A blank sofa is a chance to let your creativity flow with throw pillows. Whether simplistic or funky mismatched, numerous ways to throw pillows can spruce up the space.

Sofa throw and throw pillows can instantly add life and fun elements to a space. One can use different colours and patterns to inject style factors into the bedroom or living room, with a range of various throw pillows.

What are Throw Pillows?

Before diving into the styling options with throw pillows, let’s first get familiar with a throw pillow. Throw pillows are soft furnishing objects that may be used as decorative elements. Composed in a wide range of materials, colours, and patterns, throw pillows, interior decor items provide comfort and enhance space aesthetics.

These are most commonly placed sofas, day beds, or beds as a functional and aesthetic element. 

What are the Different Types of Throw Pillows?

It may look like an easy task to decorate with throw pillows; however, there are different types to choose from, which may be challenging. Before making your choice on the throw pillow, it’s important to know the different types and their purposes.

1. Bolster Pillow

These are cylindrical-shaped throw pillows that come in different lengths and diameters. A few designs come with flat sides or secured sides with ribbons. These are suitable for supporting the lower back and neck for relaxation.

2. Square Throw Pillow

Most popular decorative throw pillows, these throw pillows have many uses. They can jazz up the traditional decor with funky colours while offering an extra comfort level.

3. Round Throw Pillow

Round throw pillows are mainly for decor. These circular pillows feature a button at the centre and prove significant to accent a sofa, chair, or bed. These can be used for neck or head support while resting.

4. Rectangle Throw Pillows

An optimal shape for throw pillows with listed uses; you can use them for back, head, neck support, or even leg support. These functional pillows can be placed anywhere based on requirements. 

5. Novelty-shaped Throw Pillows

These uniquely shaped pillows are commonly stuffed with cotton. They can be shaped in any desired form, and the primary motive of these pillows is to level up the decor of the space.

They can cost as low as $20 or as high as $200 – there’s no fixed rate for a pillow. However, a few factors influence the cost of throw pillows, such as

  1. Quality of stuffing.
  2. Standard or designer fabric.
  3. Textile quality.
  4. Detail on the surface.

Keep in mind the above factors along with your budget, and you can select the best throw pillows.

Sofa Throw and Pillows: The Perfect Duo for Living Rooms

The living room decor is incomplete without a sofa throw and throw pillows complementing the space. Sofa throw is an item with functional aspects and an aesthetic look. Sofa throw is a small coverlet placed on the sofa and can be used as a blanket.

These can be styled with throw pillows for casual decor, from simple traditional to bold contemporary sofa throws. The pair of throws and pillows are the most straightforward way to make a space look gorgeous and complete. With endless combinations for the duo, these can strike a mood with the perfect match or even complementing mismatch.

5 Fancy Throw Pillows Ideas in the Bedroom

Apart from being comfy, a bed needs to be stylish, as it is the main point grabbing the most attention in a bedroom. Throw pillows on the bed can aid in increasing the aesthetic levels of the space. Here are five unique throw pillows ideas in the bedroom:

1. Cohesive Design

Selecting anchor colours and patterns for throw pillows that match curtains is a great way to keep the decor unified. The matching set can indeed highlight the style of the room and keep the design cohesive.

2. Mismatched Prints

A mix and match of prints and styles is a great way to engage and make the space look attractive. The selection of neutrals with lively floral patterns can maintain a balance and make the decor speak for itself.

3. Symmetry 

After getting the right match for your bedroom, the arrangement of throw pillows is the next important factor. A balanced approach works excellent with bedding.

4. Neutral Styling

For a soothing bedroom appearance, going colourless is a good choice. Neutral tones can be selected to make your sanctuary more comforting, relaxing, and personal. The pillow tones can be neutral with a unique selection of texture or shape for the same.

5. Splash of Color

Bright coloured throw pillows can add a pop of liveliness to the bedroom. The colour can be contrasted against the palette of walls and furnishings. A bold coloured pillow with a striped accent can add a lovely effect to the whole room.

6. Add the Wow Effect to a Blank Space

With their softness and comfort, throw pillows are a great choice to elevate the aesthetics of a space. This subtle design element can spruce up a regular space if chosen in the right complementing colour and pattern.

HomeLane can guide you in the best possible ways to enhance the aesthetics and practicality of space by selecting the apt throw pillows and their styling. To know more, HomeLane.

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