Trends may come and go, but there are some enduring styles that have always stood the test of time. Classic interior design has its roots in the past, and is a tested-and-proven look that is timelessly on-trend. Each traditional theme has very distinctive elements —furniture, textiles, colours, and patterns and accessories—that when put together, create its signature aesthetic.

Are these styles that will work for you? Let’s explore the most popular classic interior design themes, so that you can narrow down your preferences! 

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Midcentury Modern Style

Iconic and very distinctive, mid-century modern refers to the ‘retro’ décor style that was in vogue around the mid 1940s to the 1970s. A complete departure from the highly embellished, extravagant design that had ruled the world of interiors till then, this style used minimal fuss, very little ornamentation, and innovative materials to define its aesthetic.

Midcentury Modern Style

If you were to choose this enduring style, this is what you would be looking at.

  • Sleek lines, with organic shapes and rounded edges were the hallmark of this décor theme.
  • During these decades, designers were all about innovation; and loved to experiment with new materials like fibreglass, plexiglass, tubular frames and plywood. 
  • Laminates had just been invented, and were suddenly found everywhere! Tabletops with highly decorative patterned laminates were considered très chic.
  • The science of ergonomics was coming into its own, and furniture design was inspired by theories of form and function.
  • This style explored a mishmash of patterns that did not have to necessarily match; bright and intricately patterned carpets would sit comfortably next to a bold velvet couch and a pile-up of tasselled, graphic cushions in different colours.
  • You can dial up the mid-century look with exposed stone walls, wood panelling, gracefully curved floor lamps, and metallic or lacquered finishes.

Mid-century modern design has experienced an uptick in popularity in recent years, and its influence can be seen even in contemporary design trends.

Traditional Interior Design

Corner Modern Apartment Oriental SofaOne of the most popular styles, traditional interior design is just about as elegant and classy as it gets. If classical style is what you love, and antiques hold special meaning for you, then this is a theme you would love to explore! 

Traditional style is a look that has been perfected over the years, with timeworn pieces that have aged gracefully and are restful and soothing.

Mediterranean style Living Room

Here’s how to nail this look:

  • Look for symmetry. Set your centre, and mirror whatever is on one side to the other side of the room. For instance, if you have a drop-dead gorgeous pendant light in boxed metal on the right, make sure there’s one on the left too!
  • Embrace rainbow hues, and look for complementary shades that go well with each other, instead of ones that create contrast. Blue, green, aqua and yellow against a backdrop of white would make a lovely palette.
  • Put your travels on display! Create a gallery wall that shows off all your travel posters, collections of quirky hats, and what have you.
  • Layer patterns, but do so tastefully, with a similar thread running through. For instance, florals and checks will go well together if the colours are the same.
  • Wickerwork, whether it’s natural or painted, is a design staple in traditional styled décor. You can create an effortlessly casual look with pretty patterned cushions and lightweight furniture.
  • Crown moulding, chair rails, and wainscoting are frequently used in traditional design to add architectural interest and refinement to walls.

This timeless and highly refined style can be adapted to suit your taste and preferences, creating a home that is as gracious as it is charming!

Timeless Scandinavian Design

Interior Stylish Room Big Bed MirrorThink of Scandi style, and blonde wood, lightweight designs and airy interiors spring instantly to mind. But Nordic-inspired design is so much more than just that!

This pared-down aesthetic is a celebration of nature, and is all about beautiful bones and organic textures. The proponents of this lovely aesthetic believed that our built spaces should be simple, prioritise sunlight and natural materials, and follow clean ways of living. There’s no arguing with that!

Modern Flat Spacious Bedroom Cozy Living

If you’d like to bring the timelessness of Scandinavian design into your home, this is how it’s done:

  • Dial down all the fuss; Nordic designs leave no room for even the slightest bit of ornamentation! Anything that’s not needed is just not there.
  • The easiest way to bring the outdoors in is to fill your spaces with sunlight. Leave windows bare, if it comes to that! Add freshness with greenery; the more plants your room can hold, the better.
  • Anchor the look with natural materials like rattan lamps, real wood floors, linen furnishings and woollen rugs.
  • Use smooth finishes on the furniture and add contrast with textured furnishings. Faux fur cushions, crocheted throws, and rugs that your feet sink into are all welcome.
  • While this look is definitely minimal, it’s by no means impersonal! Add hygge warmth and personal touches with a cosy quilt embroidered by a beloved aunt, or the familiar comfort of hand-me-down trinkets.
  • Pay as much attention to negative spaces as you do to positive elements in your design. Empty spaces add balance and help to draw attention to focal points in the room.

While this seems to be an easy look to pin down, you could end up with décor that’s flat and lacks inspiration. Read our blog to find out how to avoid doing just that!

Classic French Country Style Interior Design

Elegant French Country Style Kitchen BlueThe French have always been known for their exquisite taste and eye for design. French country style interiors are a blend of several favourites: rustic interior design, shabby chic and vintage, to name a few! This popular aesthetic uses soft hues, charming accents and delicately refined patterns to create spaces that are warm and inviting.

