Minimalism as a preferred lifestyle is growing in popularity. Not only is it proven to be a stress reliever, but by living life the ‘less is more’ way, you just might find that you have increased focus on things that are really important. You’ll also be better organised and more efficient, a win-win situation if there was ever one!

Focussing on only what is absolutely essential is a great way to design every room in your home. If you’d like to embrace the minimalistic way of life, why not start with your bedroom? Your bedroom is your safe haven, where you can take refuge from the clutter and chaos of the outside world. A minimalistic bedroom is one that’s designed with clean lines, simple colour schemes and has beautifully clutter-free, well-organised spaces.

Like to try this Zen style of décor in your home? Here are some trendy minimalistic cupboard designs that you can borrow inspiration from!

Pristine White

White is the go-to favourite of minimalism enthusiasts, as it is an elegant colour that goes with anything! This spacious bedroom features fitted storage with simple white laminate shutters and elegant steel handles, with plenty of space within for hanging clothes and storing essentials. Wide and deep drawers in line with the shutters hold bedlinen and towels.

Mirror Magic

A bedroom that’s on the smaller side will appear to be much more spacious if you opt for mirrored shutters on the wardrobes. Here, floor-to ceiling mirrors are divided with horizontal spacers, visually enhancing the space and light in the room. Padded upholstery on the wall above the bed mimics the lines of the rectangular mirrors, while the bed is awash with textures in shades of black and grey.

Glass and Metal

Tall sliding shutters in glass with aluminium frames make this chic and stylish walk-in wardrobe stand apart. Clothes and accessories are neatly organised, each with their own designated space, and everything is visible at one single glance. The pin-striped wallpaper both inside and outside the wardrobe ties the look together. You’ll need to pare down your belongings—there’s absolutely no room for clutter here!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Floor to ceiling mirrors separated by just vertical frames make a stylish statement in this modernist apartment bedroom. An upholstered platform bed in black is the only other colour in the room; everything else is in stark white, adding to the minimalistic feel. The mirrors and reflective floors bounce around light from the windows, making the entire room appear light and lovely.

Suite Stories

This gorgeous bedroom has an en suite walk-in wardrobe that’s fitted with glass doors on pivot hinges. We love the muted minimal palette of beige and brown, and all the thoughtful detailing that ensures that nothing is ever out of place! The furnishings are luxe and very high-end, while the hidden ceiling lights provide a delightful glow.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are a highly functional idea in a bedroom that doesn’t have much circulation space, as there is no need to factor in additional swing space for the doors. In this bedroom, the shutters are in white cedar wood, with glossy grey laminate inserts to alleviate the monotony and add interest. Pale wood floors and furniture extend the same colour narrative.

Blue, Red and White

Not all minimalistic rooms follow an all-white palette! This tri-colour wardrobe uses a triad of white, red and navy blue, creating a bold and seriously stylish aesthetic. A mix of open shelves and closed, lockable shutters help to keep things neatly organised.

Black is Beautiful

Is white just not your thing? Maybe you’ll love this wardrobe in matte black, with long steel handles that run halfway up to the ceiling! The inside shelves are done up in white to provide stark contrast and allow easy visibility. The adjacent wall stays true to the same finish, creating a dramatic impact.

Modern Cottage Style

Woven textures and cottage-style homeliness take centre stage in this pretty bedroom, with a palette of peach, beige and white that is sure to capture your heart. The wardrobe shutters are of wickerwork framed in yellow teak wood, while the lampshades are rattan.

Reflective Squares

High-gloss reflective silver laminate on the shutters of this modern closet adds a high-tech look to this pared-down, restrained bedroom. A bold black half wall behind the bed creates stunning visual impact. Every detail makes a difference, from the modern pendant lamp in white to the fuzzy grey shag rug on the floor.

Storage Wall

In this beautifully designed bedroom, a floating wooden wall houses the flat screen television, while the open space behind features a modern take on a walk-in closet. With two runs of shelves above the hanging space, this spacious closet has concealed lighting and tall glass shutters edged in black. Always maximise the light in the room; by using sheer curtains rather than heavy drapes, you can allow the sunlight to stream in and add natural warmth to your interior.

Whether you’re doing up your home for the first time or redecorating, finding the right designs to suit your personality and your lifestyle can be a challenge. Luckily, you can always fall back on the expertise of the HomeLane design team. We’re just a call away!

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