There are no two ways about it; the mass of wires behind your TV looks ugly! If you have small children in the house, these wires also pose a safety issue.

Besides this, they soon start collecting dust bunnies that are not easy to access and clean. Here are some DIY ideas to help you conceal those wires without having to cut into the wall.

1. Get a Stylish Entertainment Unit

An entertainment unit could be just the answer to “how to hide wiring on walls?!”

All those unsightly wires will get neatly concealed in the back panel of the unit, and you will also have space to put away your speakers, music system, DVD player, CDs and anything else that you may wish to store.

Design the unit to look good with your living room décor, no matter what style it is. Customise the storage spaces to fit everything that needs to be tucked away out of sight.

how to hide tv wires without cutting the wall

2. Create Panelling on the Wall Just Behind the TV

You can use leftover wood reapers to create a panel on the wall that can neatly hide all the wires and mount the TV on top.

The panel that contains the wires should be hollow and clipped at the base so that it can be easily removed in case of a do-over.

wall panelling ideas to hide tv wire

3. Wall Cladding

This designer has opted to clad the entire wall behind the TV with stone brick wall cladding tiles; an attractive solution indeed.

The wires can be concealed behind the cladding, rendering a portion of the tiles easily removable in case of future repairs.

wall cladding

4. Place Your TV on a Stand

If you’re frazzled about how to hide wiring in walls in your living room, rather than mounting it on the wall, opt to have your TV on a stand above a table.

This way, the wires can be shortened or bunched up and neatly clipped on the back of the unit using a cable management raceway.

tv stand for living room

5. Paint the Raceway

The easiest way of hiding wires is to use paint. Organise the wires inside a cable management raceway, and once they’re all hidden, paint the entire raceway the same colour as your wall. Unless you look very closely, it will blend right in.

6. Set Up a Panel Just Behind the TV

A simple way to remedy your ‘how to hide wiring on walls’ woes is to create a panel that’s just around one or two feet wide, cover it with wood or fabric that matches your room décor, and mount your TV unit on this panel.

Again, the panel should be easy to open if you want to reorganise the wires.

7. A Green Solution

Clip or tie the wires together into a cohesive bunch, and just place some potted plants right in front. What a beautiful way to convert something so unsightly into natural beauty!

hide tv wires with plants

8. Create Art with Wires

If you can’t hide it, the next best thing is to make it look good. Rather than fretting over how to hide wiring on walls, get creative and tease the wires into interesting wire art, clipping the wires on the wall with wall clips or tape.

You can convert the wire into a stem and paint leaves to complete your mural. You could also create an outline of a cityscape with tall buildings and houses or transform it into a bamboo garden. The sky is the limit to your imagination.

9. Furniture to the Rescue

If you’re looking for simple solutions on how to hide wiring on walls, then this is one super easy option you should consider.

Dangling cords can be unsightly and ruin the appearance of your home. Collect the cords and secure them with clear cord clips along the back edges of your furniture.

Hook in the cords neatly and make the wires run alongside the edges. DIY enthusiasts can explore designs for wall wire covers and create their own TV wire hider that can be concealed behind the furniture.

furniture ideas to hide TV wires

10. Tuck into the Tubing

One of the easiest ways to hide wires on walls is to use cable wraps or flex tubing to contain them.

We often have to deal with a chaotic melange of cords and wires for our laptops, printers, mobile phones, and other devices. Collect the wires, bundle them together in your hands, and tuck them neatly into the tubing.

Cable wraps are counted among the best ways of managing multiple wires and cords that dangle from various devices.

11. Remedy with Books

An economical and practical way for those trying to figure out how to hide TV wires without cutting walls is simply creating a small library to conceal the offending wires.

You probably have a collection of books lying around somewhere in your home, right? Get them and make them work as home décor to hide unsightly wires in your living room.

Simply arrange a stack of books in front of the pile of wires on your console table, and there you are! Books are also great for hiding routers and all the wires and cables that come with them. The hardcover of an old book can very easily double up as a router cover or TV wire hider.

creating a small library to conceal the offending wires

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many creative and functional ways to hide the wires behind your TV without having to make structural changes to the wall.

Options can be as simple as placing a few potted plants near the TV to hide the wiring or as elaborate as going for fancy cord covers and painting over the wires.

Talking to an expert in the home renovation field can help you understand your options better and choose the wire-hiding techniques that are most compatible with your home interior design.

Get in touch with HomeLane, and let us help you decide how to hide wiring on your walls in the best ways possible!

Creative DIY: Hide Cables without Cutting the Wall

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Here are some ideas you can try yourself if you don’t want to call in the professionals! While some options involve minimal effort, others may require a bit more planning or crafting skills. Choose the method that best suits your comfort level and expertise for a successful and enjoyable DIY project.

  • Fabric cord covers:Wrap your wires in decorative fabric sleeves or braid them together to create a visually appealing solution. This requires minimal skill, and all you’ll need is some leftover fabric, and a needle and thread.
  • Art with wires: Crafty DIYers could try weaving the wires into a wall hanging or art piece, transforming them into a decorative element.
  • Repurposed items: Use everyday items like PVC pipes or cardboard tubes to create DIY channels for hiding the wires. Try painting the tubes with acrylic paint, and match the colour of the walls behind so that they could possibly blend in.
  • Rearrange furniture: Here’s an option that doesn’t require any special skills at all! Place furniture strategically, like a console table or tall leafy plants, in front of the TV to neatly obscure the wires running from the wall to the TV.
  • Cable management tools: Another organisation idea that doesn’t call for expertise! Stick self-adhesive cord channels on the wall and run the wires through them. While the wires won’t exactly be concealed, they will look a whole lot neater. Cable clips that are secured to the back of the TV stand will also do the job.

Whatever you are attempting yourself, prioritise safety at all times! Your TV is designed with slots and openings for necessary ventilation.  Make sure to avoid covering vents on the back of the TV with wires, to prevent overheating.

Also, before implementing any solution, do some planning in advance to avoid mishaps. Map out the wire path and ensure you have enough slack for easy access and future adjustments.


 1. How Can I Hide/Keep My Wires from Showing?

There are many practical and creative ways to cover wires on walls. You can use cord covers or hide TV wires with flex tubing. Further, use cable protectors for wires and power cords on the floor. If you have to hide the electrical wiring from an outlet, you can go for crown moulding.

  2.  How Do I Hide the Wires from My Wall-Mounted TV?

Tangled cords and wires from a wall-mounted TV can mar the look of your living room. If you’re wondering how to hide TV wires on these walls, you can use plastic hooks or pegs to hold the wires in place or utilise cord covers to cover up the same.

 3.How Can I Hide the Wires in My Living Room?

If you’re wondering how to hide wiring on walls in your living room, then you should buy some cord covers to conceal the wires. Flex tubing or cable ties can also double up as wall wire covers with a few easy DIY steps.

 4. How Do You Hide Wires on Concrete Walls?

There are many wire-hiding ideas to conceal wires on concrete walls. You can go for wire moulding or explore raised wall/panel options. An innovative wire-hiding idea is to place a plant near the TV so that the wires are hidden behind the leaves/vines.

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