Cushions are a great accessory to have around the house – on your bed, on a sofa, on the divan, and so on. You can get creative with their shapes, colours, and designs, and this makes cushions an excellent way of adding playful twists to your home’s decor. They can also be easily moved from one room to another, so you can look at cushions as transferrable home-beautifying objects.

Cushions are a great accessory

When it comes to the bed, you might not have a lot of wiggle room for creativity. The bed frame, mattress, duvet, and other articles are permanent and generally need to complement the room’s decor. Cushions, on the other hand, are not tethered to this rule and through them, you can express your creativity freely.

In this article, we cover 6 different ways how you can use cushions, velvet cushions in particular, to spruce up your bed. We cover some subtle designs, some flashy ones, and everything in between.

1. Simple, Complementary Colours

How silly of us to go on and on about unleashing your creativity to only start out with a simple idea. In our defence, we’re talking about using a minimalistic approach to using velvet cushions. Velvet has a natural lustre to it (especially under light) and is mostly used for this reason, but it is also soft and comfortable to touch, and you can use it just as a comfy head or backrest.

This design idea involves using complementary colours that suit the room’s decor. The velvet cushions tie the bed to the room and are mainly used as a comfy object to rest on. They might not stand out and have a major role in enhancing the room’s beauty, but they look great and ensure you are comfortable every time you lie down.

Complementary Colours

2. Colours That Stand Out

Like we said before, velvet has a natural sheen to it and emits a soft matte shine under light. This makes it a great material to use when you want to add splashes of colour to a room. Velvet gives off a nice shine without looking gaudy, and this allows you to use strong or bright colours without spoiling the look of the room.

This design idea involves throwing in a few velvet cushions in a bright (or strong) colour on the bed that is otherwise more subdued. The velvet cushions add a pop to the bed but don’t draw too much attention. This look works well even with a room that has more mellow hues.

Colours That Stand Out

3. Abstract Patterns

If you’re bored of plain colours and designs when it comes to cushions, you should try velvet cushions with abstract designs on them. Because the cushion is a lone ranger it fits in anywhere – on the bed, on a chair, or on the floor, and this allows you to try different designs and patterns.

Abstract designs work well when you’re looking for patterns that are more fluid and will fit-in in different parts of your house.

Abstract Patterns

4. Going Bold With Form

If you’re willing to be a bit adventurous, you can get velvet cushions that have accessories of their own, like bows or frills. You might think these cushions will look a tad bit too much, but honestly, they can be quite interesting characters within a room when done right.

Since you’re going for a more flashy form, you might want to play it safe with other features of the cushion, like the colour. Choose a colour that matches the colour pattern of the room and let the wild accessories on the cushion take the spotlight. Be careful not to go overboard with these cushions, or you might end up with an excess of design.

Going Bold With Form

5. Accent Cushions

A great way to spruce up your bed or the room, in general, is to use some throw velvet cushions (also called throw pillows) with some colourful accents. While a plain coloured velvet cushion is attractive on its own, the accents give it extra flavour and make it more interesting. These cushions are really great additions to beds (or rooms) that have minimal and subdued colours.

Accent Cushions

6. Velvet Cushions with Frills

We started off with a lean and minimal design, and we’re going to end with this flashy cowboy jacket-styled design – velvet cushions with frills. Frills add an element of extra lightness to velvet’s natural airiness, and they go well together. Just make sure to choose the right colours and designs so as to not go overboard.

Frills might not be for everyone, but if you’re someone who likes them, these cushions will be a great addition to your bed. They are also great to touch and feel so that’s an added bonus.

Velvet Cushions with Frills

Looking for More Design Tips?

There you have it, 6 different velvet cushion designs and arrangement ideas to help you spruce up your bed. Your bedroom might be private and visited just by a few people, but that doesn’t mean it has to be simple when it comes to decor. You will spend a lot of time in your bedroom, and it has to be a space that you are happy to be in, and velvet cushions are one way of adding creativity and colour to the room.

Looking for More Design Tips

For more home decor ideas that will help you design the home of your dreams, check out our design journal and find DIY and other interior design ideas and concepts.

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