There are no two ways about it; the mass of wires behind your TV looks ugly! If you have small children in the house, these wires also pose a safety issue. Besides which, they soon start collecting dust bunnies that are not easy to access and clean. Here are some DIY ideas to help you conceal those wires without having to cut into the wall.

1. Get a Stylish Entertainment Unit

An entertainment unit could be just the answer you’re looking for. All those unsightly wires will get neatly concealed in the back panel of the unit, and you will also have space to put away your speakers, music system, DVD player, CDs and anything else that you may wish to store. Design the unit to look good with your living room décor, no matter what style it is. Customise the storage spaces to fit in everything that needs to be tucked away out of sight.How to hide tv wires without cutting the wall

2. Create Panelling on the Wall Just Behind the TV

You can use leftover wood reapers to create a panel on the wall that can neatly hide all the wires, and mount the TV on top. The panel that contains the wires should be hollow and clipped at the base so that it can be easily removed in case of a do-over.

3. Wall Cladding

This designer has opted to clad the entire wall behind the TV with stone brick wall cladding tiles; an attractive solution indeed. The wires can be concealed behind the cladding, keeping a portion of the tiles easily removable in case of future repairs.wall cladding

4. TV on a Stand

Rather than mounting it on the wall, opt to have your TV on a stand above a table. This way, the wires can be shortened or bunched up and neatly clipped on the back of the unit using a cable management raceway. TV stand for Living room

5. Paint the Raceway

The easiest way to hide the wires is to use paint. Organise the wires inside a cable management raceway, and once they are all hidden, paint the entire raceway the same colour as your wall. Unless you look very closely, it will blend right in.

6. Panel Just Behind the TV

Create a panel that’s just around one or two feet wide, cover it with wood or fabric that matches your room décor, and mount your TV unit on this panel. Again, the panel should be easy to open if you want to reorganise the wires.

7. A Green Solution

Clip or tie the wires together into a cohesive bunch, and just place some potted plants right in front. What a beautiful way to convert something so unsightly into natural beauty.Hide TV Wires with Plants

8. Create Art with Wires

If you can’t hide it, the next best thing is to make it look good. Get creative and tease the wires into interesting wire art, clipping the wires on the wall with wall clips or tape. You can convert the wire into a stem and paint leaves to complete your wall mural. You could also create an outline of a cityscape with tall buildings and houses, or transform it into a bamboo garden. The sky is the limit to your imagination.

As you can see, there are many creative and functional ways to hide the wires behind your TV, without having to make structural changes in the wall. Which one did you like best? Tell us in the comments below.

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