Mirrors are incredible home decor objects. You can get them in different shapes and sizes, and the frames can be simple or artistically designed, so you have a lot of scope for creativity and style when it comes to mirrors.

You could have ten mirrors in a house, and each one can be unique and completely different from the other. A mirror can be the protagonist or a side actor on a wall; it’s totally up to you.

decorating rooms with mirrors

There are many different ways to decorate a living room with mirrors, and you have to be careful to do it correctly. This article gives you 6 different ways of using mirrors to decorate your living room.

1. Using the Space Above a Cabinet

If you have a cabinet in the living room, a dilemma you have no doubt faced is what to place above it. Leaving it bare tends to make the space look boring, but you also cannot place anything above it. It has to be something that suits the decor and belongs in the living room.

A mirror does the trick. A nice large mirror with a beautiful frame is the perfect object to place (or hang) over a cabinet. It’s clean and crisp so it won’t clash with the rest of the decor and it uses the space above the cabinet nicely.

using space above a cabinet

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

Some mirrors are designed to be placed on the floor. They are generally large and heavy, so hanging them could risk breaking them, and so they are placed on the floor leaning against a wall.

Placing a mirror on the floor of your living room propped against a wall is a great way to spruce up the decor of the room. The mirror reflects objects in front of it and creates the illusion of there being more objects in the room than there really are. You can place decor like plants or a sofa at a distance in front of it, and the mirror will create an interesting symmetry.

floor mirrors

3. Get Creative with the Frame

The mirror and its reflections do not need to be the point of focus always, there’s a lot of scope for creativity in design when it comes to the frame as well. You can buy a mirror with a large and decorative frame and hang it above a cabinet, the mantel, or anywhere in the room where it can be the primary point of attraction.

Because the frame is going to be big, of an abstract shape, and colour, you have to make sure it does not clash with other interior decor elements in the room.

creative mirror frames

4. The Sunburst Mirror Frame

This one focuses on the frame of the mirror as well, but the sunburst mirror frame deserves a separate mention. A ‘sunburst’ mirror frame imitates the sun with the mirror as the core and the frame jutting out like rays. This mirror, along with being the eye-catching piece on the wall, also exudes a warm and comforting vibe and brings the joy of a sunny day into your living room.

Again, you have to make sure the mirror does not clash with other decor elements in the room and it has the space to stand out and shine (pun intended).

sunburst mirror frame

5. A Mirror in the Hallway

If you cannot find a good spot in the main area of the living room to decorate with mirrors, you can hang a mirror on the wall that leads to other rooms. These corridors are generally narrow, and people generally pass by them quickly to get to where they are going. You might not have a lot of space or scope to decorate these walls with prominent objects.

A mirror hung on the corridor wall adjoining the living room looks great. It doesn’t take up too much space and your guests will enjoy looking at themselves as they pass by.

mirror in hallway

6. Using the Space Behind a Sofa

The space on the wall behind a sofa is a great place to hang pictures, paintings, and other decor objects, and that includes a mirror. You cannot hang any item on a wall behind the sofa that you might want to remove and use, because you cannot do so without moving the sofa.

You cannot leave this space empty either; it will look barren and dull. Why not decorate it with a mirror? The mirror will reflect objects from the room giving the illusion that the space above the sofa is well decorated and occupied with items.

using space behind sofa

Mirrors are not too picky and go well with most decor items and colours. Just like with everything else in interior design, however, you have to make sure to not cross the line and go overboard with mirrors. Limit each room to just a few mirrors, and balance utility (using a mirror as a mirror) and style (using a mirror just as a decor prop).

If you’d like to get more tips on revamping your home’s interiors, check out our design journal which is packed with interior design tips and tricks.

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