Ashok Kumar, Senior Manager in a Chennai-based firm, reflects on his memories of his childhood home. “I grew up in a small place, where we had just one big room for everything – cooking, eating and sleeping. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, nor did I receive any money from my parents. I have been working for 18 years, and we bought this house with our savings!” 

Ashok and Jaganthini chose HomeLane to do up the interiors of their luxe home in Casagrand Crescendo in North Chennai. As first-time homeowners, they did not really know what they wanted, and the HomeLane team stepped in to create a home they would instantly fall in love with. 

“This is my first place—and let me tell you, I was clueless about decorating!” Ashok laughs. “I didn’t have a single idea about colours or patterns. But HomeLane, they knew exactly what to do. The designs and quote they came up with looked great on paper, but when we saw it all come together—the final look was far beyond my expectations!”

With a Zen-inspired colour palette, the designers have dipped into creams and browns to create captivating vignettes in every corner of this Chennai home. Natural light is maximised, functionality is stressed upon, and every aspect is thoughtfully detailed out to reflect warm, contemporary minimalism. 

Let’s talk a walk through this lovely home, and see how the magic unfolded.

The foyer is the prelude to a home that’s rooted in modern minimalism. Richly patterned wallpaper adds a metallic lustre and graphic pattern, while floating shelves—a design element used throughout the house—display carefully chosen artefacts. A sleek console unit, finished in high gloss black laminate, holds footwear.

In the living room, generously proportioned leather couches invite you to sink in and relax. The ivory and brown palette is rich and elegant, and creates a peaceful, cohesive spatial narrative. Cleverly designed lighting adds layers of warmth and casts pools of light on the walls and floors. The entertainment centre is simple and sleek, characterised by a “less is more” aesthetic. A floating shelf above the TV has in-built spotlights that illuminate the unit from above. Wrapped in wallpaper with checked brown squares, the accent wall behind the TV creates deep contrast.

Patterns and textures abound in the master bedroom, woven together by the common lexicon of brown, beige and cream. 

“When it came to my bedroom, I was really worried about the sharp corners on the bed frame. I could just see my daughter slipping on the carpet, and falling right onto the edge!” Ashok tells us, pointing out the thoughtful little details that the HomeLane team suggested to make the space child-safe. “The designer suggested these corner guards, which I had never even thought of! They’re lifesavers – she can climb around all she wants now without getting hurt. The team at HomeLane really knows what they are doing!”

In the far corner is a compact wall-mounted dressing table with a storage unit alongside that holds makeup essentials, creams and lotions. The tufted ottoman in brown velvet adds well-nuanced textures and patterns. The subtle interplay of patterns across the various textiles in the room creates arresting visuals, lending a fresh and vibrant dynamic to the space.

For days when Ashok brings his work home, there’s a compact folding work desk in the corner, with just enough space for a laptop and a collection of books. When not in use, the table folds down against the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. Overhead storage comprises a mix of open shelving and closed cabinets. The floor-to-ceiling Armadio wardrobe has reflective mirrored shutters in a bronzed finish that add a sense of visual depth. There’s something interesting in every corner—here, too, display shelves to one side hold collectibles.

Ashok laughs as he says, “My daughter was literally marketing for HomeLane—she would take customers by the hand and show off her wardrobe. In fact, let me tell you, some people booked their interior just because of her! We had this wardrobe built, and she has this whole section around the second rack where she puts away her own things. Everyone who has seen it has loved it, and some people even wanted pictures to take inspiration for their own kids’ rooms. Seeing how happy she was with it, well, let’s just say it convinced quite a few customers!”

In the second bedroom, a dark green wardrobe fits neatly into a niche in the wall, with a full-length mirror on the central shutter providing added functionality. A loft close to the ceiling offers space for seasonal items and storage boxes.

Just off the dining, the handwash space is lined in wallpaper with a brown tile finish. Ledges along one side hold a collection of potted faux plants. 

The minimal kitchen is done up in rich ivory, with the black granite counter and backsplash providing stunning contrast. The sleek contemporary lines of the cabinets are functional and practical, and surfaces that can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth make it easy to maintain hygiene.

An abundance of storage space ensures that the countertops are clutter-free, with each utensil and kitchen appliance having its own designated spot. The cabinets and built-in appliances use every inch of the available space to create the perfect space for hassle-free cooking.

The upper run of cabinets is taken right up to the ceiling, stretching the vertical space and maximising the storage potential in the kitchen. Just off the kitchen, the dining room is a highly functional space with a tall crockery unit faced in glass displaying Jaganthini’s collection of pretty tableware. Floating shelves anchor the look and transform the bare wall into a work of art.

As someone who did not have a clue about how the interior of his home should be, Ashok left all the important decisions to the HomeLane team. And they delivered his dream home, on time and within budget! As he tells us, “I was pleasantly surprised to know that HomeLane works with a 45-day deadline. They even kept a countdown, and managed to keep their word —they completed the whole interior well before 45 days!”

“This is our happy place!” a neon sign on the balcony wall proclaims—and, indeed, Ashok and Jaganthini are truly happy with their lovely home, put together with the utmost care by the HomeLane team!

But without a doubt, the one person who is happiest with the way the interior has turned out is Ashok and Jaganthini’s little daughter. He tells us, “I never actually told my daughter this house was ours. We always called it hers, and if she scribbles on the walls, well, she’s just making a mess of her own place, right? It really worked! She learned to take care of it like it was truly hers.” 

As he sums up, “All these wonderful memories we’ve made here, wouldn’t have happened without this house. It’s more than just bricks and mortar, it’s the heart of all those happy moments!”

Just like this happy couple, would you like to turn your dream home into reality with HomeLane’s magic touch? Call us today and let’s get started on your dream interior!

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