When choosing colour schemes for your home, it’s reasonable to expect that two shades are better than just one, and three make for added diversity and visual interest. But there are millions of colour combinations that you could choose from. How do you narrow down your choices to create a winning palette?

Well, the answer is that you need professional advice, and we’re here to help! Take a sneak peek into the HomeLane Idea Book, and feel free to steal any of these gorgeous colour combinations using light green!

Viridian Green + Pale Mauve

For an unexpected take on colours, try a combo of pale mauve with viridian green. The delicate softness of mauve accentuates the bold hues in the green, finding that lovely balance that is often achieved in nature. Shades of beige in the flooring underfoot complete the trifecta.

Lime Green + Scarlet

Lime green speaks of fresh new beginnings. When combined with fiery scarlet, it makes for a room that’s packed with funky personality. Pair with neutrals to balance out the space, as saturated shades of red can be visually overpowering.

Olive Green + Sandy Beige

This colour pairing evokes dusty images of desert sands, awash with subtle textures and muted patterns. Here, the colours in the bedlinen and pillows run the gamut of olive green to sandy beige, sparking variants of these two shades in between. We absolutely adore the hand-brushed stucco effect on the walls— and the floral centrepiece above the bed is a masterpiece in and of itself!

Asparagus Green + Lemon Yellow

This colour combo reads like the makings of a salad, and is every bit as refreshing! Below, this transitional-style living room uses asparagus with white trim on the walls, creating cheery contrast with sunny yellow on the cushions and lampshades. Oh, and don’t miss the zesty stripe on the rug! The lovely glazed windows make a seamless transition to the outdoors, opening out to verdant greenery.

Lime Green + Royal Purple

Looking to make a big impact? Try pairing purple velvet with zesty lime green for a vibrant dynamic. The designer has allowed the colour duo to dictate the rest of the colours in the palette, and so we end up with bold pink, purple and blue stripes on the pillows and bold pink and lime accents in the room.

Crocodile Green + Light Wood

Green combines beautifully with blonde shades of wood, as we can see in this straight, minimalistic Scandinavian-style kitchen. The upper row of cabinets and the backsplash tiles use a deep shade of crocodile green, and are framed by oakwood cabinets on either side and below the countertop. The same shade of green is repeated in the drapes for a cohesive look.

Moss Green + Sky Blue

Both cool and calming shades, green and blue will always play off against each other to create a harmonious whole. Upholstered in organic moss green, the accent chair sits on top of bold patterns in the rug, standing out in contrast to the soft sky blue wall behind.

Black and White and Green

Dynamic and punchy, here’s a room that inspires creative pursuits and is sure to be loved by your lively pre-schooler! This delightful children’s room uses bold black crosses on white in the bedlinen, and adds soothing background patterns with green cactus prints in the wallpaper.

Cactus Green + Pale Teal

Green and blue are right next to each other on the colour spectrum and fall into the same colour family, making them a harmonious pairing. Here, the teal wall combines the calming qualities of blue with the rejuvenating energies of green, and pops against white and cream. The green plant rounds off the look, while the fabric in the cushion picks out the green notes from the teal.

Teak Wood + Fern Green

All shades of green have been trending in a big way lately, and this pretty fern green backsplash hits just the right notes against the teak wood cabinetry in this modern kitchen. The tabletop has been done up in matching green wallpaper, creating a look that is classic and contemporary at the same time.

light green wall colors

Jade Green + Milk Chocolate

What makes this restful, moody bedroom so striking? The colours, of course! Jade green combines marvellously with smooth milk chocolate to create this delicious colour pairing. Metallic accents in the pillows and the bedside mirror elevate the aesthetic.

Pale Mint + Cerulean Blue

The softest whisper of pale mint is used on the exposed brick walls, and creates bold, startling contrast against the cerulean blue velvet sofa. Olive green in the half wall panelling strikes a balance between the two shades, and is beautifully colour-matched in the shag rug on the floor. The clusters of potted greenery round off the green-blue palette to perfection.

Pistachio Green + Cream Silk

Soft, rich shades of cream speak volumes, and are the perfect foil for the pistachio green walls in this classical styled living room. Clean and fresh, this colour palette is a fan-favourite that speaks to any style of décor and will work well in any room.

Looking to get picture-perfect colours on your walls? Get the HomeLane crew on board!

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