Lacquered glass can spruce up your kitchen in an instant. Instead of installing ordinary glass over your kitchen cabinets, give it a premium look and feel with lacquered glass. Also known as back painted glass, lacquered glass is made by coating the back of the float glass. A highly durable lacquer is used to get this done. This lacquer is baked afterwards at a constant temperature in a furnace. The result? You’re left with lacquer that’s perfectly bonded to the surface of the smooth glass. This glass is over-cured to lock in unique design features relating to colour as well as opacity.

In this blog, we will look at some interesting lacquered glass kitchen cabinet designs you can take inspiration from. Let’s jump right in.

Idea 1: Lacquered Glass for a Minimalistic Look

If you want to go for a minimalistic look, consider all-white lacquer kitchen cabinets and pair them with modern accessories, as shown above. However, remember that a white lacquer finish is a relatively more high maintenance than other colours for obvious reasons. So make sure that your kitchen is always squeaky clean if you are choosing to go with this finish.

White lacquered glass cabinets

Idea 2: Lacquer Gloss Finish for a Luxurious Look

If an all-white lacquered glass is too bland for your taste, we suggest mixing it up a little. You can go for a dual colour combination of deep (almost wine) red and white (as shown above) to give your kitchen interiors a luxurious and modern look and feel.

Glossy finish lacquered glass cabinets

Idea 3: All Black Lacquer Glass Finish for a Formal, Rich Look

If you’ve got a spacious kitchen at hand, why not go for rich and deep black-coloured lacquered kitchen cabinets as shown above? The sheer sheen on the cabinets exudes an ultra-formal look and makes the kitchen space trendy and gorgeous. You can complement these cabinets with sleek furniture and wooden flooring to complete the look.

Black lacquer glass finish cabinets

Idea 4: Fiery Lacquered Red Glass for a Modern Look and Feel

If you’re not afraid to take it up a notch, might we suggest this fiery and bold lacquered red kitchen cabinet finish? It definitely gives off a retro vibe–straight from the 1960s and brightens up the kitchen surroundings instantly. To complement the scarlet red colour, opt for deeper shades of stove top and countertop so that the balance of colours is not out of place.

Red lacquered glass finish cabinets

Idea 5: Brown Lacquer for an Understated Look

Another popular lacquered glass colour choice is light brown. Take a look at the image above for reference. This brown colour accentuates the kitchen cabinets without letting it overpower the line of sight. The use of warm yellow colour on the walls sits perfectly and gives the kitchen a summery uplift.

Brown lacquer glass finish cabinets

Idea 6: Grey Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets for a European Cool Vibe

Here’s another amazing lacquered finish kitchen cabinet idea you can steal: If you’ve got restored wooden columns of any kind (as shown above), this grey lacquered furniture is worth a shot. Decorate your kitchen with green plants and make the space look warm, cosy, and inviting.

Idea 7: Beige Lacquered Cabinets for an All-Natural Feel

Beige lacquer cabinets never go out of style. You’ll never tire of looking at them because beige trumps all colours. Beige is a warm, natural, and simple colour that goes well with any kind of kitchen interior–whether you’ve got a marble finish or a wooden touch to it. To elevate this look, take a glance at the image above. Beige lacquered kitchen cabinets paired against the exciting and glossy gold wall tiles work perfectly. The kitchen is cosy yet formal, making it an inspired colour combination.

Beige lacquer glass finish cabinets

Idea 8: White Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets for an Evergreen Touch

Another great combination for your kitchen cabinets is the use of white lacquered cabinets set against a beautiful sky blue colour on the walls (as shown above). The colour white effectively illuminates light and the blue colour only adds to its beauty. Despite the space being tight, you’ll never feel that the kitchen is cramped or chaotic. All in all, you’re immediately transported to the outdoors, bang in the centre of your kitchen.

Lacquered glass, if used correctly, can add the ‘x-factor’ to the kitchen. Take inspiration from the ideas mentioned here and elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics to a professional and elegant set-up.

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