Planning an interior scheme involves picking paint colours, deciding on furniture style, adding accessories, and finalising the decor. In all this strategising, we often forget about a very important aspect: the ceiling of the rooms.

After finalising everything else, we give it the last thought and make a quick decision. Or we just install a typical false ceiling and get done with it.

But a well-thought-out ceiling design can make all the difference to your home. This is why we’re now going to focus on decorating that very space which tends to become our blind spot while designing interiors.

How to Give Your Home the Perfect Ceilings

There are many ways in which you can elevate the overall aesthetic of a room by pulling focus to the ceiling. Here’s how.

Statement Ceiling

You can make a statement with the ceiling of your choice by going bold and making it the focus area of the room. Statement ceilings work best in rooms with a neutral colour palette. Make sure not to go overboard with paint colours or decor so that the ceiling remains the star.

You can go for a rustic statement ceiling with patterns, beams, and a depth that fulls attention. Keep the walls light coloured if your ceiling is bold, but don’t be afraid to add a dash of contrast with your furniture choices.

Classic Ceiling Tiles

Who says that a classic ceiling cannot be attractive? You don’t always need to go bold to make your ceiling stand out. Choose traditional ceiling tiles if they match the decor of your room. You can also glue styrofoam tiles to the ceiling for a vintage look.

Ceiling tiles can be matched with floor tiles to give a harmonious look. This design works best for corridors, halls, and other spaces with horizontal depth. Paint the walls bright if your ceiling tiles have a neutral colour.

Textured Beauty

It’s not just the walls that can pull off the texture. Try for a textured ceiling and you will never regret it. You can create textures out of normal ceilings, wooden ceilings, and even concrete ones.

If you have a textured statement wall, carry over the same design to the ceiling for a uniform look. This tells people that you indeed gave a thought about this rare gem. Match the door to the same texture to add a unique look to the space.

Contrasting Effect

Subtle ceilings look great, but can be a little basic. If you want the room to stand out, how about a ceiling that is in contrast with the room’s colour scheme? If your room is painted in dark colours, choose white or something pastel for the ceiling, and if your room is neutral, go with a bold ceiling colour.

Contrasting ceilings have a distinctive look that adds to the appeal of the room. You can place a few small elements matching the ceiling colour around the room if you want the whole interior scheme to be more in sync.

Matching Colours

Matching the ceiling exactly with the wall colours may sound outrageous but it does work. It brings together the whole colour scheme of the room and makes the space look cosy. This design works well with both high and low ceilings.

You can do with colour matching with false ceilings as well. Add some lights to break the monotony, and you’ve got yourself a space that is pleasing to the eye. Make sure the floor isn’t the exact same shade as the rest of the space. Go a shade lighter or darker, or cover up with carpets and rugs.

Central Medallion

If you’re a fan of old-world ceilings, add mouldings and a medallion to bring those classic vibes. Ceiling medallions work best if you have a chandelier or statement light fixture in mind. If not, you can always place the fan in the middle.

Classic white plaster decor with a central medallion looks very pleasing. If your interior scheme is vintage or classic, this is the best ceiling design for you.

Wooden Wonder

Wooden ceilings look extremely good. Even if you don’t have too many wooden elements in the room, you can opt for a wooden ceiling to make an impression.

You can design the ceiling out of wooden planks, beams, tiles, or sheets. Choose something that complements the room without being too basic. It should stand out on its own but also tie up with the rest of the space for a complete look.

Grids and Patterns

Remember the ceilings with beams in old houses that made a grid-like pattern? They looked so regal and classic, bringing to mind the childhood home that one would visit often.

This grid design can be modernised to incorporate in a contemporary home without compromising the elegance of the space. In fact, ceilings with grids and patterns actually look very cool and timeless.

Add pendant lights and low-hanging chandeliers to beautify the grid. If you choose a wooden structure for this design, match it with wooden floors but keep the walls distinct. Don’t go for brightly painted walls though. Let the ceiling shine through.

Ceilings are the hidden areas that can be easily overlooked while designing a house. But once you pay attention to this element, you’ll realise how distinctly it makes a difference to the overall look of a room.

Decorate your home ceilings in a way that each room has a unique and beautiful design. Visit HomeLane for more tips and suggestions on how to plan a perfect home interior design with all elements shining equally.

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