Contemporary pooja room glass designs are a popular pick that blends beauty and functionality. Glass designs come with the exclusive trait of allowing ample light into the pooja room and maximising the look of small spaces. Glass designs are easy to clean and maintain. From minimalist glass doors to traditional glass backsplash, there are numerous ways you can incorporate glass into your pooja room designs.

If you have been dreaming of a pooja room glass design for your home but are confused about the right pick for you, we have got you covered. Here is a thoughtfully curated list of 9 stunning pooja room glass designs that will spruce up your space.

1. Pooja Room Glass Design with Intricately Etched Patterns on Glass Doors

Add a tinge of elegance to your pooja room glass design with etched glass doors. A frosted glass with intricately etched patterns reflects artistic depth. You can opt for geometric motifs or holy signs of your choice. May it be a Ganesh art or interesting motifs, spruce up your pooja space with eclectic aesthetics on the glass doors. Frosted glass doors are elegant and timeless elements of interior decor that reflect your exquisite taste.

A mix of refined beauty and grace, mandir door glass design with spectacular etched patterns never goes out of style. You can pair the pooja mandir with opulent lighting and hang bells on the glass doors for an elevated aesthetic.

2. Install a Compact Glass Pooja Room in the Corner

This pooja room glass design is a refined artistic statement that embodies elegance and sophistication. It is a compact glass pooja mandir with glass on all sides. Make heads turn while you showcase your well-appointed space through transparent glass aesthetics. An all-glass pooja room creates an illusion of the sacred place to be an extension of your living room interior design.

A compact glass pooja room design lets ample light into the room and leverages the focus on the idol placement. The glass sides demarcate the sacred place from the rest of the room with a visual appeal. Enliven a divine look with this unique pooja room glass design and level up your interior decor. Pair it up with chandeliers or bright LED lights for a perfect ambience.

3. Add Artistic Depth with Side Glass Partitions to Pooja Room Design

Here is a quick and easy hack if you run out of space and still want a separate pooja place. You can easily utilise any nook of your house to turn it into a pooja room with side glass partitions. The glass side partition demarcates the sacred space from the rest of the living room. Glass has the unique characteristic of letting ample light into the room. Hence, these glass partitions will help to make your pooja space look airy and bright. This pooja room glass design is easy to clean and maintain. It is a perfect amalgamation of minimalism and artistic depth.

4. Go Creative with Sliding Frosted Glass Door

By incorporating a sliding glass door, you can save ample floor space within your pooja room. Opt for a pooja room glass sliding door with metal frames for smooth functionality. Frosted glass sliding doors add to the elegance of the pooja room while introducing a tinge of traditional flair. The frosted glass door creates a sophisticated ambience and helps to maintain privacy in the pooja room.

A sliding glass door can efficiently segregate the pooja room from the rest of the living room without compromising the functional style. Pair it with well-appointed interior furnishings and exquisite lighting for an elevated look.

5. Painted Murals on Stained Glass Doors

Stained glass doors are a popular pick for pooja room glass designs as they provide a platform to reflect your artistic taste and expression with the decor style. Painted murals in different colours, styles and patterns are eye-catchy. May it be a mural of Lord Krishna in vibrant colours or a symbolic motif with a sophisticated layout, painted murals on stained glass doors adds an elegant touch to your pooja room. This design will lend an evolving look to your pooja room even while the door is closed.

6. Pooja Room Glass Design with Unique Backsplash for an Elevated Look

Enliven creative decor in your pooja room by installing an embellished glass display on the background wall of your mandir. This is an exclusive pattern for those who are fond of glass designs but do not want to opt for glass doors in the pooja room. From holy scenes to mythological characters, you can design a fancy backsplash with varied patterns, styles and motifs that best suits your choice. This glass backsplash can be customised according to your preference. It is highly functional and easy to clean and maintain. Pair it up with opulent lighting and traditional decor for a complete look.

7. Lacquered Glass Door for a Sophisticated Pooja Room Design

Lacquered glass is the right pick if you are a fan of glass designs but want secluded privacy in your pooja room. A lacquered glass pooja room design has a vibrant lacquer coating on one side, providing a colourful opacity to the glass door. It creates visual interest and levels up the classy ambience.

Lacquer coated on glass makes it highly durable as the lacquer layer prevents the glass from wear and tear. You can also opt for lacquered glass designs in pooja rooms with conversational open partitions. Lacquering is pocket-friendly and easy to maintain. The lacquered glass designs reflect ample light into the pooja room to create a colourful flair.

8. A Compact Pooja Room Design with Glass Sides

A compact pooja room is a popular choice for urban flats. You can utilise one corner of your living room to install this pooja room designed with glass sides. Traditional wood makes up for the best material to design this compact indoor mandir. You can design the sides of the mandir with frosted or tinted glass with a wooden frame. The glass sides account for upscaling the aesthetics of your room by creating a translucent glare.

Design the size of the pooja room enough to accommodate one person at one time. You can opt for doors or keep the entrance open to let natural daylight into your pooja room. 

9. Pooja Room Glass Design with a Mix of CNC Panelling and Glass

A mix of CNC panelling and glass is a popular method for a contemporary pooja room glass design. If you want to install a pooja space in an already existing architectural set-up, this technique can be helpful for you. The computerised panel cutting formula is a quick hack to design aesthetically appealing jali panels which go well with glass. When combined with glass designs, CNC panels create an enthralling visual interest. This pooja room glass design goes well with almost every house’s interior decor. You can pair it with golden or silver bells and chandeliers for a beautiful ambience.

Wrapping Up

Pooja room is a vital part of your house design plan. Designing the pooja room to create a peaceful and positive ambience is essential. Generally, a secluded space is utilised for this purpose. However, it is necessary to design the pooja room in a way that goes well with the surrounding interior decor of your house. Pooja room glass designs are the way to create a sacred and sophisticated look. Glass lends itself to a wide range of styles and themes- from mural-painted glass doors to compact glass on all sides of the pooja room.

You can opt for a glass mandir design for home that goes well with your floor space, architectural details and artistic taste. If you are unsure about the right pick, contact Homelane for expert advice.


1. Can Pooja Room Be Made of Glass?

Yes, you can install a compact pooja room made of glass. A compact glass pooja room design lets ample light into the room and excludes the sacred place from the rest of the house with a visual appeal.

2. Is Glass Door Good for Pooja Room?

Yes, a glass door is an excellent idea to spruce up your pooja room due to its reflective properties. These doors make the pooja room more functional and provide a glimpse of the deities from the outside. Glass doors for pooja rooms come in various styles, patterns and designs. From sliding glass doors to glass doors etched with Om, you can pick the one that suits your style and personality.

3. Which Door Is Best for God Room?

A glass door with etched patterns or lacquered paint is best for god’s room. While lacquered coating makes the door opaque, preferred for privacy, the etched designs add to the artistic depth of the god room.

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