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Frequently Asked Questions

About interior designers in Bangalore

Often identified as the electronic capital of India, Bangalore, is a fine mix of the old and the new. Being a cosmopolitan melting pot, the cultural diversity of Karnataka’s capital naturally slips into its inhabitants' myriad home decor and interior trends. 

From once being a pensioner’s paradise to the current IT capital of India, Bangalore has come a long way. In every main or cross, you would see a peaceful co-existence of high-rise apartments and independent homes.

Want to redo or design your new Bangalore home? Reach out to the interior design experts at HomeLane with your ideas and allow them to take it forward. We bring together the best interior designers in Bangalore and assure you a hassle-free experience of designing a warm, chic and personalized home that you’ll be proud of.

Is it a good time to start my home interiors journey with HomeLane in Bengaluru?

Yes, you can begin your home interiors design journey right away by interacting with our design experts online or at our Experience Centres depending on the city you are in. As long as you have your floor plan that you can share with your design expert, you can get a jump start on the design process. Start by booking a free online design consultation. After making the initial payment of 10% of the quoted value, your order can be booked.

Can I meet my interior designer at the Bengaluru Experience Centre?

Our award-winning designers are easily accessible. You may book an appointment and visit your designer at the Experience Centre (XP) or start interacting with our design experts online. 

You can further call or ping on the Customer Whatsapp Group to connect with the Project Manager, Community Manager, Design Partner or the Delivery Manager for updates and queries on your ongoing projects.

Can I have a meeting at my home?

Yes, home visits by our representatives are available. However, keeping safety in mind, you can always opt for online consultation and our experts will be happy to discuss and walk you through the entire procedure.  A contactless and safe design meet at one of our Bengaluru Experience Centres can also be set up.

How can I select materials for design?

With our virtual interior design platform, SpaceCraft, you and your family can visualise your home in 3D, right from your living room. You can discuss and try out various colours, materials and finishes until you find the perfect match. What's more, with each change, you can see the cost implications instantly.

Depending on the city you are in, you may also book an appointment to visit an experience centre / studio near you to finalize colours and materials.

How will my site be measured?

As long as you have your floor plan that you can share with your design expert, you can get a jump start on the design process. Start by booking a free online design consultation. After making the initial payment of 10% of the quoted value, your order can be booked. Following which you can opt for a site visit, if at all required.

What will be the timelines for my project completion?

Our motto is to deliver beautiful interiors for your new home in just 45 days. 

Your HomeLane Point of Contact will keep you posted on your project timeline.

Depending on the city you are in, your project timeline will be delayed as we have extended the halt on in-person meetings and in-person work in some cities as per state regulations.
What are the major interior design trends in Bangalore?

Bangalore homes manage to sport youthfulness and new-age energy as much as they celebrate their vintage roots. Here is what an authentic Bangalorean home incorporates:

  • Bangalore homes typically have furniture that is both functional and aesthetic at the same time. Instead of a fully sleek or contemporary home, there is always a good mix of vintage-like an antique dresser in the bedroom, or an heirloom wooden trunk being used as a coffee table.

  • A majority of the residents in Bangalore are working professionals. And all working professionals, students and stay-at-home parents would need a place to work or study quietly (more so with remote working being a popular option these days).

  • The traditional touch of Bangalorean homes is maintained through the incorporation of traditional fabrics and textiles. Like - upholstering a vintage armchair with a Udupi cotton saree fabric or a Karnataka Kasuti saree - for example.

  • Patterns and prints in the form of upholstery, cushions, curtains, and large pieces of artwork on the walls are quite common.  

  • Natural and sustainable materials like jute rugs, wooden swings in living rooms, wicker chairs in balconies, a cane and wood chest of drawers, and so on, are amplified. 

  • Social Bangaloreans also need a quiet space for relaxing. Most homes sport their own in-house entertainment zones that include home theatres, music systems, a small library, and/or just a nook for you to play your favourite instrument. 

  • A home in the “garden city” – is reason enough to surround yourself with greenery - even when it is indoors.