroGuard, let’s start by talking about the most common core materials, so that you can make an informed choice!

The Building Blocks: Plywood, Particleboard, MDF, and HDF

At the heart of most furniture (except solid wood furniture) lies the core material, a hidden element that significantly impacts its quality and durability. 

Here’s the lowdown on the four most common core materials:


Made from compressed wood particles and bonded with resin, particleboard promises affordability. While it is the most cost-effective core material, it’s not as strong or moisture-resistant as MDF or plywood and can be prone to warping and swelling when exposed to water.

MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard): 

MDF is a denser and more uniform alternative to particleboard. It is an engineered wood product that is created by combining wood fibres with wax and resin under high pressure. This results in a smooth surface, ideal for painting, laminating, and veneering. It is best suited for shutters and also cabinets in dry areas of your home! 

However, depending on its density, MDF can still be susceptible to moisture damage. It also has lower screw-holding capacity than HDF and, therefore, has  lower weight-bearing capability.

HDF (High-Density Fibreboard): 

HDF is manufactured in a similar way to MDF, and as the name suggests it is stronger and more dense than MDF. However, it is not as easy to route and plane as MDF, and is unsuitable for making mouldings and panels.


One of the most popular choices, plywood is constructed by glueing thin sheets of wood veneer together in a cross-grain pattern. This creates a strong and stable panel—but it’s not without drawbacks! 

A sustainable supply of calibrated plywood is essential for automated furniture manufacturing with state-of-the-art machines, and it has proven challenging to source a consistent supplier at the right price. The surface of plywood is also rough and often, the pressing of laminates on it (especially high-gloss laminates) leaves an undulated surface which is not desirable to look at. 

There could be tiny gaps, called core gaps, in between the plywood layers, which reduce its strength. Plywood can be susceptible to moisture damage, especially around core gaps and glue lines. Additionally, the use of staple pins in its assembly can compromise its structural integrity. The air pockets within a plyboard also cause panel bends eventually, due to weathering conditions. 

Choosing the Right Carcass Material: What Should You Consider?

  • Strength and durability: It goes without saying that you want furniture that lasts long, and can withstand everyday wear and tear. You should look for a sturdy material with high density and good screw-holding capacity.
  • Resistance to moisture: Your kitchen and bathrooms are subject to high temperatures, steam and occasional spills. The core material should have high moisture-repellent properties. 
  • Dimensional stability: If subjected to heat and moisture, the materials should not swell up, bend or warp.
  • Formaldehyde content: Formaldehyde is used as a binding agent in some wood-based materials. This chemical is toxic to humans, and repeated exposure can cause adverse effects to your health. If proper safety measures are not taken, these boards could leach toxins into the air. The jury is still out on what levels of this gas are safe (if any at all), and it’s best to choose options with minimal to no formaldehyde for a healthier living environment!
  • Finish: Consider the final look you desire. Some materials like MDF offer smoother surfaces that are ideal for painting, while plywood and particle board will require to be finished with materials such as laminate or veneer.
  • Cost: Core materials vary in price. While affordability is important, don’t compromise on quality for short-term savings. Particleboard is the cheapest of these options, while plywood is the most expensive.

Introducing HydroGuard Plus by  HomeLane!

At HomeLane, we ensure that we use only top-quality materials to create furniture that lasts. HydroGuard Plus has been developed after years of rigorous research and testing in labs. 

This innovative material offers a wide plethora of benefits, ensuring your furniture is built to last —and remains stunning and functional for many, many years to come!

How Does HydroGuard Plus Compare to Plywood?

Why Choose HydroGuard Plus?

HydroGuard Plus is an innovative high-density, highly moisture-resistant board that’s engineered for superior performance. 

Here’s what makes it stand head and shoulders above the nearest board!

  • Superior Strength and Durability: Compared to plywood, HydroGuard Plus is 50% denser, offering unmatched strength and longevity. This gives it a 50% higher load bearing capability over plywood! 
  • Enhanced Water and Moisture Resistance: A unique combination of special resins and pressing techniques makes HydroGuard Plus at least 40% more resistant to water damage and warping caused by moisture, as compared to plywood.
  • Eco-Friendly: HydroGuard Plus prioritises sustainability. There is very minimal formaldehyde in its binding agents, making it a healthier choice for your home and the environment.
  • Improved Screw Holding Capacity: HydroGuard Plus boasts up to 10 times better screw holding capacity compared to plywood. This translates to sturdier cabinets that can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Smooth Finish: The smoothest surface, as compared to plywood or MDF, that is perfect for painting, laminating, or veneering.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy high-quality construction without breaking the bank! HydroGuard Plus is a cost-effective alternative to plywood.
  • Zero Core Gaps: Unlike plywood, HydroGuard Plus features a uniformly dense structure with zero core gaps. This eliminates inconsistencies and ensures optimal strength.
  • Fire Resistant: HydroGuard Plus offers excellent fire-resistant properties, enhancing the safety of your living space.
  • Easy Routing and Carving: The homogenous structure of HydroGuard Plus makes it the best choice for intricate routing, panelling, moulding cornices, and carving projects. There are no splinters or chipping when cut.
  • Anti-Fungal, Borer and Termite Resistant: HydroGuard is resistant to termites and borers and does not promote the growth of any fungus or mould.
  • 10 Years Warranty: It comes with a flat 10-year warranty on manufacturing defects, giving you peace of mind.
  • Density: This board has the best-in-class density of 830 to 870 kg/m3, as opposed to plywood which has a density of only 500-550 kg/m3.

Applications of HydroGuard Plus

Get ready to unleash the power of HydroGuard Plus in your home! This revolutionary water-resistant board isn’t afraid of a little moisture.

Kitchen spills? No problem! HydroGuard Plus handles it all with ease, making it the perfect choice for Kitchen cabinets, Wardrobe internals, Utility & Foyer units. You can use this material in basements and garages, too, or anywhere that moisture is likely to pose an issue.

It also goes without saying that you can use this versatile board in all other areas of your home as well—living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms and balconies. HydroGuard Plus gives you the freedom to design beautiful and functional spaces that are durable and easy to maintain. So go ahead, and transform your home with the confidence that HydroGuard Plus gives you!

Wrapping Up!

At HomeLane, we’re committed to providing you with the most innovative and reliable solutions for your home. HydroGuard Plus represents a significant leap forward in core material technology.

Upgrading your next project with HydroGuard Plus ensures unmatched strength, beauty, and environmental consciousness.  For kitchens, bedrooms, and anywhere you demand superior durability and moisture resistance, this is the perfect choice for your home!

Contact HomeLane today to learn more about HydroGuard Plus and transform your dream home into a reality!

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