Buying furniture is an emotional and monetary investment. You cannot simply toss it away at the slightest inconvenience. If you have old furniture lying around and are wondering whether to replace or reuse it, this handy guide is for you. Here, we will outline some important questions you can ask yourself before you take the leap of faith. Let’s jump right in.

Question #1: Are You Emotionally Attached to Your Furniture?

The first question you need to ask yourself is this: Does the furniture that you wish to replace or reuse hold emotional value? Did you get it from your grandma, perhaps? Or maybe, you splurged your first salary on a particular piece of furniture? In these scenarios, it makes sense to reuse the furniture or salvage it in any way possible.

Question #2: Is Your Old Furniture Still Strong and Sturdy?

The next question you’ll want to ask yourself relates to durability. Is your furniture still going strong? Is it sturdy? If yes, then you can always go for a different kind of makeover to give your space a new look and feel. For example, you can always change the upholstery or get the furniture polished. Slight creative experimentation and a little bit of redesigning can go a long way. All in all, if your furniture is still strong from the inside, a little redesigning on the outside will do the trick.

Question #3: Did Your Furniture Have a Termite Attack?

This one’s a no-brainer. If your furniture has experienced any kind of pest attack, such as a termite attack (as shown in the image above), you need to get rid of it right away. No matter how valuable or sentimentally attached you are to that piece of furniture, by keeping it, you are risking losing other items of furniture. These termites can find their way to other pieces of wooden furniture at lightning-fast speed, if not treated in time. So, make sure to replace the furniture as soon as possible.

Question #4: Is Your Old Furniture Broken or Looking Worn Out?


If your furniture, such as your sofa, for instance, has started looking worn out, you should either replace the sofa fabric or replace it altogether. Furniture pieces typically start looking worn out after years of use, so it makes logical sense to replace them when the furniture has ‘naturally’ run its course.

Question #5: Is Your Old Furniture Too Bulky or Heavy?

There’s a time and place for every kind of furniture style. In other words, different furniture styles trend from time to time. If you happen to have a piece of furniture that’s way too bulky to look at or instantly paints a picture of an item from the late 50s, it might be time to consider going for a makeover. You can shop the latest trends and transform your home interiors. Seek an expert’s help to make the decision (and process) easier for you.

Question #6: Does the Furniture Hold Vintage Value?

Let’s call a spade a spade. Throwing or replacing vintage furniture that’s in good shape is a sin. Plus, any piece of furniture that has managed to survive all these years is literally invaluable. Instead of redesigning or replacing it, our suggestion would be to engage in proper care and maintenance of the furniture item. After all, you won’t the same burnt orange shade or the sea green moss-like shade of furniture items, anymore. Remember, a subtle retro touch can instantly spruce up your space.

Question #7: Do You Have the Budget to Replace the Furniture?

Finally, the most important question you need to ask is whether you have the budget to replace or reuse the furniture. All that effort and questioning will go to waste if you don’t straighten your funds. Irrespective of the option you choose, replacing or refurbishing furniture costs money. So make sure to allocate funds before you deep dive into your DIY furniture makeover project.

Everything considered, the decision to replace or refurbish old furniture should not be taken lightly. You need to factor in various parameters in your end decision such as the state of the furniture, the costs involved, the emotional value it holds, the kind of design you want if redesigning the item, and so on. An expert eye or professional help can certainly make the job easier. For any assistance, our team at HomeLane will be happy to help. We will provide you with the best alternatives so that you can make the most out of your old (yet-much-loved) furniture.

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