Imagine waking up in the morning to a messy wardrobe with clothes spilling out vs. an organized wardrobe where everything is in its place, allowing you to see everything clearly and make new combinations.

Which one do you like better?

If you chose the latter, you are in the right place! We have the top 10 picks of stylish loft sliding wardrobe designs for you that are functional and will give your bedroom a chic look.

bedroom sliding wardrobe designs with loft

Unlike hinged doors that open outside, sliding doors slide from side to side. This allows you to save a lot of space and give you an opportunity to design sliding doors with a variety of ideas like reflective mirrors, bold prints, glossy finish, and much more.

Read on to understand why you should consider getting a sliding door wardrobe and the various stylish designs available.

Advantages of A Sliding Door Wardrobe

Here are some major advantages of a sliding door wardrobe:

  1. They are more stable and sturdier compared to the hinged door. Over time hinges get old and lose their grip. However, you will not face such an issue with sliding doors. They are more durable and require much less maintenance than hinged doors.
  2. They are easy to maintain. All you have to do is oil the sliding track timely to ensure smooth operating of the door.
  3. If you have a sliding door wardrobe that runs the entire length of the room, you will get much more space than a hinged door wardrobe. The extra space can be used for accessories like shoes, bags, jewellery, etc.
  4. If designed properly, they can make the room appear bigger. For instance, glossy and mirrored designs will create a refractive effect in the room.
  5. Sliding door wardrobes are great for smaller rooms. You will space a lot of space that would have otherwise been occupied while opening hinged doors.

Now that you know why a sliding door wardrobe is the best choice, let’s explore the different designs!

Bright Colours and Patterns: Wardrobe for Kid’s Room

If you need a wardrobe for your kid’s room, then this bright dual-coloured sliding wardrobe combined with fun prints and patterns can be the right choice for you.

As the image shows, you can extend the side of the wardrobe into a study table, making the design highly functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. You can choose the pattern and colour according to your kid’s likes and preferences.

Additionally, the floor area right in front of the wardrobe is saved due to the advantage of sliding doors that can be used as the play area or sitting area.

patterns wardrobe for kid's room

Wooden Black Sliding Wardrobe

If you have a big room and looking for a walk-in closet combined with a wardrobe look, you might like this design. The solid black wooden sliding wardrobe doors can be easily matched with the other furniture in your bedroom.

For instance, you can match the headboard of your bed with the black wooden doors of the wardrobe. Moreover, as the sliding doors look similar to a door, you can accentuate them further by adding picture frames or other art.

wooden black sliding wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe with Mirror

Do you have a small room and looking for ways to make it appear bigger? Mirrored wardrobes are the solution to your problem!

The reflective mirror sliding doors will make your room look grand and sophisticated.

Do you know the other major advantage of mirrored wardrobe doors?

You will not be required to put another mirror in your dressing area! You can simply pull-out clothes from your wardrobe, get ready, and check your look in the mirror.

sliding wardrobe with mirror

See-Through Sliding Door Wardrobe

Are you a highly organized person and arrange your wardrobe on a regular basis? If your answer to this question is yes, only then is this design recommended for you!

It is a very bold choice and will give your bedroom a statement look.

As shown in the picture, you can pair the transparent sliding doors with lamps to give your bedroom a complete look. An additional tip, you can go for a transparent sliding door wardrobe and have an extra wardrobe at the same time.

You can use the transparent wardrobe to keep your fancy clothes which need less organizing, whereas keeping your everyday clothes and private belongings in the other extra wardrobe.

transparent sliding door wardrobe

Wood Brown Combo Sliding Wardrobe

This is a classic wooden design and will never go out of style. Even if you change the other elements of your bedroom, this wardrobe design will blend in seamlessly!

The pairing of brown with wood will make your room appear bigger and bring attention to your wardrobe. The wide sidelining adds more chicness to the already stylish wardrobe.

You can change the colour combination with the wood according to your preferences and requirements.

One pro tip: yellow lights will enhance the colours of the wardrobe further, do what you will with that!

wood brown combo sliding wardrobe

White Glossy Sliding Wardrobe with Loft

This is a very brave and bold design for your wardrobe, and if paired right, it will make your room look stylish effortlessly!

You can pair this glossy white sliding wardrobe with some graphic prints to give your room a three-dimensional look. For instance, you can use graphic tiles for one section or corner of your room.

Other furniture in the bedroom, like the bed, side tables, and chairs in greyscale, will accentuate the glossy effect further.

As shown in the picture, graphic design pillows and greyscale bedding is setting the right contrast and accentuate the room subtly.

white glossy sliding wardrobe with loft

Baby Pink Sliding Door Wardrobe for A Bold Look

Do you have a teenager who is a big fan of the South Korean girl band Blackpink? If yes, they will love this baby pink sliding wardrobe!

Just like the band, the wardrobe also looks larger than life and will add the right oomph factor to the room.

