Designing a staircase may not always get as much attention as compared to the rest of the house. However, a badly placed staircase can invite negative energies and repel the positive vibes of any other Vastu principles you apply in the rest of your home. On the other hand, a correctly designed staircase can bring wealth, health and peace of mind to your home.

You may have several doubts regarding the staircase positioning, direction, number of steps, and so on. In this post, we’ll share top tips that will address any queries you may have about designing a staircase as per Vastu principles.

Staircase Direction As Per Vastu

Build your staircase in the southwest, west or southern part of the house. Avoid constructing it anywhere else, especially the northeast side, as that is believed to cause financial losses to the owner.

Remember to begin your staircase from north to south or east to west. You can incorporate a turn to the other side if you don’t have enough space.

It’s also believed that circular or spiral staircases and staircases circling the house can lead to adverse health or calamities. Square or rectangular stairs that bend at an angle are ideal. Their risers should not be too high or too steep.

Staircase Vastu principles recommend that staircases should be designed in a way that you climb them from north to south or from east to west. Any other direction is considered to be negative.

If the staircase is positioned right before the entrance of the house, it’s considered an imbalance. Nevertheless, this can be offset by placing indoor plants in front of the staircase.

staircase direction as per vastu

Internal Staircase as Per Vastu

internal staircase as per vastu

The location of the internal staircase as per Vastu depends on what direction the house faces:

Staircase Vastu for East-Facing House

If you have an east-facing house, your staircase can be erected towards the south-west, west, or south, but never in the northeast. This is because sunlight enters your home from the northeast. Further, the stairs should have a clockwise orientation.

Staircase Vastu for North-Facing House

North-facing homes should also avoid having internal stairs erected towards the northeast. Have your stairs going from north to south or east to west.

Staircase Vastu for West-Facing House

The best direction for the internal staircase in a west-facing home is southwest. It’s also best to place the stairs near the entrance.

Staircase Vastu for South-Facing House

South-facing homes can build their staircase in the house’s south, southeast, west, or northwest part. It’s advisable to let the stairs flow from east to west.

Can Stairs be Anticlockwise?

Staircase Vastu says that staircases are spaces of flowing energies. So, they should always turn clockwise as you go up.

anticlockwise stairs

Where to Construct the Staircase?

Don’t build staircases in such a way that the stairs are completely visible to outsiders or guests, especially not in the centre of the house.

If they’re fully visible, it’s considered to be inauspicious. Build it on the side of your house to let the energy flow.

Staircase Position As Per Vastu

If the staircase is positioned right before the entrance of the house, it’s considered an imbalance. Nevertheless, this can be offset by positioning indoor plants in front of the staircase.

It’s also advisable to design a roof that slopes towards the north or east at the top of the staircase.

staircase position as per vastu

Number of Steps in a Staircase As Per Vastu

Staircase Vastu guidelines suggest that the number of stairs must be an odd number. Further, the number shouldn’t end with a zero.

This is mainly because most people are right-handed and start with their right foot while climbing a staircase and also end the climb on the same foot.

number of steps in a staircase as per vastu

Staircase Colours According to Vastu

Staircase Vastu principles state that staircases must be painted in light and calming colours like white, beige, light grey, pastels or shades of light blue or brown. Avoid red and black, as they bring in negative energy.

staircase colours according to vastu

Where to Position Doors Around a Staircase?

Construct doors at the beginning and end of your staircase. Also, ensure that the stairs don’t touch the northern or eastern walls.

positioning doors around a staircase

What Do you Keep under the Stairs?

It’s best to design a well-organised storage area underneath your stairs. Create pull-out drawers and racks for organising your shoes, jackets, sports equipment, music equipment or anything else that you need to organise.

Can you make a bathroom under the stairs? Based on staircase Vastu, it’s not advisable to build a bathroom, a kitchen, or a pooja room under a staircase.

what to keep under the stairs

Vastu for a Staircase Outside the House

Vastu for staircases outside the house can be different from Vastu for staircases inside the house.

You can build your external stairs in the following manner as per staircase Vastu:

  • In the southeast direction facing the east
  • In the southwest direction facing the west
  • In the northwest direction facing the north
  • In the southwest direction facing the south

Staircase Vastu suggests avoiding staircases encircling the building as this is believed to lead to calamities.

vastu for a staircase outside the house

Some Big No-Nos As Per Staircase Vastu

Here are a few things you should avoid while designing a staircase according to Vastu:

  • Never have the staircase face north-east (for any kind of home).
  • Avoid spiral staircases as they are believed to be harmful to health.
  • Do not have staircases encircle your property, as this is considered inauspicious.
  • Never end the number of steps with a zero.
  • Don’t touch the stairs to the northern or eastern walls.
  • Ensure the staircase is not directly visible to your visitors.
  • Mend broken steps immediately.
  • Never build a bathroom, kitchen, or puja room under the staircase.

big no-nos as per staircase vastu

These staircase Vastu tips will help bring health, wealth and positivity to your family. The experienced designers at HomeLane can help you design the perfect staircase, along with advising you on the best home interior design options. Why not contact us right away to discuss your requirements?


1. How Many Stairs Are Lucky?

According to staircase Vastu, the number of steps in a staircase should always be odd and never end in zero. This is because most people start walking with their right foot and so should also end their ascent/descent with the same foot.

An odd number of stairs, such as 9, 11, 15, and 21, is considered the most auspicious for homes.

2. Which Type of Staircase Is Best as per Vastu?

Square or rectangular-shaped stairs are considered best for both internal and external staircases, as per staircase Vastu. These steps bend at the right angle, which ensures a good flow of positive energy in the home.

Plus, they’re practical to design. If your staircase is too steep, you feel drained each time you use it. Hence, staircase Vastu experts advise avoiding spiral staircases.

3. Which Direction Is Good for Stairs?

For houses facing east, north, or west, the best direction to build internal staircases is southwest, followed by west and south. South-facing homes can build their staircase in the house’s south, southeast, west, or northwest parts.

However, all houses must avoid having stairs in the northeast as per Vastu staircase direction guidelines. They also recommended designing staircases for climbing from north to south or east to west.

4. What Is the 18 Rule for a Staircase?

Rule 18 for stairs says that the rise and run of each stair should ideally be 18 inches. The measurement provides the most comfortable stride for most people. You can go one inch above or below, but a deviation of more than that will result in too small or too big steps for many people.

5. Which Staircase Is Best for Small Spaces?

Though many small house owners may be tempted to design a spiral staircase, it’s not well recommended by staircase Vastu. Square and rectangular-shaped stairs are best for all houses, big or small.

As a space-saving tactic, you can go for slim-width staircases with thin wire railings. Just ensure that they turn clockwise as you go up.

6. What Does Vastu Say about Having Steps in Front of the Main Door?

Staircase Vastu experts recommend not having steps right in front of the main door, especially where the upper floors are rented. It can impact the occupants’ success and lead to financial losses for the owner.

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