It was after the massive Earthquake of 1897 the British colonial administration in Assam developed the Assam type house design. This design aimed to withstand such calamities. Let us look at some of the Assam type house design Ideas you can incorporate into your homes:

  1. The Traditional and Credible Assam Type House Design
  2. Incorporating the Authenticity of Assam Type House Designs Into A Modern Home
  3. Chang House-Style Homes in The City
  4. Traditional Home Interiors
  5. The Lavish and Royal Assam-style Bungalow
  6. Ultra-Modern Living Room Designs in Authentic Assam Type House Design
  7. Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Strong All the Way!
  8. Imbibe the Love for Slopes and Slants
  9. Fascinating and Warm Assam House Bedroom Style
  10. Rustic Look of a Traditional Wooden Bathroom

assam type house front design

Authentic Assam Type House Designs for You to Explore

1. The Traditional and Credible Assam Type House Design

These are low-budget traditional houses that are very different from the ones that are centred on fashion and worldview. The beauty and design here are holistic and practical. The use of Ikra, wood, reed and mud plaster empowered these houses to survive the test of time.

credible assam type house design

You will be amazed at the flexibility and sturdiness of these Assam type house designs, which suffer zero breakage or damage. The authentic design reminds us of how our ancestors lived peacefully. You don’t have to worry about environmental externalities with such house designs!

traditional assam type house design

2. Incorporating the Authenticity of Assam Type House Designs Into A Modern Home

It is possible to adopt the authenticity and reliability of ancient traditional Assam type house designs when constructing modern homes. Incorporating natural materials is the highlight here. To get the best of both worlds, you can add natural materials like wood, bamboo, brick, and mud plaster to your modern home design.

As you can see in the picture, the exterior walls and roof style implement the Assam style housing. This is apt for an environment that is susceptible to serious weather changes. More importantly, it creates an additional blanket of security for you and your family. This is one of the reasons why such house designs in Assam are popular.

modern assam type house designs

3. Chang House-Style Homes in The City

Also known as stilt houses, these houses were constructed by the native people who lived in the Himalayan region. These houses got their name from the indigenous people of the Chang family in Assam.

One of the key highlights of these homes is the 5-7 steps to reach the Assam type house front design. This is done to protect your homes from floods and heavy rains. The design element is traditional and has its unique warmth and appeal.

Another note-worthy feature of this Assam type house design is the front porch, ample verandah space, and the deeply sloped roof. Such designs are preferred by people who love having large outside spaces like large porch areas or extensive gardens.

chang house-style homes

4. Traditional Home Interiors

If you have a large family, you can build beautiful Assam type house designs with this idea. This design incorporates a central hall with a compact modular kitchen design perfect for large families.

The walls are plastered using bamboo or reed wicker or with layers of clay. This design belongs to the Assam type house design low budget category, which can suit your pocket while giving an ultra-modern floor plan. Don’t miss the ample use of brick that gives a vintage feel to the entire space.

traditional home interiors

5. The Lavish and Royal Assam-style Bungalow

It’s a misconception that you can apply the Assam type house design only to low-profile mud houses. This majestic Assam type house design new model bungalow incorporates the goodness and wellness of natural materials. It uses natural materials like wood, Ikra, and mud plasters that can protect your house from externalities.

Raised on a slope, this high-end regal bungalow design perfectly combines modern and authentic. You can see that this bungalow design is adopted by several contemporary homeowners today.

royal assam-style bungalow

6. Ultra-Modern Living Room Designs in Authentic Assam Type House Design

This one is for you if you want a modern living room interior design while retaining the uniqueness and warmth of a traditional home. The timber-coated walls and floors and the mid-century style of the living room is the most attractive area of this space. It beautifully replicates the Assam type house designs.

Furnished with comfortable and soft sofas, warm rugs, and large windows, this space spells positivity and a distinctive charm that is difficult to obtain in modern homes. When adopting this style, keep the interiors minimal and focus on the beauty of the area your living room opens to.

ultra-modern assam type house design

7. Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Strong All the Way!

The core objective of merging modern home designs with Assam type house designs is to respect nature. While you can incorporate various materials to make your home sturdier against calamities, you must also imbibe the environmental sustainability factor.

Check out this simple brick fireplace with wide wood and modern aesthetics decorating the fireplace ledge. Don’t miss the way the interiors have been modernised using lightweight furniture and small accents like a mirror, plants, a basket and candle stands.

eco-friendly assam type house designs

8. Imbibe the Love for Slopes and Slants

Beautiful Assam type house designs come with stilts, slopes, and vaults. This can be a perfect example of creating a dining space that is compact but beatified.

You can achieve this by pairing your low vaulted ceiling with wooden aesthetics. The floor-to-ceiling windows also welcome natural light to enter the space. The instant impression of such a place will fill your heart with warmth and make you feel at home.

beautiful assam type house designs

9. Fascinating and Warm Assam House Bedroom Style

This a mesmerising and attractive bedroom interior design idea for people who want a space that is not ultra-modern or technologically smart. People are switching to authentic home interiors in their modern homes because of the relentless beauty, security, and comfort they offer.

This bedroom design may be low on space, but it has magnificently carved all the necessary pieces of utility. This is why it is admired by many. Assam home designs are all about patterns, designs, styles, and love for nature. These wood-carved traditional beds, cabinets, and patterned walls perfectly embody that.

warm assam house bedroom style

Another style incorporates fancy lights and chandeliers to a vaulted ceiling, wooden flooring, cabinetry, and a modern bedroom wardrobe design. The addition of an elegant extended headboard design is a modern feature in this classic bedroom design.

assam type house design low budget

10. Rustic Look of a Traditional Wooden Bathroom

Just like in Assam, you can use walnut, spruce, or larch hardwood to decorate and imbibe the authenticity of traditional bathrooms. For modern bathroom interior designs, you must consider the amalgamation of a beautifully carved vanity design and peculiar wooden frames.

Employing wooden designs in your modern bathrooms will attract the attention of anyone who comes to your house. This will not only create a style statement but also be functional, as hardwood is resistant to moisture.

 beautiful assam type house


In these modern times, it is easy to build houses. You must prudently use these ideas and apply them to your modern homes to get the best of both worlds. This is why Assam type house designs are gaining popularity.

You may wonder why you should go for a house design in Assam in ultra-urban and metro cities. The idea of adopting the Assam home design is not only for protection and uniqueness, but it is also to apply the authenticity of these houses in contemporary styles.

To know more about beautiful Assam type house designs and take professional opinions about how you can incorporate some of these designs into your modern homes, contact the designers at HomeLane.

assam house design


1. What are the most common Assam type house designs?

Some of the most common kinds of Assam type house designs are made using Ikra, Chang-styled construction, bamboo, clay, and mud plasters.

These are built to be strong against earthquakes, along with protection against other natural disasters. These include floods and landslides that plague the northeastern part of the country to stabilise the structure of the house further.

2. What kinds of roofs are used in Assam type house designs?

Normally the roofs in Assam type house designs are slanting and stilted. These roofs protect the homes from heavy rainfall and floods. These roofs also prevent leakages in the houses and rainwater from getting gathered on the patio.

3. What Is the Height of Assam type house designs? 

The typical height of an Assam type house design is 3.5 meters, and usually, it is a one or two-storey house. Typical structural walls have densities of up to 20% and use various flooring materials.

These materials include wood floorboards in stilt houses and clay plaster floors in rural areas. Assam houses are equipped with an elevation that protects them from heavy rain.

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