Stylish, minimalistic, and comfortable – that’s Scandinavian home decor for you. Its crisp lines and clear flat surfaces have homeowners (and even designers) drooling over how easy it is to make your home luxe.

However, this rising popularity of Scandinavian home decor has also resulted in rumours and misinformation floating around. We have rounded such common mistakes that are diluting the spirit of a truly Scandinavian design.

Not Everything Is Beautiful in White

While white is a common base colour for Scandinavian homes – it’s not all that there is to the colour scheme. In fact, there are other neutral colours deserving of your attention!

Unfortunately, people turn a blind eye to such options and try to get a snow-white home which just makes your home look overly harsh, and uncomfortable. Not to forget that you might just lose your mind trying to keep your home pristine. So, incorporate shades of tan, beige, blush, mint, greyish blue, and pastels to make the room sing!

Look beyond Wood

Scandinavian home decor borrows heavily from nature. As such, you will see an abundance of wooden elements – from furniture to decorative items. However, Scandinavian homes strive to have a blend of materials that are not just wood – think metals, leather, and stones. It breaks the visual monotony and brings varied textures to the home. Even the understated beauty of mix-materials across your home can make it visually stunning without compromising function.

Leaving Out the Bare Necessities

Alright, here’s where people truly misunderstand Scandinavian home decor. Sure, it is meant to be minimalistic and de-cluttered. But getting overzealous about cleansing your home will cause it to look one-dimensional and plain. Plus, you might end up getting rid of the bare necessities that you actually need around your home!

Remember, Scandinavian home decor is about utility and comfort rather than creating negative black holes around your home. So, do not feel guilty about having a few extra throw pillows or a bunch of candles – and beyond!

Keeping Nature Out

As mentioned previously, Scandinavian homes are greatly inspired by nature. And how can you appreciate nature when the great outdoors stays outdoors? Welcome small indoor plants into your home and notice how they will elevate your mood and general well-being.

At the same time, you can also become one with nature by incorporating natural fabrics like wool, linen, jute, mohair, etc. As a last resort, you can check out home decor items carrying subtle animal or plant prints to connect with the natural world.

Forgetting to Add a Personal Touch

With so many Scandinavian home inspirations readily available on the internet, you just might end up mimicking a design and templatizing your home. However, your home is your personal sanctuary and should reflect your personality – either through colours, decor, ambience, or any other characteristics. And so, rather than following online designs to the T, feel free to mix and match items that you believe are a reflection of your being. From keepsakes to heirloom items – display what you hold important.

Breaking the Bank over Scandinavian Style

Sure, transforming your home using Scandinavian style will require some investment. You might also have to replace a few big-ticket items like the furniture (although not necessarily). But people get so fixated on the catalogue images and wanting everything “perfect” that they often end up overspending as they shop for the look.

Hunt for cheaper alternatives, look for ongoing sales and deals, and even purchase pre-loved items – these are just a few ways in which you can save a pretty penny without diverting from your vision.

What Happened to Hygge?

Some images of Scandinavian-style homes that you might see online would often be staged. And if you were to focus purely on the aesthetics, you might end up making your home virtually unlivable! When this feeling of ‘go big or go home’ takes over you, remind yourself of hyggeHygge is the driving force behind Scandinavian home decor – it is a quality of cosiness and comfort that induces a feeling of wellness and contentment. So stop stressing over the little things and enjoy your home in the moment.

Trying Too Much and Too Hard

To continue, in a way, with the previous message, try not to overcomplicate things. Scandinavian decor stresses quality over quantity, and function over form. And nobody knows your home better than you. So, pick what you need and shed everything else that seems impractical.

Take a few calculated risks and undo things that don’t quite gel. It might take you some time to get an ideal version of the Scandinavian home that works for you so don’t try to hasten the process. If anything, we highly recommend that you enjoy the journey until your home takes its final shape.

Embracing the Scandinavian design is effortless, provided that you avoid some of the mistakes highlighted above. Continue evolving the decor to add your personal flair and preferences. Eventually, you will discover a style that not only feels like “this is it” but is also timeless enough to stick around for some time.

To read more about home decor and to bring your dream home to life, check out the HomeLane blog!

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