Whether you have a small house or a huge flat, a sacred space for holy rituals is a significant aspect of every house design. Mandir design on the wall is a convenient way of planning your sacred space with utmost ease and minimal maintenance.

You can choose from various patterns, designs and styles for a perfect mandir design that goes well with your home’s interior decor. Here are 10 incredible mandir designs on the walls to help you pick the most suitable one for your home type.

1. Triangular Head Mandir Design on Wall for Positive Cosmic Energy

If you are an avid believer in cosmic energy, this mandir design on the wall is the perfect pick for you. A triangular top of the mandir design depicts the absorption of energy from the sun and levels up the interior decor of your house.

You can opt for pleasant colours like white, beige or aureate that create a soothing vibe. Mandir designs made of wood open up an array of options when it comes to evolving patterns. You can pair the Devara design with LED strip lighting for a bright flair.

Decorate the top roof of the mandir with opulent bells in a well-appointed row for a traditional vibe. This mandir design on the wall can have open drawers in the lower section to store holy books and devotional accessories.

2. Tintless White Mandir Design on Wall with Exquisite Jali Doors and Spacious Bottom Shelves

Brighten a corner of your room by installing a white mandir with exquisite jali doors. The jali doors designed in intricate patterns add to the artistic depth of the mandir design.

You can opt for two equal-sized doors that open towards the outside. A proper hinge system will make the functioning pattern smooth. Add multiple shelves to the Devara design on the wall for storage purposes of pooja items.

3. Box-Shaped Mandir Design on Wall for an Elevated Look

The box-shaped mandir design on the wall is a bespoke creation that adds oomph to your interior decor and creates a tranquil vibe in the house. You can use fine-quality Beachwood painted with a colour of your choice.

The popular colour combination for box-shaped mandir design is golden, white and brown installed on a white wall. You can opt for well-crafted wooden doors with intricate carvings to create visual interest.

Pair it up with opulent lighting placed inside the box-shaped mandir design for a classy ambience. This design goes well in your living room or opposite your main entrance. You can decide on a particular corner dedicated to everyday traditional rituals.

4. Add Elegance to Your Living Room with an Arch-Shaped Mandir Design on Wall

Arch-shaped mandir design on the wall adds artistic depth to your living room. You can adorn a corner of your room with an exquisite mandir design made of dark-coloured wood.

Plan the design with ample space to place an idol of your choice. Golden jali doors go well with dark coloured arch-shaped mandir design.

Pair the mandir design with customary wallpapers of elegant motifs to create a vibrant ambience. Install LED light strips in a row inside the mandir design to create an interesting visual appeal.

5. Opt for a Mandir Design on Wall with an Elegant Backlit Jali

This is a timeless yet unique mandir design on the wall. A backlit jali designed in intricate patterns of floral veins is an eclectic creation. You can opt for a dark-coloured mandir design combined with a white backlit jali.

The contrasting colours of this design lend extra oomph to the room’s overall ambience. You can place the mandir design in any compact corner of the room.

Place the backlit jali behind the idol to illuminate the space and create a divine vibe. You can add an extra lower wooden shelf to store your pooja accessories like diyas and scented sticks.

6. Opt for a Tintless White Marble Mandir Design on Wall

Are you a fan of Scandinavian interior decor but worried about how to incorporate it into your mandir design on the wall? Here is the right pick for you. You can opt for a tintless white marble mandir design combined with a jaali back panel.

Design the wooden back panel with floral or geometric motifs to lend artistic versatility to the mandir design. Place the marble mandir design over a wall-mounted base unit to maintain hassle-free balance. 

7. Design an Exclusive Mandir Wall with Artistic Wooden Rafters

If you want to customize your mandir design on the wall with a personal touch, this design is a perfect pick for you. This mandir design can be made by treating the existing wall as an accent statement and placing wooden rafters on the ceiling.

You can position the open shelves with column-like precision, exemplifying easy accessibility. Place the idol on the wooden shelves and pair the wooden rafters with opulent lighting. You can hang brass bells from the wooden rafter to create a classy ambience. 

8. Go Creative with a Contemporary Halo-like Mandir Design on Wall

Design an exclusive mandir on the wall that will reflect your classy style and personality. This eclectic mandir design on the wall is a magical alchemy of perfect pattern and contemporary aesthetics.

Install a circular wooden panel attached to a single shelf on the wall. This will create halo-like imagery. You can place the idols on the open shelf or hang portraits with a hook from the wooden board. Pair it up with opulent LED lighting for a complete look.

9. Design a Vertical Mandir on Wall with Wooden Open Shelves to Maximize Space

This is a simple design which requires a smart plan. You can now utilize the space above your crockery unit to create a mandir design on the wall. Install two vertical wooden shelves, one above the other with ample space in between, and hang traditionally designed pooja bells on both ends.

This design is a quick hack to put minimum space to maximum use. You can place portraits of gods and goddesses on the open shelves. They are easily accessible for everyday pooja.

10. Opt for an Uncluttered Look with a Minimalistic Mandir Design on Wall

Install a square-shaped wall-mounted wooden panel with three open shelves. You can divide the panel into two vertical halves, with one shelf on the right side and two shelves on the left side.

The shelves’ placement with precision makes this minimalist design stand out. It provides maximum space to place your idols and makes the area look clutter-free. You can adhere to pooja room Vastu directions to place the unit at the right corner of your house.


Simple pooja mandir designs for walls come in various styles, patterns and colours. They are easy to maintain and create an elevated ambience. From intricate jaali doors to sleek wall-mounted ledge, enliven the traditional vibe and a divine feeling with modern mandir design on the wall.

Wall pooja room designs are a great way to save up your floor space without having to compromise with the interior decor. It is the best way to put your empty wall space to maximum utilization.

If you are looking for mandir design options for your wall but are confused about the right pick, get in touch with Homelane for expert advice. Connect now and book a free design consultation.


1. Where do you hang a temple?

You can hang a mandir design on the wall of your living room. However, you can opt for other rooms in your house depending on the space availability. Adhere to pooja room Vastu directions to select the right wall for hanging a temple. Northeast is the suggested temple direction in a house, as per Vastu.

You can pray while facing towards the north or the east. However, you need to be cautious about not hanging your mandir on a wall that is under any stairway or near the bathroom.

2. Is it okay to hang a mandir on a wall?

Yes, contemporary interior designs suggest hanging mandirs on walls to solve space issues and create a unique ambience. Hanging the mandir on the wall is easy and does not require maintenance.

3. How to design a mandir that can fit on one wall?

A quick hack to transform any empty wall of your house into a mandir design is here to paint the wall with a bright, eye-catchy colour like yellow or blue. Place a simple ledge on the accent wall that would act as a base to install idols.

You can hang portraits on the accent wall. Lighting plays a vital role in completing this mandir wall design. Hang a minimalistic pendant light above to brighten up the space and restrict it from the entire room.

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