There are several belief systems that people follow around the world to bring happiness, good health, and prosperity to their homes. The end goal of all these practices is to create a better life for the residents and attract positive energy to the living space.

One of the most popular ancient texts about architecture is the Vastu shastra. It is said to bring luck and positivity to the home by planning and decorating the space optimally. More than religious myths or beliefs, Vastu is rooted in architectural theories that can show results.

Vastu Elements

Why Should You Consider Vastu for Your Home?

Vastu shastra are texts based on the combination of astronomy, art, and astrology. It is the traditional Indian architectural system that revolves around the five major elements: fire, earth, water, air, and space.

Vastu teaches you how to incorporate these five elements in and around your home to fill it with happiness, love, health, and prosperity. Even if you didn’t build your house based on Vastu principles, you could always switch things up while renovating.

Small steps and changes in house arrangements can help bring the goodness of Vastu into your house. So whether you’re a believer, non-believer or sceptic, it doesn’t hurt to try out this ancient theory and see if it brings results.

Consider Vastu for Your Home

Incorporating 5 Vastu Elements Easily for a Perfect and Happy Home

Here’s how you can make sure that the positive vibes of the natural elements bring all great things to your home and family.

Space or Ether

The first element of nature and Vastu is space or ether. It relates to the centre of your house and pertains to your hearing abilities. Vastu says that you should always have an open central space in the house where light can enter. If you cannot afford open space, paint the central part of your house in bright colours like gold.

Incorporating 5 Vastu Elements

Another great way to invoke space is to play soothing or spiritual music in the centre of the house, especially in the morning. To create a calm space, make sure the central area is clean and clutter-free. Space can be represented by the golden colour and any gold colour objects.


Next comes air, which is the second most important element of Vastu. Air represents creativity, happiness, and is an essential part of all living beings. It relates to touch and sound. Vastu instructs you on the right placements of doors, windows, balconies, and ventilation.

air vastu

The correct direction for air inflow is north-west; keep this in mind while building a new house. During the renovation, you can add diffusers at home or make openings for air in the north-west direction. Get indoor plants for purer air, and place wind chimes near windows for a peaceful vibe.

The colours related to air are silver, white, and light grey, the shape is round, and objects are scents, essential oils, and wind chimes. Light incense sticks around the house during sunrise and sunset hours to attract the positive aura of air.


Fire connects you to the sun and represents an eternal source of energy. It radiates motivation, positivity, and strength. Vastu suggests having proper ventilation for the house, with ample places for sunlight to come in.

The right direction of fire is south-east. So place your kitchen cooktop, fireplace, or any fire-related gadgets in that direction. To add elements of fire to the house, you can paint one wall of a room in fire colours, which are orange, red, pink, and bright yellow.

Fire vastu

You can also place candles around your house or add lamps towards the south-east for proper fire incorporation. The shape related to fire is a triangle, and its objects are sunlight, candles, salt lamps, etc.


The next Vastu element is water, which forms the base of all life on earth. It represents calmness, positivity, wisdom, and flexibility.

Water sources in the house can be a waterfall showpiece, swimming pool, well, water tank, aquarium, etc. Objects like mirrors and glasses also relate to this element. Water should be placed in the north-east direction of your house for maximum positive impact.

Water vastu

Outward drains should also be towards the north-east. To incorporate water in the absence of any water source, place a bowl of water with potpourri in the right direction. Water colours are blue and black and its related shape is undulating.


The fifth Vastu element is earth, which represents balance, trust, and management qualities. The earth element relates to materials like ceramic, bricks, soil, clay, etc. Primarily, the earth comes into the picture even before the construction of the house.

If you’re building a new house, check the plot direction, soil, and area of the site. During the renovation, pick earth colours for wall paint and furniture, like light brown, beige, peach, and light yellow.

Earth vatsu

Keep potted plants or other earthy elements in the house to get the smell and energy of the earth inside your home. The square shape relates to the earth, and its objects can be rocks, clay, wish trees, and crystals.

If you have a garden area, walk barefoot on the grass, breathe in the fresh air, and stay close to the natural elements to incorporate earth into your house. A direct connection with the soil helps to keep you healthy and happy.

vastu element

Each house has its own vibes and aura. You can purify and align your home’s positive energy by incorporating the Vastu elements in the correct way. Choosing the right directions and adding the right colours and elements can instill spiritual harmony in your house, which will reflect in your and your family’s lives.

HomeLane can help plan your house design with the right elements to ensure that the space is filled with serenity, positivity, and good vibes.

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