As shown in the picture, a wardrobe of this size can store not only clothes but also other private belongings. Moreover, the glossy finish of the black area has a reflective effect making the room appear bigger than its actual size.

Pair the bedding and other accessories in the room, like study tables, bed tables, chairs, etc., with an equally bold glossy pink & black combination to give the room a proper finish.

baby pink sliding door wardrobe

Glossy Black 3-Door Sliding Wardrobe

If you are looking for a dark glossy look, then this glossy black 3-door sliding wardrobe will suit your taste. However, keep in mind that black might make your room appear smaller.

As a solution, keep the other elements of the room in lighter shades like white, grey, and pastels. The contrast of black and white will make a huge difference and breathe some energy into the room.

You can add a pop of more colours to the room by adding a bright-coloured sofa or chair.

Also, pay some attention to the flooring you select, as flooring designs can also transform a space enormously. You can pair black glossy wardrobe doors with reflective tiles to add to the glossy sheen effect.

glossy black 3 door sliding wardrobe

Japanese Themed Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Design with Loft

If you look at Japanese architecture closely, you will notice that sliding doors and windows play a major role in their design ideas. A lot of times, sliding doors as used as dividers in Japanese households, referred to as Shoji doors.

Shoji doors are translucent dividers with wooden framing. Many other architectural styles have now adapted the Japanese style in their design.

As shown in the picture, the sliding doors of the wardrobe are styled as Shoji doors. The colour contrast gives the room a very breezy look which can be further highlighted through yellow lighting.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for fully opaque doors or translucent doors.

japanese themed wooden sliding wardrobe

The Distinct Printed Pattern Sliding Wardrobe Look

If you are of the belief that simple bedroom interior designs are boring, do not worry, we got you. Just for you, we have hand-picked this design which will swing in a great element of fun in your bedroom.

You can modify this design as per your preferences, like fish patterns, dog paws, birds, and giraffes; the list is endless. As an added advantage, this type of distinct design will also be loved by the young members of the family as it will match their enthusiastic and chirpy mood.

You might have to carefully consider while designing the other elements of the room as these distinct patterns are tricky to pair.

printed pattern sliding wardrobe

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our top 10 picks have proved to be beneficial for you and will lessen your dilemma of choosing the right bedroom sliding wardrobe design with a loft. We understand it can be a tiring process as it requires a lot of deliberation. If you are thinking of giving your room a makeover and are confused about designing, we are here for you.

Reach out to a team of consultants at HomeLane to know about some latest designs which can suit your requirements.

sliding wardrobe with loft designs


What are the benefits of sliding wardrobe design?

Here are some other benefits of sliding door wardrobe designs:

  1. Sliding doors are more stable and robust than hinged doors. Hinges age and lose their grip over time. However, this problem does not occur with sliding doors. They are more durable than hinged doors and require far less maintenance.
  2. Sliding doors are extremely easy to maintain. All you have to do is lubricate the running rails timely to ensure the gate moves smoothly.
  3. A wardrobe with sliding doors that span the entire room gives you much more space than a wardrobe with hinged doors. Extra space can be used for shoes, bags, jewellery, and other accessories.
  4. Proper design can make your room look bigger. For example, a glossy mirrored design creates a refraction effect in the space.
  5. The sliding door wardrobe is perfect for small spaces. The space that would otherwise have been occupied when the hinged door was opened is now fully available.

What are the different types of sliding wardrobe designs?

Some of the very popular sliding wardrobe design ideas are:

  • Mirrored sliding doors – Mirror doors will help create a refractive effect in the room and make it appear bigger than its actual size.
  • Dark wood sliding doors – For those who are convention at heart, the dark wood sliding door design will suit them the best. It can be easily contrasted with other elements in the room with light and pastel-coloured themes.
  • Glossy laminated doors – If you want to increase the brightness in your bedroom, then pastel-coloured glossy laminated sliding doors are the answer for you. They are also highly economical compared to other materials.
  • Customized sliding doors – Sliding doors can be customized according to the owner’s choices and specifications.

What are the different types of wardrobes?

Some major types of wardrobes are:

  • Sliding door wardrobe with loft designs
  • Hinged door wardrobes
  • Walk-in closets
  • Free standing wardrobes
  • Concealed wardrobes

Which wardrobes are more durable and why?

Sliding door wardrobes are more durable because they do not operate on hinges that get rusty over time. Additionally, sliding door wardrobes are easier to maintain as compared to hinged doors.

Are there any disadvantages of sliding door wardrobes?

Yes, there are a few disadvantages of sliding door wardrobe like:

  • Dirt can accumulate on the sliding track over time. It can be difficult to remove the dirt manually. One might need cleaning devices like a vacuum cleaner to clean out the dirt.
  • At one time, only one sliding can be opened, which prohibits the user from accessing all the contents of the wardrobe. This is a problem, especially with small-sized sliding door wardrobes.
  • Although sliding door wardrobes are highly durable, the doors might start drifting off their sliding track with time.

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