Children's Bedroom Large Bed Window Bedside

Here’s how to get the French country vibes in your home:

  • Start with a basic neutral palette and layer it with pastel hues for a relaxed, dreamy ambience.
  • French country decor embraces the idea of open, airy spaces. Light and flowy window treatments allow natural light to fill the room.
  • Console units with pretty turned legs, wingback chairs and carved tables with highly polished tops are typical examples of French furniture.
  • Fabrics play a crucial role in French Country decor. Toile, gingham, and floral patterns are popular choices for upholstery, curtains, and linens. Use finely detailed trims, embroidery and scalloped edges on the window treatments and bed linen.
  • Distressed or whitewashed finishes on furniture and surfaces create a sense of history and time-worn charm, channelling shabby chic vibes.
  • Accessorise with elegant gilded mirrors that have ornate frames, lampshades with carved legs and huge tubs of roses!  

This warm and welcoming décor style harks back to the essence of provincial France, and celebrates simple living and natural beauty.

Elegant Victorian Interior Design

Think tufted couches, elegant armchairs with paisley upholstery and gold-tipped candelabra. Throw in some floral wallpaper, an ornate oval mirror and velvet drapes tied back gracefully with satin strings. Over-the-top and ostentatious, quite the last word in opulence — that’s Victorian style for you!

While this could conjure up images of stuffy and dark rooms that scream of pretentiousness, there are easy ways to bring a Victorian flavour to your home without making it look outdated. Modern Dark Interior Fireplace Flowers CozyWant to embrace the Victorian aesthetic in your home? This is how:

  • Bring in plush comfort with a velvet couch in deep jewel tones—ruby red, emerald green or stunning sapphire. Don’t like the feel of velvet seating? Add a touch of glam with velvet cushions instead.
  • Pick a beautifully detailed antique light fixture, and let it take pride of place in your living or dining room.
  • Opt for ornate cornice work all around the ceiling, and draw the eye upwards by using delicate patterned wallpaper on the ceiling.
  • A chunky ornate mirror, preferably oval, would fit right into this opulent décor style!
  • A statement gallery wall that mixes fading pictures of your ancestors with present-day family portraits, Renaissance style paintings with new-age posters, could bring in an antique flavour to your modern home décor.
  • Use a variety of tones and treatments to add visual interest. Patterned wallpaper, printed textiles, and textured furnishings will echo the Victorian era beautifully.

This much-loved, ornamental style can be quite easily adapted to a modern aesthetic; all you have to do is pick a few focal pieces, and tone down with simple, fuss-free elements for a balanced look.

Transitional Interior Design

Interior Design Concept Modern White Kitchen

Arguably one of the most popular décor styles today, transitional interior design is a lovely mix of the old and the new. It takes the warmth of traditional styles, gets rid of the stuffiness, and adds the cool silhouettes of contemporary designs to reach a happy middle ground. 

Transitional décor is always evolving and ever stylish, evoking a clean and relaxed ambience that is centred around convenience and comfort. 

3D Illustration Rendering Interior Two-storey House

Listed below are some of the characteristic features of this airy aesthetic:

  • This style leans toward the less-is-more approach and prefers a soft, neutral palette.
  • Fine furniture in wood, but without fussy frills and ornamentation, will fit beautifully into this décor theme.
  • Love colours? Feel free to add pops of colour and play around with textures and patterns, adding extra dimension to your spaces!
  • Transitional spaces are a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine elements; so you can expect to have a delicate mirror side-by-side with a gleaming brass statue of horses. Balance is key!
  • While you can travel between different periods, look for a common cohesive element that will tie your look together. This could be colours, textures or even materials.
  • Speaking of materials, organic and natural materials are a great choice for this décor theme!

This is a style that isn’t easy to get right, simply because there are no rules and anything can be made to fit in. But for the very same reason, transitional style is great fun to experiment with; so go ahead and take the plunge! 

Universal Appeal of Classic Interior Design

 Beige Spacious Kitchen Classic Aesthetic Modern

As you can see, each of these classic interior design styles have unique elements that contribute to their universal appeal. The use of rich materials, fine craftsmanship, and attention to detail creates a sense of enduring luxury that withstands the vagaries of changing design trends.

Classic interiors strike the right balance between formality and informality. This versatility allows these designs to be suitable for both formal settings, like grand living rooms, and more casual spaces, like cosy family rooms—making it adaptable to different lifestyles. 

You might be in love with the simple lines of modern Scandinavian design, or the elaborate ornamentation that flavours Victorian themes. Or, it could be the middle ground of transitional styles that take your fancy. Whatever is your personal style and unique aesthetic, make sure to choose a theme that you feel connected to, and that speaks to your soul!

How Can You Get This Look in Your Home? 

Classic interior design has an innate ability to connect with people emotionally, and is easily adapted to suit the needs of different cultures and generations.

For modern elegant home décor that ticks all the right boxes, visit a HomeLane Experience Centre today. Discover our range of décor options, each of which is customisable to reflect your unique style and discerning taste. Speak to our expert designers to get bespoke home designs that are specially put together. just for you!

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